Carl Grüninger

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Carl Grüninger Ltd. operated in Stuttgart from 1867 as a general book publisher. In 1888 it started publishing the Neue Musik-Zeitung, which had been published by P.J. Tonger of Cologne from 1880 to 1887. Among its books were a few on musical topics, such as Rudolf Louis' and Ludwig Thuille's Harmonielehre (1910), some music history texts and at least a few music scores such as Hermann Grabner's Konzert im alten Stil Op.1, for 3 violins (1915). The last musical item was a book issued in 1928.

In 1897 Ernst Klett and his brother-in-law, Julius Hartmann, took over the firm, and it has remained in the Klett family to the present day. Now known as Ernst Klett AG, it has grown into a holding company with interests in educational businesses of all kinds, from textbook publishing to kindergarten management and educational software.

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Plate Numbers

  • For music that was included as supplements to the Neue Musik-Zeitung Grüninger used plate numbers in the format of either C.G. ## (in which the number corresponded to the last two digits of the year of publication) or N.M.-Z. ####.

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