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Double Bass Wishlist

\relative d'
\key d \major
\time 4/4
\clef bass
\hide TupletBracket
\hide TupletNumber

d2 cis8. d32 e32 d4 |
r8 a8 \tuplet 3/2 {a16 b \set stemRightBeamCount = #1 cis} \tuplet 3/2 { \set stemLeftBeamCount = #1 d16 e fis} e8. fis32 g32 fis4 |
\tweak NoteHead.stencil #ly:text-interface::print \tweak NoteHead.text \markup \musicglyph #"custodes.mensural.u0" \tweak Stem.stencil ##f d,

List of Compositions Featuring the Double Bass

Edition Silvertrust: Chamber Music with Bass

Catalog of concertos:

Philip H. Albright, 1969. Original solo concertos for the double bass. Eastman school of music of the University of Rochester (PhD diss.)

Nestor Zayas, 2010. A Selection of the Most Significant Concertos for Double Bass Written since 1970: Reviews and Performance Approaches. Florida State University (PhD diss.)

Thomas Nickerson, 2015. Thematic Catalogue for Upright Bass Concerti. California Polytechnic State University (Bacherlor thesis)

Robin de Zeeuw, 2013. De Weense bas; Een erfenis uit een glansrijk verleden. Universiteit  Utrecht (Bachelor thesis)

Repertoire of the Nepomuk Fortepiano Quintet

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Other Solo

Chamber Music

Romantic chamber music in its cultural contexts
Repertoire of the Nepomuk Fortepiano Quintet


Dragonetti Publications

Incipit of Dragonetti's "Grande Concerto in D" as published by Doblinger (WorldCat), via Michal Bylina:

\relative c'
\key c \major
\time 4/4
\clef bass
\tempo "Allegro Giusto"
g2( _\markup{\dynamic f} fis4 f) |
e2 r4 e8.( g16) |
f2( e4) es8.( d16) |
d2 r4 b8.( c16)

Incipit of Dragonetti's "Concerto No. 5" as published by Doblinger (WorldCat), via Vito Liuzzi:

\relative c''
\key g \major
\time 4/4
\clef bass
\tempo "Allegro moderato"
r2 r8^"Cadenz" \clef treble g8 _\markup{\dynamic mf} g g |
b8( g) g g e( g) g g |
\clef bass cis,8( e) e e b( cis) cis cis |
cis( b) b( g) g( e) e( cis)

See also: Concerto No. 1 by Doblinger (WorldCat)

Martignon Numbers

Thematic Catalogues

Non-PD selections


String Orchestra

Wind Ensemble

  • Burnet Tuthill: Concerto
  • Paul Chihara: Dances & Reveries
  • Calliope Tsoupakis: Kentavros (with wind ensemble and piano)
  • Clark McAlister: Diferencias sobre Cervantes (for double bass, english horn and chamber winds)
  • Dana Wilson: Concerto

Concert Band

  • Andrew Seager Cole: Concerto "Naya Jeevan"
  • Charles Rochester Young: Southern Concerto


  • Zhang Baoyuan [張寶源] (b.1934): Grassland Song [草原之歌]
  • Vilmos Montag: Double Bass Sonata
  • Alfred Desenclos: Aria & Rondo
  • Alexander Verster: Allegro (YouTube)


  • Emil Tabakov: Motivy
  • Philip Glass: Partita "The not-doings of an insomniac"
  • Hans Fryba: Suite im Alten Stil
  • Vagn Holmboe: Solo Sonata, Op.82 (1962)
  • Mieczyslaw Weinberg: Solo Sonata, Op.108
  • Virgilio Mortari: Foli d'Album
  • Nicholas Walker: Chorale
  • Pēteris Vasks: Bass Trip
  • Luciano Berio: Psy


  • Astor Piazzolla
    • Contrabajeando
    • Contrabajissimo
    • Kicho
  • Virgilio Mortari: Duettini Concertati (violin& double bass)
  • Alberto Ginastera: Variaciones Concertantes for Orchestra (Variacion No.XI)
  • Sean McClowry: Concerto for Double Bass and Chamber Ensemble (YouTube)
  • Zdeněk Lukáš: Duo di Basso (with cello)
  • Transcriptions for piano quintet by Marek Zebrowski
  • Ravel: Ma Mère l'Oye transcribed for piano quintet by Roland Kato (YouTube)
  • Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Piano Quintet
  • Kees van Baaren: Septet (wind quintet + violin + bass)


Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Composer Work Edition Price (€) Seller Notes
2017-07-07 Édouard Nanny Double Bass Concerto in A major A.L. 16930 20.75 Crescendo Music later reprint
2017-07-20 Édouard Nanny Double Bass Concerto in E minor A.L. 19736 10.09 Crescendo Music later reprint
2017-09-05 Auguste Chapuis Choral A.L. 16797 66.60 Lewthwaite original print
2017-09-10 Georg Philipp Telemann Grillen-Symphonie, TWV 50:1 Holograph Manuscript (pages 1-4) 65.00 Carus Verlag Four-page facsimile included in Carus (2000) edition; obsolete
2017-10-02 Karl Kohaut Double Bass Concerto in D major A-Wn Mus.Hs.37324 Mus 28.05 Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Study scan quality.
2017-11-03 Hisato Ōzawa Monologue, Op.22 C.F. Peters (1964) 22.95 Possibly rebound by seller
2017-12-15 Adolf Lotter Darby and Joan Melodeon (1939) 23.63 British Library Scan
2017-10-10 George Onslow String Quintet No.10, Op.32 Breitkopf & Härtel, n.d.[1832] 1.27 PlaceArt on MusicaNeo
2018-05-03 Gustav Láska 5 Stücke, Op.28 Constantin Wilde, 1892 0.00 Boston Public Library Digitized at my request
2017-08-21 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17726 Manuscript 21.14 British Library Microfilm scan
2017-09-13 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17826 Manuscript 21.88 British Library Microfilm scan
2017-10-03 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17832 Manuscript 22.27 British Library Microfilm scan
2017-10-18 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17829 Manuscript 22.08 British Library Microfilm scan
2017-10-31 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17822 Manuscript 22.41 British Library Microfilm scan
2017-11-27 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17830 Manuscript 22.01 British Library Microfilm scan
2018-01-05 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17833 Manuscript 22.17 British Library Microfilm scan
2018-01-18 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17831 Manuscript 22.33 British Library Microfilm scan
2018-02-02 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17827 Manuscript 22.45 British Library Microfilm scan
2018-02-13 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17824 Manuscript 22.19 British Library Microfilm scan
2018-03-15 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17821 Manuscript 22.27 British Library Microfilm scan
2018-03-29 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17828 Manuscript 22.50 British Library Microfilm scan
2018-04-12 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17825 Manuscript 22.73 British Library Microfilm scan
2018-04-19 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17823 Manuscript 22.62 British Library Microfilm scan
2018-05-23 Domenico Dragonetti Add MS 17727-30 Manuscript 89.94 British Library Microfilm scan
2018-04-28 Cimador/Capuzzi Add MS 17834 Manuscript 22.33 British Library Microfilm scan
2018-05-15 Vincent Novello Rosalba RPS MS 146 53.65 British Library Scan
2018-05-08 Serge Koussevitzky Double Bass Concerto, Op.3 Rob. Forberg (1994), full score 41.48 Boosey & Hawkes Can't upload until 2019
2018-06-05 Georg Philipp Telemann Grillen-Symphonie, TWV 50:1 D-B Mus. ms. autogr. G. Ph. Telemann 3 42.00 Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
2018-06-07 Vincent Novello Rosalba A. Novello vocal score 26.44 British Library Scan
2018-06-21 Vaclav Pichl Double Bass Concerto No.1 in D major Manuscript parts 22.20 LBMV
2018-07-02 Vaclav Pichl Double Bass Concerto No.2 in D major Manuscript parts 31.50 LBMV
2018-06-27 Max Bruch String Octet Autograph score 123.20 Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Standard digital image
