Peter Cappi

cover ca. 1817



Peter (Pietro) Cappi operated from 1816 to 1818 in Vienna.
Three members of the Cappi family were important figures in Classical period Vienna: Giovanni (Johann) (1765-1815), Carlo (1800-?) and Peter (Pietro)(1779-1826?)

Peter (Pietro) Cappi came to Vienna in 1792. From 1793-1801 he worked for Carlo and Francesco Artaria. After briefly working for his uncle Johann Cappi he joined Domenico Artaria and Tranquillo Mollo (1803-1816). From 1816-18 he ran his own firm at Spiegelgasse 21, then at Kohlmarkt 22. He finally joined Diabelli (1818-1826).


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  • Pietro Cappi


  • Spiegelgasse 21
  • Kohlmarkt 22

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