Theatrical and Dance Journal


Full title: Theatrical & Dance Journal, for Large and Small Orchestra with Piano Accompaniment (ad lib.).

A catalog of orchestral music issued by J.W. Pepper of Philadelphia. Works were published for a minimum orchestra consisting of first and second violins, viola, bass, flute, clarinet, first and second cornets, trombone, and piano. The large orchestra versions added parts for cello, a second clarinet, first and second horns, and large and small drums. As noted on the cover page for pieces after number 200 were issued on folio (9" by 12") sized paper. The listing to number 627 probably takes the catalog up to the year 1900.


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Number Title Composer Arranger Publication Date Notes
001 Winter Blossoms Quadrille, Op.65 Piefke, R.
002 Our Boys, Polka Militaire Helfrich, C.F.
002 On the Journey, Op.231 (Galop) Faust
003 Eleonoren Waltzes, Op.159 Parlow
004 Les Pre's St. Gervais Lancers Zimmerman, J.F.
005 Cagliostro Waltzes, Op.370 Strauss, Johann
005 Kameke March, Op.222 Faust
006 Golden Gate Schottishe Wallis
006 Ball Dream Mazourka Wallis
007 Chesney Wold Quadrille Green, F.
008 Reception March Wallis 1879
008 Clarinda Polka Keller 1879
009 Robinson Schottishe Quadrille Porter Possibly James W. Porter
010 Polacca Quadrille Coleman
011 The Lucky Hit, Polka Cox 1879 solo for cornet
012 Unique, Polka Quadrille Muller
013 Fatinitza March Suppé Strauss
013 The Princess, Polonaise Walston
014 Knight Waltzes Knight, J.S.
015 Chimes of Normandy Overture Cox
016 Daisy Garland Mazurka Quadrille Cox 1879
017 Overture to Fatinitza Suppé Cox
018 Salinea Quadrilles Hulse Walston 1879
019 H.M.S. Pinafore Quadrille Cox
020 Melodramatic Music No.1 Cox 13 numbers
021 Imogene Lancers Weingarten 1879
022 Grand Selection from H.M.S. Pinafore Sullivan Cox
023 Moore's Centennial (Irish Overture) Williams
024 Around the World March Dodworth, C.R.
024 Beauty Galop Warren
025 Hippodrome Overture Boyer 1879
026 Dancer's Delight Medley Quadrille Demarre
027 Waverly Lancers Weingarten 1879
028 10 Reels and Jigs Cox
029 Babes in the Woods Medley Overture Zimmerman
030 Original Waltz Quadrilles Allen
031 Solitude, An Original Caprice Mercadante
032 Zampa Overture Hérold
033 Happy Hours Mazurka Quadrille Muller 1879
034 H.M.S. Pinafore Lancers Zimmerman, J.F.
035 Wildfire Quadrille Rollinson 1879
036 Aldine Lancers Weingarten
037 Turkish Reveille March Michaelis
038 Iola Lancers Boyer
039 Fatinitza Lancers Strauss, Ed.
040 Sweetest Flower Concert Waltz Cox cornet or flute solo
041 Little Duke, Selections Cox
042 Crown Prince Lancers Muller
043 Minstrel Medley Hosfeld
044 Washington Guard Polka Miller cornet solo
045 Approach of Spring Waltz Zikoff
046 Le Diadème Overture Herman Composer listed as Hermann
047 Waltzes Fantastic Zikoff
048 Polka Kutschke (Heel and Toe) Stasny, L.
048 March Presentation Doring
049 Lustspiel-Ouverture Kéler
050 Sounds from the North Waltz Zikoff
051 Iron Horse Galop Muller
051 Assembly Polka Emmel
052 La Couronne d'Or (Crown of Gold) Overture Herman Composer listed as Hermann
053 Loomis' New Minuet Lancers Bernstein, J.
054 Wedding March Mendelssohn Walston
055 Chevalier Breton Overture Hermann, A. Probably Alphonse Herman
056 Quadrille 'Our Girls' Rollinson 1880
057 The New Racquet Galop Baker 1880
057 Cheer Up Waltz Wallis 1880
058 Nauvete Medley Overture Walston
059 West End Lancers Warren
060 Boccaccio March Suppé
060 La Salon Polka Mazurka Carl, M.
061 National Airs Medley Overture Walston