2018-07-10 Józef Nowakowski Piano Quintet, Op.17 Kistner edition 58.00 Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Digitisation
2018-07-16 Joseph Eybler String Quintet, Op.6 No.1 Traeg edition 30.80 Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Study scans
2018-07-30 Domenico Dragonetti Mozart's Grand Waltz and 2 Pollaccas Corri edition 14.30 British Library Scan
2018-08-01 Anton Zimmermann Double Bass Concerto in D major Manuscript parts and score 42.00 LBMV
2018-08-13 Anton Reicha Octet, Op.96 1817 edition 56.02 British Library orm
2018-08-20 Kirsten Partie a Tre Mus.422 6.30 LBMV Normal scan
2018-08-23 Joseph Eybler String Quintet, Op.6 No.2 Traeg edition 38.50 Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Study scans
2018-09-10 Joseph Eybler String Quintet, Op.6 No.1 False No.3 copy 31.35 Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Study scans
2018-09-13 Ferdinand Ries Piano Quintet, Op.74 Clementi edition 22.72 British Library Microfilm scan
2018-09-24 Joseph Eybler Viola d'Amore Quintet No.2 F72.Kontrabaßarchiv.N.113 MUS MAG 68.50 ONB Paper copies
2018-09-25 Conradin Kreutzer Septet, Op.62 Pennauer edition 62.00 Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
2018-10-05 Joseph Eybler Viola d'Amore Quintet No.1 (and No.2) Add MS 31005 A, B 46.04 British Library Microfilm scan
2018-10-22 Joseph Eybler Viola d'Amore Quintet No.1 F72.Kontrabaßarchiv.N.114 MUS MAG 66.50 ONB Paper copies
2018-10-26 Johann Matthias Sperger Divertimento in D major, M.C II:21 Mus.5188/3 23.70 LBMV Normal scan
2018-11-08 Hans Rott Dachs-Studie Mus.Hs.28368 MUS MAG 53.35 ONB Study scans
2018-11-14 Erzherzog Rudolph Septet in E minor Mus.Hs.19973 48.95 ONB
2018-11-26 Ralph Vaughan Williams Piano Quintet in C minor by Ralph Vaughan Williams Add MS 57277 22.87 British Library Microfilm scan
2018-11-26 Johann Matthias Sperger Al furor d'avversa sorte, A trionfar mi chiama Mus.5129a-d 92.10 LBMV Normal scan
2019-01-15 Franz Paul Lachner Nonet in F major 5798 382.60 ERato 150dpi scans
2019-03-01 Adolphus Charles White Im tiefen Keller Schott edition 19.96 British Library Standard scan
2019-03-02 Giovanni Bottesini String Quintet in C minor Ricordi edition 0.00 Gaylord Music Library Digitized at my request
2019-03-18 Louise Farrenc Nonet, Op.38 (as Quintet) MS-8003 80.64 BNF Paris
2019-03-21 George Onslow Piano Quintet, Op.79b VMA 305 54.00 BNF Paris
2019-03-14 Adolphus Charles White Double Bass Concerto No.1 in G major by Domenico Dragonetti Famous Solo arrangement 27.52 British Library Standard scan
2019-04-26 Adolphus Charles White The Double Bass Novello edition 112.63 British Library Standard scan
2019-04-01 Karol de Kontski String Quintet, Op.26 Richault edition 54.00 BNF Paris
2019-05-17 Domenico Dragonetti Grand Studies for the Organ by Johann Sebastian Bach Novello edition 146.52 British Library Scan
2019-06-05 Domenico Dragonetti Eliza Wesley's Musical Autograph Album Add MS 35026 13.55 British Library Microfilm Scan
2019-07-05 Philip Cipriani Hambly Potter Sextet in E-flat major Add MS 31786-7 45.12 British Library Microfilm Scan
2019-07-15 Vincent Novello Thy Mighty Power Novello edition 0.00 Royal College of Music, London Digitised at my request
2019-07-15 Auguste Chapuis Impressions Sylvestres Durand (1960) 87.60 BNF Paris
2019-07-25 Philip Cipriani Hambly Potter Concertante on La Follia Add MS 31784 22.56 British Library Microfilm Scan
2019-07-26 Louise Farrenc Nonet, Op.38 MS-8132 54.00 BNF Paris
2019-07-26 Adolphe Blanc String Quintet No.7, Op.50 Richault edition 54.00 BNF Paris
