Franz Liszt: Neue Liszt-Ausgabe



Neue Liszt-Ausgabe (abbreviated as "NLA"; full name, Franz Liszt. Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke) is the second complete authentic edition of the music of Franz Liszt. The complete edition is based on all the available manuscript and printed sources of Liszt's works. The edition was published jointly by Edition Musica Budapest and the Bärenreiter-Verlag Kassel from 1970 to present. Cooperation between the Bärenreiter-Verlag and Editio Musica Budapest came to an end in 1985 with the completion of series 1, however EMB has independently continued the series.

Copyright status

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Additionally, Section 70 of the German copyright law states that scientific editions (editions which are produced as a result of scientific analysis, i.e. urtext) are entitled to only a limited copyright term of publication plus 25 years. Since series 1 of Neue Liszt-Ausgabe was published jointly with the German publisher Bärenreiter, all volumes in series 1 that are older than 25 years are public domain in Germany and all published more than 30 years ago are public domain in the EU as a whole. See this for more information. (Article 5 of the EU Copyright Directive 93/98/EC specifically limits the term of critical or urtext editions to a maximum of 30 years following publication.)

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  • Zoltán Gárdonyi (1906-1986), István Szelényi (1904-1972) Series 1 Vol.1-4
  • Antal Boronkay Series 1 Vol.5
  • Imre Mező, Imre Sulyok (1912-2008) Series 1 Vol.6-18
  • Imre Mező, Imre Sulyok, Adrienne Kaczmarczyk (dates uncertain) Series 2
  • Imre Sulyok, Adrienne Kaczmarczyk Supplements


Neue Liszt-Ausgabe is planned to comprise the following ten series, of which only two have been published:

  • I. Solo piano works (1970-85)
  • II. Free arrangements and transcriptions for piano solo (1986-2005)
  • III. Works and arrangements for piano four hands and for two pianos
  • IV. Works and arrangements for several instruments
  • V. Works and arrangements for organ, and for organ and other instruments
  • VI. Orchestral works
  • VII. Works for piano and orchestra
  • VIII. Vocal works with piano
  • IX. Vocal works with orchestra, or with several instruments
  • X. A cappella choral works
    • Supplements to Series I and II

Series I

Series I of the Neue Liszt-Ausgabe contains Franz Liszt's original solo piano works, and transcriptions for solo piano of his own compositions. Mostly final versions appears in these volumes, but some earlier versions that are significantly different from their final form appear here too.

Series II

As of 2022, scores from volumes 1, 7, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21 and 23 are permissible to submit since ≥25 years have passed since date of publication.
Series II of the Neue Liszt-Ausgabe contains solo piano works based on works or themes of other composers, and arrangements of certain folk melodies (or melodies of a folk character by known composers).

  • Volume 2 (Free Arrangements II), 2004, Z.8767.
  • Volume 3 (Free Arrangements III), 1999, Z.12392.
  • Volume 4 (Free Arrangements IV), 2002, Z.12393.
  • Volume 5 (Free Arrangements V), 2000, Z.12394.
  • Volume 6 (Free Arrangements VI), 2001, Z.12395.
  • Volume 8 (Free Arrangements VIII), 1999, Z.12397.
  • Volume 9 (Free Arrangements IX), 2001, Z.12398.
  • Volume 10 (Free Arrangements X), 2002, Z.12399.
  • Volume 11 (Free Arrangements XI), 2004, Z.12400.
  • Volume 13 (Free Arrangements XIII), 2005, Z.12402.
  • Volume 15 (Free Arrangements XV), 2003, Z.12404.
  • Volume 20 (Transcriptions V), 1997, Z.13357.
    • Die Rose. Lied von Franz Schubert S.556
    • Lob der Tränen. Lied von Franz Schubert S.557
    • 12 Lieder von Franz Schubert, S.558
    • Ouverture de l'opéra Guillaume Tell de Gioachino Rossini S.552
  • Volume 22 (Transcriptions VII), 1997, Z.13359.
    • Grand septuor de Beethoven, S.465
    • 6 Präludien und Fugen für Orgel von J. S. Bach, S.462
  • Volume 24 (Transcriptions IX), 1998, Z.13361.
    • An die ferne Geliebte, S.469
    • Bunte Reihe, S.484
    • Fantasie und Fuge in g-Moll für Orgel von J. S. Bach, S.463
    • Confutatis maledictis und Lacrymosa aus Mozarts Requiem, S.550
    • Isoldens Liebestod. Schlußszene aus Richard Wagners Tristan und Isolde, S.447
    • Lieder von Robert und Clara Schumann, S.569
    • Symphonisches Zwischenspiel (Intermezzo) zu Calderons fantastischem Schauspiel „über allen Zauber Liebe” von Eduard Lassen, S.497


As of 2022, scores from volumes 1, 2 and 3 are permissible to submit (only paperback editions) since ≥25 years have passed since date of publication.
The Supplement volumes of the Neue Liszt-Ausgabe contains earlier versions or recently discovered solo piano works both original or based on themes of other composers.