062 Splinters, Grand Musical Smash Up Rollinson 1880
063 Tres Jolie Waltzes Waldteufel
064 Grand Religious Fantasia Rollinson Walston 1880
065 Toujours ou jamais Waltzes Waldteufel
066 Colonnade Polka Quadrille Muller, Carl
067 Grand Selection from Boccaccio Suppé
068 Elite Centennial Lancers Hoyt, J.Q. Jr.
069 Original Racquet Galop Simmons, K.
069 Au revoir, Schottische Rollinson
070 Melodramatic Music No.2 Cox 1880 13 numbers
071 Birds of Night Quadrille Rollinson
072 Coney Island Waltz Wallis 1880
072 Montrose Quickstep Cogswell 1880
073 Princess Toto, Grand Selection Gray Walston
074 To Thee Waltz Waldteufel
075 Silver Wedding March Hassler, Mark
075 Adieu Polka Faust Walston
076 Elks Reception Overture Cox 1880
077 Blue Alsatian Mountains Waltzes Lamotte
078 The Fire Fly Galop Stobbe 1880 xylophone solo
078 City Cadets' March Hulse Walston 1880
079 Jolly Robbers Overture Suppé
080 Minerva Polka Hermann cornet solo
081 Christmas Toy Polka Bosquet, N.
081 Sunlight Mazourka Rollinson
082 Enchantment Overture Hermann
083 Highland Echoes Scotch Waltzes Damarre, C.
084 Parisian Varieties Quadrille Walston
085 Pirates of Penzance, Grand Selection Sullivan Cox 1881
086 Pirates of Penzance Lancers Sullivan Cox 1881
087 Pirates of Penzance Quadrille Sullivan Cox 1881
088 Dichter und Bauer, Overture Suppé 1881 Arranger not credited.
089 Pirates of Penzance Waltzes Sullivan Cox 1881
090 Lincoln Medley Quadrille Porter Walston 1881
091 Olivette Quadrille Cox
092 Les noces d'Olivette, Waltz Audran Cox 1881
092 The Violet Medley March Boyer 1881
093 Les noces d'Olivette, Grand Selection Audran Cox 1881
094 Olivette Lancers Audran Cox 1881
095 Don Quixotte Overture Hermann 1881
096 Oscar's Polo Lancers Schlepegrell 1881
097 Kinderszenen: Träumerei Schumann not identified 1881
097 Piano Sonata No.2: Marche funèbre Chopin not identified 1881
098 Marabella Waltzes Keller 1881
099 Grand Selection from The Bohemian Girl Balfe Cox 1881
100 Les Sirenes Waldteufel
101 Promiscuous Figures Cox 1881
102 A Day at Coney Island Medley Overture Cox 1881 also published for military band
103 10 Fancy and Contra Dances Lauer 1881
104 Pic-Nic, Medley Quadrille Cox
105 Billee Taylor, Selections Solomon
106 Tout a Vous, Waltz Waldteufel
107 Starry Eyes, Quadrille Rollinson
108 The Mascot, Selections Audran
109 La Plus Belle, Waltz Waldteufel
110 Saratoga Lancers Schlepegrell
111 Cradle's Empty Baby's Gone Medley Quadrille Bowman 1881
112 Cradle's Empty Baby's Gone Medley Waltz Bowman
112 Annette Lancers Emmel Walston 1882
113 Cradle's Empty Baby's Gone Medley March Bowman 1881
113 Pretty Katie Ryan Schottische Fox 1881
114 Scotch Airs, Medley Overture Cox
115 Midnight, Quadrille Rollinson
116 My Dream, Waltz Waldteufel
117 Martha, Selections Walston
118 My Charmer, Waltz Waldteufel
119 All for Joy Galop Farbach
119 Snow Flake Schottisch Moeslein
120 Golden Harp Overture Schaefer
121 Shower of Gold Waltz Waldteufel
123 Patience, Grand Selection Sullivan Bowman 1882
124 Hours of Joy Waltz Waldteufel
125 Forget Me Not, Gavotte Geise Geisel?
125 Donna Juanita March Walston
126 Undine Overture Resch 1882
127 Patience Lancers Walston 1882
128 Patience Quadrille Walston 1882
129 Mastodon Overture Brooks 1882
130 Dancing in the Barn Schottische Walston 1882
130 Ida Polka Redowa Walston 1882
131 Saratoga Five Step Waltz Walston 1882
131 Little Queen Waltz Warren 1882
132 Topophone Overture Schaefer
133 The Calenonians, Quadrille D'Albert
134 8 Fancy and Contra Dances Walston "Promiscuous Figures"
