White's Ballroom Orchestra (Jean White)

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Publisher. Info. Boston: Jean White, 1879-1883. Plates 1071, 1072, 1091, 1093, 1095, 1098, 1136-1141.
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Publisher. Info. Boston: Jean White, 1880. Plates 1091, 1093, 1095.
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Publisher. Info. Boston: Jean White, 1882. Plate 1136.
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Publisher. Info. Boston: Jean White, 1883. Plate 1140.
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General Information

Work Title White's Ballroom Orchestra
Alternative. Title White's Ball-room Orchestra
Composer Jean White
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 100 pieces in 12 books
1. Faust: Remembrance of Cudowa March
2. Albert Neibig: Flora Quadrille
3. Faust: Kinder des Tages Waltzes
4. Hermann: Den-oder Keinen Galop
5. Waldteufel: Tres Jolie Waltzes
6. Hermann: Kirmes Polka
7. Kosleck: Fernanda Redowa
8. Albert Neibig: Johanna Schottische
9. Albert Neibig: Beautiful Sounds March
10. A. Templer: Bellona Waltzes
11. E. Maschke: Minerva Galop
12. Sullivan: Pinafore Lancers
13. Joy of Music Waltzes
14. M. Carl: Better Times Schottische
15. M. Carl: Follies of Youth Polka
16. Scheuer: Etelka Polka-mazurka
  • Ballroom Orchestra No.3
17. F. Beissig: Prince Rudolph March
18. H. Stetefeld: Victoria Quadrille
19. Piefke: Heart's Desire Waltzes
20. C. Frank: Ulan Galop
21. F. Westerheim: Artists' Dream Waltzes
22. Faust: Danielle Polka-mazurka
23. Faust: Always Pleasing Polka
24. Piefke: Bertha Schottische
  • Ballroom Orchestra No.4
25. J. Beissig: Welcome Galop
26. J. Beissig: Greemlodge Polka
27: M. Carl: Carrola Waltzes
28. Piefke: Marietta Polka Mazurka
29. Piefke: Harmonie Lancers
30. J. Beissig: May-sounds Waltzes
31. L. Stetefeld: Felicita Redowa
32. Unrath: Bower of Roses Polka
33. Piefke: Prairie Flower Schottische
  • Ballroom Orchesta No.5
34. E. Beyer: Encore March
35. Faust: Zarte Seelen Waltzes
36. Faust: Durch die Haide Galop
37. M. Carl: Kalmia Lancers
38. I. Rixner: Water Spirits' Waltzes (possibly Jos. Rixner)
39. I Beissig: Aurelia Polka-mazurka
40. Faust: Azalea Schottische
41. I. Beissig: First Love Polka
  • Ballroom Orchestra No.6
42. Eilenberg: Promenade March
43. E. Hasselmann: Alliance Quadrille
44. E. Hasselmann: Madonna Waltzes
45. A. Schreiner: The Aeronaut Galop
46. M. Carl: Bouquet Waltzes
47. A. Schreiner: Simple and Modest Polka
48. Piefke: Gook Luck Schottische
49. Piefke: Regatta Polka Mazurka
50. Campana: Ballad. Loving, and Beloved Again
  • Ballroom Orchestra No.7 (Volume 2)
51. Faust: Arion's Carnival March
52. Faust: Love Songs Waltzes
53. C. Franke: A Little Flower Polka
54. Faust: The Queen of the Village Polka-mazurka
55. E. Maschke: Amors Pfeile Galop
56. H. Scheuer: Silesia Schottische
57. Godfrey: Merry Tunes Medley Lancers
58. Necke: The Little Rogue Redowa
59. H. Scheuer: Leichtes Leben Polka
  • Ballroom Orchestra No.8 (Volume 2)
60. C.F. Langrook: Platoon-Fire Galop
61. E. Curth: Marion Polka
62. Godfrey: Medley Quadrille
63. Waldteufel: Manuelita Waltzes
64. M. Carl: Sophien Polka-Mazurka
65. Albert: The Afghanistan Quadrille
66. R. Clarens: Little Sweetheart Schottische
67. E. Hollstein: Constance Redowa
  • Ballroom Orchestra No.9 (Volume 2)
68. E. Maschke: Whirlwind Galop
69. E. Curth: Selma Polka
70. Albert: Lancers on Popular Irish Airs
71. Lamothe: Anna Waltzes
72. M. Carl: Adeline Polka-mazurka
73. E. Beyer: May Festival Quadrille
74. H. Scheuer: Etelka Redowa
75. E. Hasselmann: Venus Schottische
  • Ballroom Orchestra No.10 (Volume 2)
76. Faust: The Passing Regiment March
77. Zikoff: Sounds from the Rhein Waltzes
78. Faust: Little Good Heart Polka
79. Zikoff: Victoria Quadrille
80. Montgomery: Sunny Climes Waltzes
81. Ph. Fahrbach: Water-wagtail Polka-mazurka (Bergerenotte) - Jr. or Sr.?
82. Zikoff: Demon Galop
83. Zikoff: The Water Nymph Schottische
  • Ballroom Orchesta No.11 (Volume 2)
84. A. Wagner: The King's Birthday March
85. Waldteufel: Dreams of Childhoom Waltzes
86. E. Rolle: Tic-Tac Polka
87. E. Beyer: Ianthe Quadrille
88. Zikoff: Electric Sparks Waltzes
89. Zikoff: Marinka Polka-mazurka
90. M. Carl: Amanda Galop
91. M. Carl: Agnes Schottische
  • Ballroom Orchestra No.12 (volume 2)
92. Faust: Den-Oder Reinen Galop
93. Bigge (?): Charlotta Schottische
94. Faust: Wandern im Lenz Waltzes
95. Faust: Fernando Redowa
96. Calendonian Quadrille
97. Faust: Sounds of Love Waltzes
98. Zikoff: Sly Puss Polka
99. Moskau: The Snow-storm Polka
100. M. Carl: True-love Polka-mazurka
First Publication. 1879-83 – Boston: Jean White
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Romantic
Piece Style Romantic
Instrumentation clarinet, cornet, 2 violins, double bass, piano

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