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Robert Emil Lienau (1838-1920) an employee at the Schlesinger publishing house in Berlin, which had successfully published Weber’s operas, bought the business in 1864 and renamed it Robert Lienau. He continued to use the Schlesinger name and plate numbering system well into the 20th century. His son Robert Heinrich Lienau (1866-1949) took over the firm in the late 19th century and managed to add Sibelius to the catalog in the 1890s. The Schlesinger imprint was always used for Sibelius' works.

After 1945 the firm was managed by Robert Heinrich Lienau’s daughter Rosemarie Lienau (1903-1996), joined in 1958 by his son Robert Albrecht Lienau (d.2001) The brother and sister team’s two major successes were the “Tonkunstler Kalendar” and Richard Kretlzin’s piano school. Finally, the firm passed into the hands of another family, the Reis’s. Maj-Maria Reis (d. 2000) and her daughter Cornelia Grossmann took over the firm in 1990, and combined it with Max Hieber edition, a Munich popular and folk music specialist, and Zimmermann a piano-music house.

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Plate Numbers

Robert Lienau's plate numbers appear to have been issued in a fairly regular chronological fashion. Dates in italics are estimated. Plate numbers are in the format of S. ####.

Plate Composer Work Year
05219-5221 Kiel Suite, Op.28 1864
05575 Weber Piano Concerto No.1 in C major, Op.11 (arr. for 2 pianos by Rudorff and Jansen) 1869
06239 Vollweiler Piano Quartet, Op.43 1871
06744-45 Chopin Nocturnes, Op.32 (arr. Wilhelmj) 1872
06857 Benedict Symphony, Op.101 (full score) 1874
06930 Liszt Variationen über das Motiv von Bach, S.180 1875
07286 Chopin Frédéric_Chopin:_Klavierwerke (Bk.1-Etudes) 1882
07287 Chopin Frédéric_Chopin:_Klavierwerke (Bk.2-Préludes) 1882
07288 Chopin Frédéric_Chopin:_Klavierwerke (Bk.3-Ballades) 1882
07289 Chopin Frédéric_Chopin:_Klavierwerke (Bk.4-Polonaises) 1880–81
07290 Chopin Frédéric_Chopin:_Klavierwerke (Bk.5-Nocturnes) 1881
07291 Chopin Frédéric_Chopin:_Klavierwerke (Bk.6-Waltzes) 1880
07293 Chopin Frédéric_Chopin:_Klavierwerke (Bk.8-Rondos) 1883
07294 Chopin Frédéric_Chopin:_Klavierwerke (Bk.9-Impromptus&Scherzos) 1881–1882
07327 Dvořák Piano Trio No.1, Op.21 1880
07373 Dvořák Piano Quartet No.1, Op.23 1880
07377 Dvořák Czech Suite, Op.39 1881
07399 Henselt Exercices Préparatoires pour le Piano (2nd edition) 1881
07586 Kässmayer Kleine Suite, Op.38 (full score) 1884
07988 Rudorff Symphony No.2, Op.40 (score) 1890
08518 Dvořák Czech Suite, Op.39 (reprint) 1894
08742 Fuchs 7 Phantasiestücke, Op.57 (in two volumes) 1897
08883 Juon Violin Sonata No.1, Op.7 1898
08884 Juon String Quartet No.1, Op.5 (parts) 1898
09145 Juon Piano Trio, Op.17 1901
09183 Prohaska, C. String Quartet, Op.4 1902
09202 Juon Piano Sextet, Op.22 1902
09236(8) Godowsky Studies after Frederic Chopin (study based on Op.10 No.5) 1903
09236(26) Godowsky Studies after Frederic Chopin (study based on Op.25 No.2) 1903
09291 Juon String Quartet No.2, Op.29 1904
09324 Juon Kammersinfonie, Op.27 1905
09362 Juon Piano Quintet No.1, Op.33 1909
09385 Franck Ballade, Op.44 1906
09391 Andersen-Wingar Concert Piece, Op.23 1907
09412 Juon Mörtelweib's Tochter, Op.6 1907
09494 Letovsky Variations on an Original Theme, Op.2 1910
09498A Sibelius 8 Songs, Op.57 (lower voice) 1910
09498B Sibelius 8 Songs, Op.57 (higher voice) 1910
09585 Godowsky Piano Sonata 1911
09722 Juon Episodes Concertantes, Op.45 arr. for violin, cello and 2 pianos 1912
09757,9762a Dvořák Czech Suite, Op.39 (violin and piano by Emil Bohnke) 1912
09806 Juon Divertimento, Op.51 1913
09907 Juon 2 Trio-Miniaturen, Opp.18a, 24a
09964 Krohn Lieder und Gesänge, Op.13 - no.1: Gebet 1917
10000 Rahlwes Piano Quintet, Op.4 (sc&pts) 1919
10021 Juon String Quartet No.3, Op.67 1921
10845 Juon Rhapsodische Sinfonie, Op.95 (full score) 1939

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