2019-07-31 Adolphe Blanc String Quintet No.6, Op.36 Richault edition 54.00 BNF Paris
2019-07-30 Robert Fuchs Serenade for Small Orchestra No.5, Op.53 Hofbauer edition 84.15 ONB Wien
2019-08-02 Adolphe Blanc Piano Quintet, Op.39 Richault edition 54.00 BNF Paris
2019-08-02 George Onslow Piano Quintet, Op.76 Brandus edition 54.00 BNF Paris
2019-08-08 Adolphe Blanc Septet, Op.54 Richault edition 27.48 Rosewood Publications
2019-09-12 Franz Schubert Piano Quintet in A major, D.667 Czerny first edition 63.80 ONB Study scans
2019-10-04 Domenico Dragonetti Adèle Habeneck's Autograph Album W 21 18.48 BNF Paris
2019-10-17 Casimir Ney String Quintet No.1, Op.24 Manuscript 54.00 BNF Paris
2019-10-22 Domenico Dragonetti 34 Canzonette o Romanzi Previously digitized pages 10.66 King's College
2019-10-24 Robert Fuchs Double Bass Sonata, Op.97 F35.Fuchs.247 MUS MAG 33.00 ONB Wien
2019-11-07 Domenico Dragonetti 12 Waltzes D-B 512 f. 14r 13.00 Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
2019-11-08 Friedrich Witt Septet Schott 1051 25.91 British Library Microfilm Scan
2019-11-09 Louise Béguin-Salomon Concert Étude for the Left Hand Richault edition 00.88 Piano Rare Scores
2019-11-13 Carl Gottlieb Reissiger Piano Quintet No.3, Op.209 Richault edition 54.00 BNF Paris
2019-11-18 Albert Sowinski Piano Quintet, Op.87 Paris edition 54.00 BNF Paris
2019-11-22 Heinrich Molbe Septet, Op.43 Rörich edition 55.55 ONB Wien Study scan
2019-11-25 Heinrich Molbe Allegretto, Op.52 Rörich edition 6.60 ONB Wien Xerox photocopy scans
2019-11-26 Heinrich Molbe Angelus, Op.70 Rörich edition 9.84 ONB Wien Xerox photocopy scans
2019-11-27 Théodore Dubois Decet Heugel score 54.00 BNF Paris Microfilm
2019-12-13 Théodore Dubois Nonet Heugel score 54.00 BNF Paris Microfilm
2019-08-19 Johann Baptist Cramer Piano Quintet No.3, Op.79 RPS MS 41 22.69 British Library Microfilm Scan
2020-01-06 Sigismund Neukomm Septuor Concertant Manuscript 54.00 BNF Paris Microfilm
2020-02-18 Franz Paul Lachner String Quintet, Op.121 D-Mbs 123.40 ERato Gebrauchsqualität
2020-03-02 Giovanni Bottesini Double Bass Concerto No.1 in F-sharp minor 1892 edition 38.49 British Library Scan
2019-12-07 Jacques Herz Piano Quintet, Op.13 First edition (reprint) 61.00 Kammermusikverlag Christmas present (3 months in transit)
2021-06-21 Prince of Prussia Louis Ferdinand Larghetto with Variations, Op.11 Breitkopf 1393 42.49 ONB Wien Studienscan
2021-06-16 Domenico Dragonetti Concerto for Contra Basso GB-Cu MS.Add.9471 225.80 Cambridge University Library Scan
2021-06-14 Sigismund Neukomm Septet No.3 Manuscript parts 54.0 BNF Paris Microfilm
2021-07-22 Eugène Walckiers String Quintet No.3, Op.102 Richault edition 54.00 BNF Paris Microfilm
2021-07-22 Eugène Walckiers String Quintet No.4, Op.108 Richault edition 54.00 BNF Paris Microfilm
2021-07-22 Eugène Walckiers String Quintet No.2, Op.94 Richault edition 54.00 BNF Paris Microfilm
2021-08-05 Franz Schubert Piano Quintet in A major, D.667 Jansen arrangement 30.50 Deutsche Nationalbibliothek Scan
2021-08-07 Eugène Walckiers String Quintet No.1, Op.90 Richault edition 54.00 BNF Paris Microfilm
2021-08-14 Nicolaus Albert Schaffner String Quintet, Op.35, String Quintet, Op.37, String Quintet, Op.43, 3 Flute Quartets, Op.29 No.3 Richault/Petit editions 00.00 Nederlands Muziek Instituut Scan
2021-08-23 Blasius Fischer Polka Manuscript 00.00 ONB Wien Xerox scan
2019-09-14 Adolphe Blanc String Quintet No.5, Op.29 Richault edition 54.00 BNF Paris
2021-09-27 Sigismund Neukomm Septuor Concertant Manuscript (two previously missing pages) 3.60 BNF Paris Microfilm
2021-09-30 Filip Lazar Bagatelle Universal Edition (1925) 29.90 Universal Edition Printed to order

