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Founded 1901 by the musicpedagogist Clarence C. Birchard (1866-1946) in Boston. The company concentrated in producing works of an educational nature as well as in new works by American composers like Bloch, Copland, Hanson, Ives and Varèse. Birchard was very interested in American music and even commissioned composers to write works for his school and community series.

The firm continued operation after Birchard's death until 1957, when it was purchased by the Clayton F. Summy Co. of Chicago. The new concern was re-named Summy-Birchard Co. and headquartered in Evanston, Illinois, ultimately relocating to Princeton, New Jersey with another name-change to the Birchtree Music Group. Other companies absorbed by Summy-Birchard include Arthur P. Schmidt (1960) and McLaughlin & Reilly. In 1988 the firm, including its best-known copyright - Happy Birthday to You - was sold to music-industry giant Warner-Chappell.


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • C.C. Birchard & Company (1901-1956)
  • Summy-Birchard Co. (1957-ca.1980)
  • Birchtree Music Group (ca.1980-1988)


  • Boston (1901-1956)
  • Evanston (1957-ca.1980)
  • Princeton (ca.1980-1988)

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
1409 Roussel Psalm 80, Op.37 (vocal score) 1929
1413 Shepherd Horizons 1929
1794 Shepherd Song of the Pilgrims 1937
2003 Shepherd Psalm 42 1950

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