IMSLP:Community Projects/Xian Xinghai Lilypond Orchestral Parts

Xinghai Xian (冼星海) (Си Синхай) (1905 - 1945) is an early 20th century Chinese composer, one of the pioneers of Chinese symphonic works. He is also one of the few Chinese composers whose works have already entered public domain. Some of his symphonic works are already accepted into IMSLP. However orchestral parts for Chinese symphonic works, such as works by Xian Xinghai, are notoriously difficult to find. Without orchestral parts, it would be very difficult to perform these works.

Therefore the objective of this community project is to:

  • Acquire full score of Xian Xinghai's work
  • Retypeset all orchestral works with Lilypond, the open-standard typesetting language, to get orchestral parts
  • Post the generated orchestral parts back to IMSLP

We urgently need contributors who are fluent with Lilypond, and preferably have experience in typesetting orchestral works. Any interested individuals should apply to the leader of this project.


Project Status

Phase 1: Uploading scanned full scores to IMSLP


Phase 2: Decide the template for retypesetting orchestral works to Lilypond that allows easy production of both full score and orchestral parts PDF files


Phase 3: Create a schedule to coordinate retypesetting of works by multiple members

Project Members

Leader: Kcleung talk

Active: horndude77 talk