Chinese Watchlist

Numbered notation: jianpu [简谱/簡譜], sheet music: yuepu [乐谱/樂譜]

Archive of scores

  • Abing: Recorded on magnetic wire by professors Cao Anhe [曹安和] (1905-2004) and Yang Yinliu [杨荫浏] (1899-1984) on 4 september 1950; the recordings were published following his death. They are already public domain in Canada, since the copyright term was lengthened from 50 to 70 only in 2015, which does not apply retroactively (see paragraph 82 of Act 5 of the Economic Action Plan 2015).
  • Er Nie: Public domain, but did not write for chinese instruments (AFAIK)
  • Lou Shuhua [婁樹華] (1907-1952): Guzheng [古箏] player, PD in China/Canada. Author of Fishermen's Boats at Dusk [渔舟唱晚] for guzheng solo.
  • Huang Haihuai [黄海懷] (1935-1967): Erhu [二胡] player, will be PD in China/Canada in 2018. Composer of Horse Racing [赛马], originally with Yangqin accompaniment. The recording with the composer was made in 1963, and also fell into the public domain in Canada in 2014 (just in time!)
  • Liu Raozhang [柳尧章] (1905-1996): Pipa [琵琶] player. Initial author of Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye [春江花月夜], arranged in 1925 for the Shanghai Datong Club from the existing pipa solo melody Xunyang Ye Yue [浔阳夜月]. There is an undated recording of this version with the Datong Club (early 1930s?)
  • Peng Xiuwen [彭修文] (1931-1996): Conductor and composer, the biggest name. Made orchestral arrangements of Erquan Yingyue, Chung Jiang Hua Yue Ye and many others.
  • Liu Wenjin [刘文金/劉文金] (1937-2013): Author of Fisherman's Triumphant Song [渔舟凯歌] among many others.
  • Liu Xing [刘星/劉星] (b. 1962): Zhongruan [中阮] player, composed some epic solo pieces for the instrument, including the concerto "Reminiscences of Yunnan" [雲南回憶]
  • Wang Changyuan [王昌元] (b. 1945 or 1946): Guzheng player, author of Zhan Tai Feng [战台风]. Is shown playing the piece in the film Bai Hua Zheng Yan (1976).
  • Sun Wenming (1928-1962): blind erhu player, overshadowed by Abing. Composed Liu Bo Qu in 1952.

