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Friedrich Schreiber started this short-lived Viennese firm in 1873 by taking over C.A.Spina which had acquired Diabelli in 1858, but sold out to August Cranz in 1879. What it lacked in longevity it made up in productivity: Hofmeister's Monatsberichte lists 674 works published between February 1874 and October 1876, mostly waltzes by Strauss and others. It also published many piano works by Ignaz Brüll, and at least one curiosity: an arrangement of the violin and cello parts of both Beethoven's and Mendelssohn's complete piano trios for harmonium (L.A. Zellner, 1875).

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  • Freidrich Schreiber


  • Vienna (Wien)

Plate Numbers

Friedrich Schreiber's plate numbers are of the format of F.S.####. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
23430-32 Brüll 3 Piano Pieces, Op.13 1874
23487 Thalberg Fantasia on Auber's 'La Muette de Portici', Op.52 1874
23536 Strauss Jr. Du und Du, Op.367 (piano solo)
23544 Strauss Jr. Du und Du, Op.367 (piano 4 hands)
23598 Strauss Jr. Der Carneval in Rom (vocal score) 1875
23677 Grammann Piano Quintet, Op.19 1876
23679 Strauss Fidele Bursche, Op.124 (piano solo) 1875
23719 Strauss Aus dem Rechtsleben, Op.126 (piano solo) 1875
23765 Strauss Jr. Cagliostro-Quadrille, Op.369 (piano solo) 1875
23802 Strauss Aus dem Rechtsleben, Op.126 (orch. parts) 1875
23832 Brüll 8 Toskanische Lieder, Op.22 (book 2) 1876
24032 Mögele Lenardo und Blandine (vocal score) 1876
24072 Strauss Aus der Studienzeit, Op.141 (piano solo) 1876

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