Deborah, HWV 51 (Handel, George Frideric)




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Prelude (Act 1, Scene 5)

For Trumpet and Organ (Rondeau)

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Publisher Info. Michel Rondeau
Misc. Notes These file(s) are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection.
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Sheet Music

Full Scores

PDF scanned by D-Mbs
Ivdruiz (2008/7/14)

Editor Friedrich Chrysander (1826–1901)
Publisher. Info. Georg Friedrich Händels Werke. Band 29
Leipzig: Deutsche Händelgesellschaft, 1869. Plate H.W. 29.
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Vocal Scores


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operalala (2009/9/20)

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Carolus (2010/4/19)

PDF scanned by Google (Harvard)
Carolus (2010/4/19)

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Carolus (2010/4/19)

Arranger Vincent Novello (1781–1861), piano reduction
Language English
Publisher. Info. London: Novello, n.d.(ca.1860)
Reprinted New York: E.F. Kalmus, n.d.(1933-70).K 6871. (#39721)
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PDF scanned by Google / Harvard
Massenetique (2011/11/7)

PDF scanned by Google / Harvard
Massenetique (2011/11/7)

Editor Ebenezer Prout (1835-1909)
Publisher. Info. Songs and Airs by George Frideric Handel, Volume II: For Low Voice.
Boston: Oliver Ditson Company, 1905. Plates ML-1129-8 and ML-1130-2.
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Arrangements and Transcriptions

Prelude (Act 1, Scene 5)

For Trumpet and Organ (Rondeau)

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Arranger Michel Rondeau
Publisher. Info. Michel Rondeau
Misc. Notes These file(s) are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection.
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General Information