135 Mixtures Overture Brooks 1882
136 Grand Aggregation Medley Quadrille Bowman 1882
137 Haverly's March Mirick Walston 1882
137 Colored Gals Medley Waltz Walston 1882
138 Medley Quadrilles Porter Possibly James W. Porter
139 Gladiator Overture Schaefer
140 Creedmoor Rifle Team Lancers Keffer
141 All Aboard Galop Ter Linden
141 Medley Schottische Bowman
142 Heroic Overture Schaefer 1882
143 Manola Waltz Waldteufel
144 Andante and Mazurka Ideal Muller
144 Jamboree Polka Beissig
145 Plantation Gems Overture Walston
146 Manhattan, Quadrille Schaefer
147 Baby and I Waltz Walston
147 Youthful Fire Galop Hermann
148 Diana Overture Schaefer
149 La Berceuse, Waltz Waldteufel
150 Cyclone Galop Schaefer
150 Concert Mazurka Labitsky
151 Grand Selection from Il trovatore Verdi Walston 1882
152 Romantic Lancers Coleman
153 Dasher Galop Schaefer
153 Over the Garden Wall Walston
154 Operatic Medley Potpourri Walston 1882
155 Olivia Quadrille Brooks 1882
156 The Langtry Polka Schaefer 1882
156 Barney McCoy Quick March Walston 1882
157 Grand Selection from Norma Bellini Walston 1882
158 Zenith Lancers Bowman 1882
159 Der lustige Krieg Marsch Strauss Jr. Walston 1882 Published as the Merry War March
159 Hermina Polka Ter Linden 1882 cornet or xylophone solo
160 Iolanthe, Grand Selections Sullivan Bowman 1883
161 Levy-athen, Polka Levy, J.
162 Iconoclasta Waltzes Zanichelli 1883
163 The Queen's Lace Handkerchief, Selections Walston
164 Wait till the Clouds Roll By, Quadrille Brooks
165 Peek a Boo Waltz Scanlan
165 Stephanie Gavotte Czibulka
166 Triumphal Overture Schaefer 1883
167 On the Rhine, Waltz Kéler
168 The Czardas Kecskemethy 1883
168 Les rameaux (The Palms) Faure Tully, A.R. 1883 Cornet solo.
169 Maritana, Selections Wallace
170 Esmeralda Quadrille Schaefer 1883
171 Sweet Roses Waltz Walston 1883
171 Musician's Call Mazurka Schaefer
172 Hyperion Overture Cox
173 Minnie, Polka Spence, C.M.
174 Campaign March Brooks
174 Ecstasy Gavotte Schaefer
175 Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz Strauss
176 Pleasure Lancers Geibel, A.
177 Waldine Polka Mazurka Kecskemethy 1883
177 Breslauer Galopp Faust Walston 1883
178 Fresh Laurels Quadrille Bowman 1883
179 Sounds from the Heart Waltz Piefke, R.
180 Impromptu Schottish Walston
180 Wavelets Polka Bowman
181 Beatrice Overture Schaefer 1883
182 Queen's Lace Handkerchief, Quadrille Strauss
183 Arion Mazurka Schaefer
183 Touristen Galop Zikoff
184 Between the Acts Medley Overture Bowman 1883
185 Happy Times Quadrille Bowman 1883
186 Hymn for the Night Beale 1883
186 He Giveth His Beloved Sleep Abt 1883
186 Lasst lustig die Hörner erschallen Faust Published under the title Hunter's March
187 Herald Overture Schaefer 1883
188 Valse vénitienne Waldteufel Bowman 1883
189 Caracole Schottische Bowman 1883
189 Admiration Polka Bowman 1883
190 Rip van Winkle, Selections Walston
191 Racquet Quadrille Bechtel 1883
192 Erato Polka Bowman
192 Innovation March Bowman
193 Le cœur et la main (Heart and Hand), Selections Lecocq Walston 1884
194 My Queen Waltzes Bucalossi Bowman 1884
195 Flicker Galop Bowman 1884
195 Newport Schottische Luebert 1884
196 Der Bettelstudent, Grand Selection Millöcker Bowman 1884
197 Youths Lingerings, Mazurka Quadrille Bowman 1884
198 Bijou Polka Warren
198 Premium Polonaise Bowman
199 Beggar Student Quadrille Bowman
200 Beggar Student Waltz Millöcker
201 Beggar Student March Bowman
201 Beggar Student Mazurka Bowman
202 Climax Overture Bowman, Albert S.
204 Capture of the Pirates Schottische Kaufmann, A.W.
204 Sapho Galop Brooks, Ellis
205 Prinz Methusalem, Grand Selection Strauss Jr. Bowman 1884
206 Prospect Waltzes Beaver 1884
207 Bravery March Schaefer, Frank
207 Youth and Beauty Polka Bowman, Albert S.
208 Le droit d'aînesse (Falka), Grand Selection Chassaigne Bowman 1884
209 Grand Concert Gavotte-Lyric Schaefer 1884
210 Contortion Galop Fox 1884 Published with the Wilson Polka Mazurka.
210 Wilson Polka Mazurka Fox 1884 Published with the Contortion Galop.
211 Patrol of the Continentals Hoffman, A.W.
212 When the Robins Nest Again Howard Bowman 1884
213 Equipment March Schaefer 1884 Published with Bowman's Callisto Polka.
213 Callisto Polka Bowman 1884 Published with Schaefer's Equipment March.
214 Behind the Scenes Overture Schaefer, Frank
215 Trip to Africa, Grand Selection Bowman, Albert S.
216 The Blushing Rose Waltz Warren 1884 Published with Bowman's Early Morn Schottische.
216 Early Morn Schottische Bowman 1884 Published with Warren's The Blushing Rose Waltz.
217 Souvenir de la Suisse Polka Liberati, Alessandro cornet solo
219 Twilight Hours Bach, Christoph double number
220 The Messenger Overture Schaefer 1884
221 Always Near Lancers Bowman 1884
222 Rosemary March Schaefer 1884
223 Barcarolle vénitienne Ferrazzi 1884 Flute or piccolo solo.
224 The Mountaineer Overture Herman 1884 Composer listed as A. Hermann
225 Sincerity Bowman 1884
225 Gavotte Bach 1884 Souvenir de Wilhelmj
226 Fedora Waltzes Bucalossi Bowman 1885
227 Little Darling Quadrille Ferrazzi, D.L.
228 Evelina Schottische Bowman, Albert S.
228 Purity March Ferrazzi, D.L.
229 Climbing Up de Golden Stairs Medley Overture Ferrazzi, D.L.
230 Hazelene Polka Hazel. John cornet solo
231 Henriette Schottische Ferrazzi 1885
231 Wild Flowers Wallace Brooks 1885 Solo for trombone or cornet.
232 Climbing Up de Golden Stairs Medley Quadrille Ferrazzi, D.L.
233 Ollie Lancers Ferrazzi 1885
234 Free and Happy Galop Schaefer 1885 Published with Bowman's La paloma.
234 La paloma Bowman 1885 Published with Schaefer's Free and Happy Galop.
235 The Groesbeck Waltzes Ferrazzi 1885
236 Over Meadows Green Galop Schaefer 1885
236 Fridolin Polka Ferrazzi 1885 Piccolo solo.
237 Norwood Quadrille Ferrazzi, D.L.
238 Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry Medley Overture Bowman 1885
