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From the article in Grove by Dan Fog:

Danish firm of music publishers and dealers. It was established in Copenhagen in January 1846 by the composers Emil Horneman (1809–1870) and Emil Erslev (1817–1882), succeeding the firm of Horneman & de Meza (founded 1844). In 1859 Horneman left the company, which continued under Erslev. In the 1860s some editions show the firm as Horneman & Erslev (Emil Erslev), others as Emil Erslev (Horneman & Erslev). On 20 April 1869 it was taken over by the composer and musicologist S.A.E. Hagen (1842–1927), who continued publishing under the name of Horneman & Erslev but was ultimately absorbed by Wilhelm Hansen in June 1879.

The company held a central position in Copenhagen’s music life. Horneman was a fertile and popular composer who after leaving Erslev managed the music publishing house of C.E. Horneman, owned by his son, the composer C.F.E. Horneman, a friend and publisher of Grieg. This had been founded in 1861 and issued a number of periodicals including Musikalske Nyheder (1861–75) and Nordiske Musikblade (1872–75). The firm was sold to Wilhelm Hansen in 1875. Erslev was not only an esteemed composer, but also a respected performer; he co-founded the Students’ Choral Society (which his son-in-law Niels Gade conducted). S.A.E. Hagen was a composer, but is better known for his comprehensive and valuable collections of notes on Danish music history (MS in the Royal Library, Copenhagen).

The number of works published exceeds 1150. Plate numbers were used from 1850. Important music periodicals, edited in sequence by Horneman, Erslev and Hagen, include Musikalsk museum (31 vols., 1847–79; songs and piano music), with numerous first printings of noted compositions, and Album for sang (9 vols., 1867–77; songs), also including original editions of Scandinavian music. A large and important music hire library with excellent printed catalogues (1847, 1850–54, 1856, 1860) survives in the State Library at Århus.


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies

  • Horneman & de Meza 1844
  • Horneman & Erslev 1846
  • Horneman & Erslev (Emil Erslev) 1859
  • Emil Erslev (Horneman & Erslev). 1859
  • Chr. E. Horneman

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
474 Gade Børnenes Jul, Op.36 1865

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