Work Title Deborah
Alternative. Title
Name Translations S Oratorium Deborah vom Händel; デボラ
Authorities WorldCat; Wikipedia; VIAF: 179258477; LCCN: no2001032467; GND: 7575322-4; BNF: 13932558x
Composer Handel, George Frideric
Opus/Catalogue NumberOp./Cat. No. HWV 51
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. IGH 154
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 3 acts
  • Act 1
Scene 1: Mount Ephraim (Deborah, Barak, Israelitish Priests, People)
1. Overture
2. Double Chorus: Immortal Lord of earth and skies
3. Recitative: O Barak, favour'd of the skies (Deborah, Barak)
4. Duet: Where do thy ardours raise me? (Barak, Deborah)
5. Chorus: Forbear thy doubts!
6. Recitative: Since Heav'n has thus his will express'd (Barak)
7. Soloists and Chorus: For ever to the voice of pray'r
8. Recitative: By that adorable decree (Deborah)
9. Double Chorus: O hear thy lowly servants' pray'r
10. Recitative: Ye sons of Israel, cease your tears (Deborah)
11. Chorus: O blast, with thy tremendous brow
12. Recitative: To whomsoe'er his fate the tyrant owes
13. Aria: How lovely is the blooming fair (Barak)
Scene 2: Kedesh Napthali
14. Recitative: O Deborah! where'er I turn my eyes (Jael, Deborah)
15. Aria: Choir of angles, all around thee (Deborah)
16. Recitative: My transports are too great to tell (Jael)
17. Aria: To joy he brightens my despair (Jael)
Scene 3: Kedesh (Abinoam, Barak, Israelites)
18. Recitative: Barak, my son, the joyful sound (Abinoam)
19. Aria: Awake the ardour of they breast (Abinoam)
20. Recitative: I go where Heav'n and duty call (Barak)
21. Aria: All danger disdaining, for battle I glow (Barak)
22. Chorus: Let thy deeds be glorious
Scene 4: Mount Tabor (Deborah, Barak, Israelites, Herald)
23. Recitative: My charge is to declare (Herald, Barak, Deborah)
24. Chorus: Despair all around them
25. Chorus: Allelujah!
  • Act 2
Scene: Mount Tabor (Deborah, Barak, Abinoam, Israelites)
26. Chorus: See, the proud chief advances now
27. Recitative: That here rebellious arms I see (Sisera)
28. Aria: At my feet extended low (Sisera)
29. Recitative: Go frown, Barbarian, where thou art fear'd (Deborah)
30. Aria: In Jehovah's awful sight (Deborah)
31. Recitative: Yes, how your God in wonders can excel (Sisera)
32. Aria: Whilst you boast the wondrous story (Sisera)
33. Aira: Impious mortal, cease to brave us (Barak)
34. Recitative: Behold the nations all around (Chief Priest of Baal)
35. Chorus: O Baal, Monarch of the skies (Priests of Baal)
36. Recitative: No more, ye infidels (Chief Priest of the Israelites)
37. Double Chorus: Load of Eternity (Israelites)
38. Chorus: Plead thy just cause
39. Recitative: By his great Name (Deborah, Sisera)
40. Soloists and Double Chorus: All your boast will end in woe
(Deborah, Sisera, Priest of Baal, Baal's Priests, Israelites)
41. Recitative: Great Prophetess, my soul's on fire (Barak)
42. Aria: In the battle, fame pursuing (Barak)
43. Recitative: Thy ardours warm the winter of my age (Abinoam)
44. Aria: Swift inundation of desolation (Abinoam)
45. Recitative: O Judah, with what joy I see (Isrealitish Woman)
46. Aria: No more disconsolate I'll mourn (Israelitish Woman)
47. Recitative: Now, Jael, to thy tent retire (Deborah)
48. Aria: O the pleasure my soul is possessing (Jael)
49. Recitative: Barak, we now to battle go (Deborah)
50. Duet: Smiling freedom, lovely guest (Deborah. Barak)
51. Chorus: The great King of Kings will aid us to-day
  • Act 3
Scene: Kedesh
52. Chorus: Now the proud insulting foe (Israelites)
53. Recitative: The haughty foe whose pride to heav'n did soar (Israelitish Woman)
54. Aria: Now sweetly smiling peace descends (Israelitish Woman)
55. Recitative: My pray'rs are heard (Abinoam, Barak)
56. Aria: Tears, such as tender fathers shed (Abinoam)
57. Recitative: O Deborah, my fears are o'er (Jael)
58. Chorus: Doleful tidings, how ye sound (Priests of Baal)
59. Aria: Our fears are now for ever fled (Isrealitish Woman)
60. Recitative: I saw the tyrant breathless in her tent (Barak, Jael)
61. Aria: Tyrant, now no more we dread thee (Jael)
62. Recitative: If, Jael, I aright divine (Deborah)
63. Aria: The glorious sun shall cease to shed (Deborah)
64. Recitative: May Heav'n with kind profusion (Barak)
65. Low at her feet he bow'd, he fell (Barak)
66. Recitative: O great Jehovah! may thy foes thus perish (Deborah)
67. Double Chorus: Let our songs to heav'n ascend
Chorus: O celebrate his sacred name
Chorus: Allelujah
Year/Date of CompositionY/D of Comp. 1733-02-21 (end date)
First Performance. 1733-03-17 in London: King's Theatre in the Haymarket
Librettist Samuel Humphreys (1698-1738), from 'Judges'
Language English
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Baroque
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation voices, chorus, orchestra
Deborah (soprano)
Barak, commander of the Israelite army (alto-castrato)
Jael (soprano)
Abinoam (bass)
Israelitish Woman (soprano)
Sisera (alto)
Herald (tenor)
Chief Priest of Israelites (bass)
Chief Priest of Baal (bass)
Mixed Chorus (SATB)
priests of baal, priests of the israelites, people and army of israel
2 oboes, 2 bassoons (ripieni), 3 horns (C), 3 trumpets (C)
timpani, violette all'ottava, strings (cello ripieni), continuo (harpsichord, organ)
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