239 Dynamite, Galop Infernal Muller 1885 Published with Bowman's See Saw.
239 See Saw Medley Waltz Bowman 1885 Published with Muller's Dynamite.
240 American National Quadrille Bowman, Albert S.
241 Les sourires Waldteufel Ferrazzi 1885 Sweet Smiles Waltzes
242 Collation Lancers Dawson Ferrazzi 1885
243 Nellie Polka Marsh 1885
243 Ninetta March Schaefer 1885
244 Grand Russian Fantasia Levy, Jules cornet solo
245 Specialty Polka Hazel. John cornet solo
246 Climbing up de Golden Stairs Bowman 1885 Also published for military band.
246 The Prettiest Gavotte Warren Ferrazzi 1885
247 Dream Faces Hutchison Bowman 1885 Catalog lists J. Meissler as the composer (?).
248 Prince and Peasant Overture Ferrazzi, D.L.
249 Marien Polka Ferrazzi 1885
249 Sieba Gavotte Hosfeld 1885
250 Nantasket Quadrille Ripley 1885
251 Trumpeter's Love Polka Brooks, Ellis
251 Rosalind Gavotte Jayen, C.
252 Germania Quadrille Ferrazzi 1885
253 Gasperone Waltzes Genée, Richard
254 Skater's Waltzes Waldteufel, Emile Les patineurs
255 Golden Chimes Overture Hermann, J.
256 Dream Waltzes Millöcker, Carl
257 Nanon, Grand Selection Genée, Richard
258 Mikado, Grand Selection Sullivan, Arthur
259 See-Saw Waltz Crowe Bowman 1885
260 Mikado Waltzes Sullivan, Arthur
261 Mikado Quadrille Sullivan, Arthur
262 Mikado Lancers Sullivan, Arthur
263 Bob White - Polka de Concert Cox, John Summers piccolo solo
264 Southern Roses Waltzes Strauss, J.
265 Nanon Waltzes Ferrazzi, D.L.
266 Faust, Grand Selection Gounod, Charles
267 Fra Diavolo, Grand Selection Auber, D.F.E.
268 White Wings Medley Waltz Ferrazzi, D.L.
269 Mexican Serenade Langey, Otto
269 Prettiest in the Land Polka Belasco
270 Echoes of the Day Medley Oveture Rosenfeld
271 La Traviata, grand selection Verdi, Giuseppe
272 Nanon Lancers Genée, Richard
273 Arabella Schottische Ferrazzi, D.L.
273 Minona Polka Muller, Carl
274 Lime Kiln Club Quadrille Hosfeld, Samuel
275 Buds of Winter Medley Quadrille Ferrazzi, D.L.
276 Jubilee Quadrille Hosfeld, Samuel
277 Bryn Mawr Lancers Hosfeld, Samuel
278 Ernani, Grand Selection Verdi, Giuseppe
279 Joyous Life Quadrille Hosfeld, Samuel
280 Hush Little Baby Schottische Catlin, Edward Noble
280 Love of Old Lane, G.M. cornet or trombone solo
281 Sentiers fleuris Waltzes Waldteufel, Emile Path of Flowers
282 Angelo Waltzes Czibulka, Alphons
283 White Wings Medley Overture Bowman, Albert S.
284 Pizzicato Polka Strauss, J.
284 Tittl's Serenade Tittl, J.
285 Song of the Roses Polka Rollinson, Thomas H. cornet solo
286 Festival Overture Leutner, A.
287 Burnt Cork Overture Hosfeld, Samuel
288 Bobolink Schottische Cox, John Summers piccolo solo
289 My Lodging in on the Cold Ground Cox, John Summers cornet solo
290 Don Ceasar, Grand Selection Dellinger, Rudolf
291 Pell Mell Overture Ferrazzi, D.L.
292 Castalia Concert Waltz Cox, John Summers cornet solo
293 Diamond Necklace Overture Hermann, J.
294 New Nightingale Polka Cox, John Summers piccolo solo
295 Estudiantina Waltzes Waldteufel, Emile Students' Waltzes
296 Over and Over Galop Bowman, Albert S.
296 Rooster in the Barn - Schottische Humoristique Rosenfeld, M.H.
297 Erminie, Grand Selection Jakobowski, Edward
298 Erminie Waltzes Jakobowski, Edward
299 Erminie Gavotte Jakobowski, Edward
299 Leona Polka Bowman, Albert S.
300 Erminie Quadrille Jakobowski, Edward
301 Erminie Lancers Carey, S.H.
302 Erminie March Jakobowski, Edward
302 Rippling Waves - Serenade Synder, M.M.
303 Society Medley Quadrille Bowman, Albert S.
304 Fairie Voices Waltzes Crowe, Alfred Gwyllym
305 Always Thine Gavotte Weiss, H.
305 Chinese Serenade Ferrazzi, D.L.
306 Forge in the Forest Michaelis, Th. Idyl
307 Sweetheart Waltzes Strauss, J. from The Gypsy Baron
308 Delia Polka Quadrille Bowman, Albert S.
309 Cuckoo Polka Cox, John Summers piccolo solo
310 Cat's Rendezvous Ferrazzi, D.L. Fantasia
311 Summer Evening Waltz Waldteufel, Emile
312 Don Ceasar March Dellinger, Rudolf
312 Monastery Bells - Reverie Wely
313 In the Gloaming-Fantasia Cox, John Summers cornet solo
314 Odeon Promenade March Emmel, H.Y.
314 Shanghai Rooster Galop Ferrazzi, D.L.
315 Reverie Waltzes Waldteufel, Emile
316 Traumbilder - Fantasia Lumbey
317 Don Ceasar Waltzes Dellinger, Rudolf
318 Concordia March Carl
318 Season Club Schottische Carey, S.H.
319 Little Sailors' Waltzes Crowe, Alfred Gwyllym
320 College Songs Lancers Carey, S.H.
321 Consecration Overture Keler, Bela
322 Adonis Gavotte Leubert
322 Montebello Champagne Galop Ferrazzi, D.L.
323 Lawn Tennis Quadrille Allen, George W.
324 Buds and Blossoms Medley Overture Bowman, Albert S.
325 Battle of Gettysburg Ferrazzi, D.L. Descriptive Fantasia
326 Jolly Peasants' Waltzes Czibulka, Alphons
327 Souvenir d'Offenbach Overture Ferrazzi, D.L.
328 Casino Lancers Emmel, H.
329 Cleopatra Waltzes Ferrazzi, D.L.
330 Chain of Pearls Overture Bowman, Albert S.
331 Witches' Dance Polka Rollinson, Thomas H. cornet solo
332 Her Own Boy Jack Bowman, Albert S. cornet solo
332 Letter that Never Came Bowman, Albert S. cornet solo
332 Rock-a-bye Baby Bowman, Albert S. cornet solo
333 Twilight Visions Waltzes Bowman, Albert S.
334 National Schottische Fox, Eddie
334 Piedmont March Harvey, P.T.
335 Rocket Polka Rollinson, Thomas H. cornet solo
336 7 Popular Fancy Dances Carl, A.
