Novello's Octavo Edition of Two-part Songs for Female Voices

typical work (1890s)



This British series of secular and sacred works, mainly arrangements, started in the 1890s. The composers were both continental and British. The works were generally for SS piano.

Arrangers and Editors




22. The Lord Is My Shepherd (Smart, Henry Thomas)
61. Faithlessness (Mühlfeld, Christian)
62. I Know a Bank (Horn, Charles Edward)
100.The old oak (Campbell, H. A. J)
103. Night winds (Campbell, H. A. J)
110. Doubt not thy father's care (Elgar, Edward)
151. There is a garden in her face (Ireland, John )
161. Spanish Serenade, Op.23 (Elgar, Edward)
199. La fileuse (Wood, Charles)
201. Young and old (Wood, Charles)
204. I waited for the Lord from Symphony No.2 (Mendelssohn, Felix)
208.The fairies (Fletcher, Percy Eastman)
217. Ring, out, wild bells (Fletcher, Percy Eastman)
232. When Cats Run Home (Brewer, Alfred Herbert)
274. The Snow (Elgar, Edward)
275. Fly, singing bird (Elgar, Edward)
279. From the green heart of the waters : nymph's song (from "Ulysses") (Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel)
290. My Love Dwelt in a Northern Land (Elgar, Edward)
291. Weary Wind of the West (Elgar, Edward)
292. How lovely are the messengers (Mendelssohn, Felix)
308. As Torrents in Summer (Elgar, Edward)
384. Barcarolle from the Opera Lakmé (Delibes, Léo)