Unpublished pieces




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Pieces Played

Royal Windband Schelle

o.l.v. Dirk de Caluwe

  • Sacramental Day (June 2017)
    • Rossano Galante - Lexicon of the Gods (Penthos: The Spirit of Grief)
    • Philip Sparke - Invictus (bars 85-151)
    • John Rutter - There is a Flower (arr. Nynke Van der Heyden)
    • The Ellis Island Lament (arr. Robin Dewhurst)
    • U, Heer, zij lof gebracht (arr. Jan Hadermann)
    • Tantum Ergo / Ten Velde (arr. Dirk de Caluwe)
    • Porgy & Bess Medley (O Lawd, i’m on my way uit; bar 208-end)
  • Provincial Competition (October 2017)
    • James Curnow: Fanfare for Spartacus
    • Klaas Coulembier: Resilience (YouTube)
    • Philip Sparke: Invictus (YouTube)
  • KlankKleur 30
    • Kevin Houben: Lake of the Moon (YouTube)
    • Archie Fisher: The Witch of the Westmerlands (arr. Koen Maes) (YouTube)
    • Klaas Coulembier: Resilience
    • Philip Sparke: Invictus
    • Nico Schoeters: Cosmopolydian
    • Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays: The Awakening (arr. Niclas Rydh)
    • Bert Joris: Connections (Part 1) (YouTube)
    • Eric Whitacre: Ghost Train (2. At the Station)
    • Gordon Goodwin: Hunting Wabbits (arr. Niclas Rydh)
    • Queen: Bicycle Race (arr. Frank F. Uyttebroeck)
    • Danny Elfman & Prince: Batman (arr. Toshihiko Sahashi) (YouTube)
    • John Deacon: Another One Bites the Dust (arr. Ros Horsting)
    • Joe Garland: In The Mood (arr. Pieter Nieva) (YouTube)
  • Singelconcert 2018
    • Archie Fisher: The Witch of the Westmerlands (arr. Koen Maes)
    • Spanish Capriccio, Op.34, by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov (arr. Christiaan Janssen)
    • Ramon Garcia i Soler: Farnese Bridge
    • Pere Sanz: The Spanish Dream
    • Johan de Meij: Symphony No.1 "The Lord of the Rings"
    • John Williams: March of the Resistance from Star Wars Episode VII (arr. Paul Lavender)
  • Sacramental Day (June 2018)
    • Norbert Goddaer
      • Choral 1 "November"
      • Choral 5 "Hymn"
    • Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme by Johann Sebastian Bach (arr. Alfred Reed)
    • Nico Schoeters: Waltz for Lisa
    • U, Heer, zij lof gebracht (arr. Jan Hadermann)
    • Tantum Ergo / Ten Velde (arr. Dirk de Caluwe)
    • Derek Bourgeois: Serenade
  • KlankKleur 31
    • Jan van der Roost: Glorioso
    • Jan de Haan: Banja Luka
    • Dirk Brossé: The Last Friend of Napoleon
    • Leonard Bernstein: Ouverture to "Candide" (arr. Walter Beeler)
    • Friedrich Gulda: Cello Concerto (arr. Kristof Aerts, Dries Lauryssen, Koen Maes), feat. Justus Grimm
    • John Williams: Star Wars (selections arr. Johan de Meij, Donald Hunsberger, Paul Lavender, Nico Schoeters)
    • The Beatles medley (arr. John Higgins)
  • Ypres 2019
    • Rossano Galante: Whispers from Beyond
    • Samuel Hazo: Perthshire Majesty
    • James Barnes: Symphonic Ouverture
    • Samson et Dalila, Op.47, by Camille Saint-Saëns (Danse Bacchanale; arr. José Schyns)
    • Klaas Coulembier: Tramontana
    • Johan de Meij: T-Bone Concerto feat. Sander Vets
    • Pedro Iturralde: Pequeña Czarda (arr. Roger Niese)
  • Sacramental Day (June 2019)
    • Sarabande
    • Paul Gilson: Le Retour au Pays - La Prière (arr. Luc Vertommen)
    • Leonard Bernstein: Mass - A Simple Song (arr. Michael Sweeney)
    • Rossano Galante - Whispers from Beyond
    • U, Heer, zij lof gebracht (arr. Jan Hadermann)
    • Tantum Ergo / Ten Velde (arr. Dirk de Caluwe)
    • Dirk Brossé: Tintin - The Sun finale
  • KlankKleur 32 (o.l.v. Steven Verhaert)
    • Jan Hadermann: Fanfare for a Jubilee
    • Rossano Gallante: Whispers from Beyond
    • Bert Appermont: Noah's Ark
    • Billy Joel: Lullabye (arr. Nico Schoeters)
    • Klaas Coulembier: Tramontana
    • Itaru Sakai: The Seventh Night of July
    • Leonard Bernstein: Mass - A Simple Song (arr. Michael Sweeney)
    • Rossano Galante: Journey through the Stratosphere
    • Ryan George: Firefly
    • Satoshi Yagasawa: Hymn to the Sun - with the Beat of Mother Earth
    • Rain Medley (arr. Pieter Nieva)

Amaj Jong Symfonisch

Royal Windband Wilrijk

o.l.v. Maarten Perpet

  • Dit Is Belgisch (April 2017)
    • Kevin Houben - The Entrance of the Knights
    • Bert Appermont - The Awakening
    • Dirk Brossé - Oscar for Amnesty
    • Raymond Van Het Groenewoud - Raymond to the Top (arr. Filip Sandras)
    • Tom Raes - Aratoria
    • Kevin Houben - Valley of the Pinios
    • Kevin Houben - About Reynaert The Fox
    • Sven Van Calster - Inferno
    • Bart Picqueur - Le Chevalier de Versailles
    • Pieter Leemans - Mars van de Belgische Parachutisten
    • The Radios - Swimming in the Pool

Incidental wind band

  • Sacramental day in Mortsel, 2018
    • Willem Ceuleers: Te Deum No.2, Op.897

Leuven University Orchestra

o.l.v. Edmond Saveniers

Brussels University Orchestra

o.l.v. Jurgen Wayenberg

Excluding non-PD works; full list here

Antwerp University Orchestra

o.l.v. Joost Weyler

Musica con Gioia

o.l.v. Werner de Bleser

Summer Camps

o.l.v. Hans Cammaert

    • Frédéric Devreese: Tango

Recitals and Examinations

Ensemble Class

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