337 Mignon Polonaise Thomas, A. clarinet solo
337 Polonaise from Mignon Thomas, A. clarinet solo
338 General Boulanger's March Desorms
338 Hurry Up Albert, Carl Galop de concert
339 La Gitana Waltzes Bucalossi, Procida
340 Bellman March Suppé, Franz von
340 Lighthouse by the Sea Waltz Davies, C.A.
341 Lena Waltzes Bucalossi, Procida
342 Irish Minstrel Medley Overture Zimmermann, J.F.
343 Jolly Coppersmith March Peters, C.
343 Sweet Persimmons Schottische Hosfeld, Samuel
344 Bellman, Grand Selection Suppé, Franz von
345 Fantine, Grand Selection Messager, André
346 Blue Bells Polka Rollinson, Thomas H. cornet solo
347 Melrose Lancers Hosfeld, Samuel
348 Esperance Waltzes Waldteufel, Emile
349 Fantasia on Faust Gounod, Charles clarinet solo
350 Echoes of Mintrelry Medley Overture Hosfeld, Samuel
351 Stradella, Grand Selection Flotow, Friedrich von
352 I am Here Polka Brooks, Ellis cornet solo
353 Comin' Thro' the Rye Bucholz, R. violin solo, with variations
354 Electric Sparks Medley Overture Ferrazzi, D.L.
355 Norwgian Peasant Life - Descriptive Fantasia Holst, Eduard
356 Night Birds Cooing Waltz Sayres, Henry J.
357 Jollities Overture Bucholz, R.
358 Amelia Waltzes No.1 Fox, Eddie
359 Jolly Dancers Medley Quadrille Albert, Carl
360 Fleur de Mai Schottische Laurendeau, Louis Philippe
360 Life's Story-Andante and Waltz Mourath, Eugene
361 Contest Overture Muller, C.
362 Little Chatterbox Eilenberg, Richard Plappermaulchen
362 Some Day - Ballad Zimmermann, J.F.
363 Sweethearts Waltzes Albert, Charles d'
364 Dinorah Polka Mazurka Sekat
364 Fresh and Gay March Luebert, G.H.
365 Operatic Medley Quadrille Schaefer, Frank
366 Yankee Doodle (Young America Polka) Levy, Jules
367 All for Love Schottische Bowman, Albert S.
367 Black and Tan Polka Lowthian, Caroline
368 Life is a Dream Waltzes Zikoff, Friedrich
369 Narragansett Lancers Schaefer, Frank
370 Base Ball Overture Fox, Eddie
371 Guardmont-German Patrol Eilenberg, Richard
371 Sybil - Polka Mazurka Laurendeau, Louis Philippe
372 Le Belle Polka Rollinson, Thomas H. cornet solo
373 My Pet Waltzes Bucalossi, Procida
374 Dorothy, Grand Selection Cellier, A.
375 Santiago - Valse Espagnole Corbin, A.
376 My Darling Waltzes Bucalossi, Procida
377 Pretty Mountain Maid - Idylle Labitzky, Aug.
378 Reunion Quadrille Schaefer, Frank
379 I Owe $10 to O'Grady Medley Schottische Fox, Eddie
379 True Love Polka Bowman, Albert S.
380 Mountain Rose Waltzes Bowman, Albert S.
381 Hallelujah Chorus Handel
382 Beau Ideal Lancers Zimmermann, J.F.
383 Happy Hearts Galop Rollinson, Thomas H.
383 Rain Drop Redowa Fox, Eddie
384 Jubilee Waltzes Coote, Charles
385 Mandolin Serenade Jungmann, Albert
386 Flowers of the Opera Quadrille Schaefer, Frank
387 Carnival Quadrille Zimmermann, J.F.
388 Nightingale Polka Bowquet solo or duet for 2 piccolos or 2 cornets
389 I Had $15 in My Inside Pocket Schottische Kennedy, Harry
389 Little Fishermaiden Waltz Waldman, L.
390 I Owe $10 to O'Grady Medley Overture Ferrazzi, D.L.
391 Eldorado Overture Bowman, Albert S.
392 Fire King March Rollinson, Thomas H.
392 Mother Told Me So Schottische Dresser, Paul
393 Priests' March from Athalia Mendelssohn, Felix
394 Flyer Galop Fox, Eddie
394 Yorke Bucholz, R.
395 La Petite Polka Rollinson, Thomas H. cornet solo
396 Enjoyment Medley Quadrille Ferrazzi, D.L.
397 La Caravane-Oriental March Asch, George
397 P. & O. Polka Bucalossi, Procida
398 Queen of the Dance Medley Waltzes Albert, Carl
399 Miles Aroon Overture Brockway, W.H.
400 Pizzicato - Ballet from Sylvia Delibes, Léo
400 Wedding Polonaise Leutner, A.
401 Jolly Knights' Quadrille Bucholz, R.
402 Dove's Return Waltzes Baker, Fred T.
403 The Detroit Albert, Carl
403 Ristori Mazurka Ferrazzi, D.L.
404 Vive l'amour Waltzes Bucalossi, Procida
405 Beauty Bright Schottische Hosfeld, Samuel
405 Lake View March Fox, Eddie
406 Dance of the Mermaids Cox, John Summers Fantasia
407 Enchanting Polka Prevost, J. cornet solo
407 Redowa Schottische Albert, Carl
408 Iris Waltzes Bucalossi, E.
409 Pro Peccatis from Stabat mater Rossini, Gioacchino
409 Will o' the Wisp Gavotte Bucholz, R.
410 Ogontz Quadrille Hosfeld, Samuel
411 Sounds from the Alps Waltzes Zikoff, Friedrich
412 Toxonie Quadrille Hosfeld, Samuel
413 The Berlin - New Dance Ryser, A.L.
413 City of Rome March Baker, Fred T.
414 Dance of the Shadows Holst, Eduard Fantasia
415 Raymond Polka Bond, O.L. cornet solo
416 Artistic Galop Rollinson, Thomas H.
