Messen (Lassus, Orlande de)

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Editor Siegfried Hermelink (1914-1975)
Publisher. Info. Sämtliche Werke, neue Reihe, Band 3-12.
Kassel: Bärenreiter Verlag, 1962-75. Plate BA 3403-10, 4191-92.
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General Information

Work Title Messen
Alternative. Title
Composer Lassus, Orlande de
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 74 masses:
  • Band 3 (BA 3403)
1. Missa super Je ne mange poinct de porcq, LV 414
2. Missa super La, la, maistre Pierre, LV 415
3. Missa super Pilons pilons lorge, LV 416
4. Missa super Frère Thibault, LV 417
5. Missa super Le berger et la bergère, LV 418
6. Missa super Ite rime dolenti, LV 523
7. Missa super Scarco di doglia, LV 524
8. Missa super Sidus ex claro, LV 525
9. Missa super Credidi propter, LV 526
  • Band 4 (BA 3404)
10. Missa ad imitationem moduli Doulce memoire, LV 619
11. Missa ad imitationem moduli Puis que j'ai perdu, LV 620
12. Missa ad imitationem moduli O passi sparsi, LV 621
13. Missa ad imitationem moduli Jäger, LV 622
14. Missa De Feria, LV 623
15. Missa pro defunctis, LV 624
16. Missa ad imitationem moduli Susanne un Jour, LV 408
17. Missa ad imitationem moduli Surge propera, LV 625
  • Band 5 (BA 3405)
18. Missa ad imitationem moduli Tous les regretz, LV 626
19. Missa ad imitationem moduli In te Domine speravi, LV 269
20. Missa ad imitationem moduli Vinum bonum, LV 627
21. Missa super Il me suffit, LV 649
22. Missa super Entre vous filles, LV 650
23. Missa super Veni in hortum meum, LV 651
  • Band 6 (BA 3406)
24. Missa super Dittes maistresse, LV 958
25. Missa super Amar donna, LV 959
26. Missa super Qual donna attende, LV 960
27. Missa super In die tribulationis, LV 961
28. Missa super Io son ferito ahi lasso, LV 962
29. Missa pro defunctis, LV 963
  • Band 7 (BA 3407)
30. Missa super Laudate Dominum, LV 953
31. Missa super Quand'io penso al martire, LV 675
32. Missa super Domine secundum actum meum, LV 409
33. Missa super Locutus sum, LV 919
34. Missa super Congratulamini mihi, LV 410
35. Missa super Beatus qui intelligit, LV 920
  • Band 8 (BA 3408)
36. Missa super Dixit Joesph, LV 1144
37. Missa super Bella Amfitrit' altera, LV 1146
38. Missa super Amor ecco colei, LV 1147
39. Missa super Certa fortiter, LV 1148
40. Missa super Ecce nunc benedicite, LV 1149
41. Missa super Deus in adiutorium, LV 1150
  • Band 9 (BA 3409)
42. Missa super Confundantur superbi, LV Anh.81
43. Missa De Feria in Quadragesima, LV Anh.82
44. Missa De Feria in Septimana Sancta, LV Anh.83
45. Missa super On me l'a dict, LV Anh.94
46. Missa super Je prens en gres, LV Anh.89
47. Missa super Si rore aenio, LV Anh.103
48. Missa Paschalis, LV Anh.96
  • Band 10 (BA 3410)
49. Missa super Qui la dira, LV Anh.97
50. Missa super Domine Dominus noster, LV Anh.85
51. Missa Sesquialtera, LV Anh.101
52. Missa super Je suis desheritée, LV Anh.90
53. Missa super Triste départ, LV Anh.107
54. Missa super Jesus ist ein süßer Nam', LV Anh.91
55. Missa super Osculetur me, LV Anh.95
  • Band 11 (BA 4191)
56. Missa super Benedicam Dominum, LV Anh.79
57. Missa super Rompi de l'empio cor, LV Anh.99
58. Missa super Or sus à coup, LV 1145
59. Missa super Se salamandre, LV Anh.100
60. Vento: Missa super Surrexit pastor bonus
61. Vaet: Missa super Si me tenez
62. Eccard: Missa super Mon coeur se recommande à vous
63. Kerle: Officium mortuorum
  • Band 12 (BA 4192)
64. Missa Cantorum, LV Anh.80
65. Missa super Surrexit pastor bonus, LV Anh.105
66. Missa super Ecce Maria, LV Anh.86
67. Missa super In principio, LV Anh.88
68. Grothusius: Missa super Deus misereatur
69. Missa Octavi toni à 5
70. Requiem à 4, LV Anh.98
71. Missa super In me transierunt à 5, LV Anh.87
72. Missa super Alleluia à 5, LV Anh.77
73. Missa super Alleluia à 5, LV Anh.78
74. Missa super Tempus est ut revertar, LV Anh.106
Year/Date of CompositionY/D of Comp. 1570s-1594s ca.
First Publication. 1962-75 from the Sämtliche Werke, Neue Reihe (Nos.1-74)
Librettist Various
Language Latin
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Renaissance
Piece Style Renaissance
Instrumentation 4-8 voices