416 Go to Sleep, My Baby, Darling Waltz Murrow, Horace
417 National Glide Lancers (or Glide Elite Quadrille) Bold, Ferdinand
418 Temple Gems - Sacred Selection Ferrazzi, D.L.
419 Le Petit Bleu Waltz Wenzel, L. de
420 Guardmont Lancers Zimmermann, J.F.
421 Meet a Coon To-night Schottische Kennedy, Harry
421 Temple College March Willard, Jas. A.
422 L'Amazone Overture Laurendeau, Louis Philippe
423 Waltz Lancers - Quadrille (a la Minuet) Ferrazzi, D.L.
424 O, Senora - Spanish Mandolin Serenade Holst, Eduard
425 Comet Galop Zimmermann, J.F.
425 Torchlight Procession march (A al polonaise) Muller, J.
426 Amphion Polka Hosfeld, Samuel
426 Dancing in the Moonlight Schottische Rollinson, Thomas H.
427 Razzle Dazzle Medley Overture Albert, Carl
428 Lalla Rookh-New Cance Bold, Ferdinand
428 Yorke - Original Strauss, J.
429 Glissade - New Dance Bold, Ferdinand
429 Ripple - New Dance Albert, Carl
430 Standard Prarie Queen Quadrille Albert, Carl
431 Laura Schottische Fox, Eddie
431 Le Papillon Polka Laurendeau, Louis Philippe The Butterfly
432 Infamatus Rossini, Gioacchino cornet solo
433 Highland Schottische Fox, Eddie
433 Victory March Bowman, Albert S.
434 Razzle Dazzle Medley Waltz Thompson, Willard
434 Waltz Gavotte Gaston, C.W.
435 Balladora Holst, Eduard The Dancing Girl
436 Marksman's Quickstep Wiegand, John
436 Military Schottische Ferrazzi, D.L.
437 Razzle Dazzle Medley Quadrille Albert, Carl
438 Majestic Overture Bowman, Albert S.
439 Father of Victory March Albert, Carl Le Pere - La Victoire
439 Metropolitan Glide Polka Walk, J. Adam
440 Military Lancers Gowan, Jno.
441 Gipsy Queen Quadrille Bucholz, R.
442 Knickerbocker-New Dance Ferrazzi, D.L.
442 My Native Home March Hauschild, C.
443 Sweet Dreams Waltzes Eilenberg, Richard
444 Jersey-New Dance Ferrazzi, D.L.
444 Marquis et Marquise Gavotte Morley, Ch.
445 Bridal Chorus and Wedding March from Lohengrin Wagner, Richard
446 Hornpipe Polka Smith, E.T.
446 Souvenir Redowa Fox, Eddie
447 Haydn's Kinder Symphony Haydn, Joseph
448 Down went McGinty Schottische Flynn, Jos.
448 Duchess - New Dance Ferrazzi, D.L.
449 Le Prince Imperial Quadrille Strauss, J.
450 Jolly Students Overture Albert, Carl
451 Christmas Eve Galop Ferrazzi, D.L.
451 Rockaway - New Dance Muller, Carl
452 Eventide Lancers Willard, J.A.
453 Gloria in Excelsis Mozart, W.A.
454 Yorke Quadrille McDermott, Wm. J.
455 L'Ingenue Gavotte Arditi
455 Le Minuet de la Cour Mozart, W.A.
456 La Source Waltzes Waldteufel, Emile The Spring
457 Tannhauser, Grand Selection Wagner, Richard
458 Habsburgh's March Kral, J.N.
458 Little Annie Rooney Medley Waltz Nolan, Michael
459 Remembrance of Manitou Waltzes Willard, Jas. A.
460 Dance in the Woods Stobbe, William R. xylophone solo
460 Russia - New Dance Wells and Christy
461 Up to Date Medley Overture Albert, Carl
462 Love's Dreamland Waltzes Roeder, Otto
463 Glide Mazurka - New Dance Ferrazzi, D.L.
463 Swedish Wedding March Söderman, August
464 Minuet Polacca Quadrille Masters, E.W.
464 Quadrille Minuet Polacca Masters, E.W.
465 Invitation to the Dance Weber, Carl Maria von
466 Trumpeter's Quadrille Coleman, Wm. B.
467 Innocence Gavotte Blum, Oscar R.
467 Tarantelle napolitaine Augusta, F.
468 Mia Bella Waltzes Roeder, Otto "My Beauty"
469 Coronation March from Le Prophet Meyerbeer, G.
470 La Russe-New Dance Bold, Ferdinand
470 Through the Spray Schottische Willard, Jas. A.
471 Dude's March Wagner, Josef Franz
471 I Whistle and Wait for Katie Waltz Nolan, Michael
472 Down on the Farm Waltz Williams
472 Newport Landler Bold, Ferdinand
473 Century Schottische Zimmermann, Chas.
473 Sunny South - Ethiopian Sketch De Witt, E.
474 Blue and Gray Patrol Cox, John Summers
475 Evening Slumbers Mercadante
476 Fiske Lancers Stein, Moses
477 La Tosca Overture Willard, J.A.
478 Bandana Schottische Hosfeld, Samuel
478 Polka Dot Waltz Albert, Carl
479 New Court Quadrille Rozavolgy "Kor Magyiar"
480 Escape Steam Galop Fox, Eddie
480 Rye - New Dance Weiss, F.
481 Marche funebre d'une marionette Gounod, Charles
482 Spirit of the Dance Quadrille Bucholz, R.
483 Leona Waltzes (Sea King) Stahl, Richard
484 Out of Sight Medley Overture Wagner, W.
485 Darkies Reverie Cox, John Summers Plantation Sketch
485 Mexican Dance (No te Veyas) "I Can't See You"
486 Love's Vision Waltzes Bowman, Albert S.
487 Creolean Schottische Hosfeld, Samuel
487 Sylvan Stream Polonaise Willard, Jas. A.
488 La Mia Speranze Polka Liberati, Alessandro My Hope. Cornet solo
489 Ariel Galop Laurendeau, Louis Philippe
489 Comrades Medley Waltz Albert, Carl
490 Darkie's Dream Lansing Descriptive Fantasia
490 In Old Madrid Waltz Trotere
491 Police Patrol Stahl, Richard
492 Baccarat Polka Herman, J.
492 Loin du Bal Waltz Gillet, Ernest
493 Andalucia Waltzes Thiere, Charles le
494 Carmencita Waltz Cox, John Summers
494 Copenhagen Polka Kaps, Karl
495 Happy Thoughts Medley Overture Hosfeld, Samuel
496 Hip, Hip, Hurrah! March Stahl, Richard
496 Skirt Dance Schottische Lutz, Meyer
497 Poor Jonathan Waltzes Millöcker, Carl
498 Life on the Mississippi-Descriptive Fantasia Hosfeld, Samuel
499 Griselda Waltzes Stahl, Richard
500 All on Board Galop Stahl, Richard
500 Pomposo Polka Jennings, Geo. E. cornet or trombone solo
501 Nemo Quadrille Milton, W.S.
503 Miguela Waltzes Stahl, Richard
504 Marigold Polka Hosfeld, Samuel
504 Demon March Jennings, Geo. E.
505 Amelia Lancers Zimmermann, J.F.
506 Bessie Polka Bond, O.L. cornet solo
507 I See Thee Again Waltz (Mexican) Estrada, Manuel
507 The Post - Fantasia Schaeffer, August cornet solo
507 The Post - Fantasia Schaeffer, August cornet solo
507 They All Take After Me Medley Waltz Hatton, Gus
508 Woodlawn - Country Dance Watson, M.
509 Song of the Siren Overture Ripley, Winfield
510 Original Glide Lancers Olvany, W.H.
511 Three Leaves of Shamrock Medley Waltz Ferrazzi, D.L.
511 Wanda Polka Head, E. spelling?
512 La Serenata Waltzes Jaxone, D.
513 Love's a Magic Spell Schottische Albert, Carl
513 Lucifer March Jennings, Geo. E.
514 Champagne Overture Stahl, Richard
515 Go as You Please Polka Farbach Jr., Ph.
515 Ta ra-ra Boom-der e Galop Milton, W.S.
516 Over the Waves Waltzes Rosas, J.
517 Angels Serenade Braga, G.
517 Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana Mascagni, Pietro
518 Evening by the Sea Lancers Willard, J.A.
519 Caledonian Patrol MacDonald, E.
520 Mirelia Overture Schaefer, Frank
521 Happy Go Lucky Polka Bucalossi, E.
521 Oxford - New Dance Waltham, H.
522 All in a Garden Fair Waltzes Roeder, A.
523 Love's Emtion Gavotte Armstrong, J.A.
523 Temple Cadets March Willard, Jas. A.
524 Ta-ra-ra Boom-der-e Medley Overture Hosfeld, Samuel
525 Mandolin Serenade Waltz Stahl, Richard
526 Land of Dreams Concer Waltz Cox, John Summers
527 Martha Jane Green Schottische Sheffer, B.
527 Punchinello Mazurka Stahl, Richard
528 Fascination Polka Quadrille Milton, W.S.
529 Fairy Queen Galop Smith, Sydney
529 Oriental - Transcription Armstrong, J.A.
530 Reels and Jigs - Theatrical Collection Fox, Eddie
530 Theatrical Collection of Reels and Jigs Fox, Eddie
531 Dew Drop Gavotte Held, Emil
531 New Philadelphia March Lilly, Richard P.
532 Mystic Spell Overture Cox, John Summers
533 Le Clair-New Dance Ryser, A.L.
533 Legion of Honor March Fox, Eddie
534 Favorite Waltz Quadrille Milton, W.S.
535 Bright and Bewitching Schottische R?u?d, H.
535 New America Polka Ferrazzi, D.L.
536 We are all in it Quadrille Hosfeld, Samuel
537 The Bowdoin - New Dance Weber, C.
537 Cymbeline Mazurka Hosfeld, Samuel
538 Silence and Fun - Pantomimic Fantasia Stahl, Richard
539 Here and There Polka Buchler, Hans
539 Morning Call March Williard, J.A.
540 Ching Ki High Quadrille Hosfeld, Samuel
541 Man in the Moon Waltz Stahl, Richard
541 Passion Flower Mazurka Ferrazzi, D.L.
542 Madeleine Lancers Cox, John Summers
543 Never Tire Galop Weber, Carl
543 Soldier's Delight March Stahl, Richard
544 Columbian Overture Cox, John Summers
545 Superba Galop Ferrazzi, D.L.
545 Tannhauser Polka Stahl, Richard
546 Flirt Quadrille Ferrazzi, D.L.
547 Mount Gretna March Hosfeld, Samuel
547 Romanza Weisenborn, Jos. clarinet or viola solo
548 Aus Freundschaft Waltzes Stahl, Richard 1898 For Friendship's Sake Waltzes
549 A Night in Chinatown Medley Overture Weber, C.
550 Mephisto's Choice Overture Bowman, Albert S.
551 De Bonne Grace Polka Willard, J.A.
551 Step-by-Step Mazurka Stahl, Richard
552 Love's Dream after the Ball-Intermezzo Czibulka, Alphons
553 Always Ready March Stahl, Richard
553 Cape May Schottische Fox, Eddie
554 Ring Around the Roses Lancers Ogle, A.L.
555 Dance of the Pickaninnies Milton, W.S. Characteristic
555 Spur of the Moment Galop Hosfeld, Samuel
556 Spartacus Overture Stahl, Richard
557 Irish Witch-Jig Polka Cardella, C.W.
557 Sabre and Sword March List, L.
558 Combination Polka Quadrille Dauchy, F.O.
559 Chimpanzee Can-Can Stahl, Richard
559 Mabel Schottische Fox, Eddie
560 Trumpeter's Dream - Descriptive Wilson, C.J.
561 Just on Time Galop Armstrong, J.A.
561 Thr Trout Mazurka Eilenberg, Richard
562 Mask and Wig Club Patrol Cox, John Summers
562 Stray Leaves Overture Stahl, Richard
563 Dance of the Snow-Flakes Okie, H. Caprice
563 Idol of My Heart Stahl, Richard cornet solo
564 Impassioned Dream Waltzes Rosas, J.
565 Patriarch's Militant March Willard, J.A.
565 Quiga Polka Stahl, Richard
566 The Four Hundred Lancers Stahl, Richard
566 The 400 Lancers Stahl, Richard
567 Always Gay Galop List, L.
567 La Petite Souvinier Schottische Armstrong, J.A.
568 A Day in Camp Overture Stahl, Richard
568 A Day in Camp Overture Stahl, Richard Descriptive
569 Eternal Love Schottische Navarro, F.J.
569 Old Friends March Partello, Chas.
570 J.W.P. Latest Quadrille Partello, Chas.
571 Auditorium Galop Clifton, H.G.
571 Pleasant Dreams Gavotte Zimmermann, J.F.
572 For Thee Waltzes Stahl, Richard
573 Good Cheer Polka Ferrazzi, D.L.
573 Niobe Mazurka Bowman, Albert S.
574 Midway Plaisance Medley Overture Wagner, F.
575 Maria Mazurka Navarro, F.J. or T.J. Navarro
575 Nellie to Me is a Queen Medley Waltz Hosfeld, Samuel
576 Watermelon Dance (Ethiopian) Wilson, C.J.
577 Nimble Fingers Gavotte Simmermon, J.
577 Norman March Stahl, Richard
578 The Idea Medley Overture Weber, C.
579 Hi Tiddley Hi Ti Polka Milton, W.S.
579 Sweet Rosabel Medley Waltz Hosfeld, Samuel
580 The Stampede - Descriptive Pettee, W.E.M.
581 December and May Medley Waltz Weber, C.
581 Marine Band March Holst, Eduard
582 Song of Love Waltzes Stahl, Richard
583 Daisy Bell Medley Waltz Clifton, H.G.
583 Tivoli Park Polka List, L.
584 Night Hawk Polka Cox, John Summers piccolo solo
585 Daisy Bell Medley March Clifton, H.G.
585 Dance of the Daisies Zimmermann, J.F.
586 Sunshine Waltzes Laurendeau, Louis Philippe
587 First Kiss Gavotte Chattaway, J.W.
587 Princeton Galop Stobbe, William R.
588 Lyric Overture Hosfeld, Samuel
589 On de Way to Rainbow Land Schottische Milton, W.S.
589 Singing While Weeping (Mexican Dance) Moreno, T.
590 Facilita Hartmann, J. cornet solo, air with variations
591 Carmela Polka Rosas, J.
591 Plain Mary Smith Waltz Milton, W.S.
592 Lucia di Lammermoor, selection Donizettti
593 Present Arms March Stahl, Richard
593 Sweet-Forget-Me-Not Schottische Chattaway, J.W.
594 La Pepita-Spanish Waltzes Ferrazzi, D.L.
595 Aragonaise from the ballet Cid Massenet, Jules
595 Wild West Galop Weber, Carl
596 Entr' Acte Gavotte Gillet, Ernest
597 Golden Shower Polka Partello, Chas.
598 Gondolier Waltzes Roeder, Otto
599 Gay Paree Polka Meacham, Frank W.
599 Naval Review March Jennings, Geo. E.
600 La Cigale-selection Audran, Edmond
601 Longing for Home Jungmann, Albert
601 Petite Ettie Gavotte Armstrong, J.A.
602 Aquarella Polka Stahl, Richard cornet solo
603 Bright Thoughts Tchaikovsky, Pyotr
603 First Heart Throbs Eilenberg, Richard Romanza
604 Morning, Noon, and Night in Vienna Overture Suppé, Franz von
605 A Rose I Send to You Druth, E. cornet solo
605 La Belle Americaine Gavotte Pettee, W.E.M.
606 Silver Lake Waltzes Cox, John Summers
607 Belle of New York March Clark, Tom
607 Whose Little Boy are You Medley Waltz Weber, C.
608 La Czarine-Russian Mazurka Ganne, Louis
609 Nic-Nac Polka Bowman, Albert S.
609 Venus Schottische Armstrong, J.A.
610 Josefine Waltzes Rosas, J.
611 Emilia Mazurka Bernolfo, Jos.
611 Rosalie Schottische Viano, J.B.
612 Heart Whispers Dealcour, V.
613 The Lafayette Polka Stobbe, William R.
613 Tanglefoot - Reel March Kershaw, T.N.
614 Sand Dance Quadrille Weber, Carl
615 Mexican Butterfly Dance Clark, Tom
615 Snap Shot Galop Milton, W.S.
616 An Evening in Tyrol Oelschlegel, H. Descriptive
617 Pic-Nic of the Birds Polka Lafougere, E.
617 Sultana Schottische Armstrong, J.A.
618 Amelia Waltzes No.2 Rosas, T.
619 De La Princesse Gavotte Czibulka, Alphons
619 Evening on the Water Watson, m.
620 Pilopena - Idylle Oelschlegel, Alfred
621 Lady Betty-Old English Dance Smith, Sydney
621 Pacific March Kershaw, T.N.
622 Murmur of the Breezes Waltzes Moreno, T.
623 Aurelia Schottische Correa, E.
623 Right-Left March Sousa, John Philip
624 Mason and Locksmith Overture Auber, D.F.E.
625 Em'ly's Wedding Medley Waltz Justice, Herbert M.
625 La Tipica Polka Curti, C.
626 Melo-Dramatic Music No.3 Walker, H.O. 20 selected numbers
627 Cavatine Schmidt, O.
627 Cradle Song Hauser, M.