The whole world series cover ca 1919
The whole world series cover ca 1917
Robbins & Appleton Building New York, 1880



D. Appleton & Co. of New York, founded by Daniel Appleton (1785-1849) in 1831 was a general book and magazine publisher. Its greatest successes were betweeen 1850 and 1900. For example, its New American Cyclopædia (1858-1884) was a standard reference work. It also co-founded the educational publisher American Book Company, formed in 1890. The Appleton imprint is still used for medical texts.

From around 1900 to 1920 it issued a series of collections of music scores edited by Albert E. Wier entitled ..the whole world plays (or sings). For instruments there were: Concert violin solos, modern opera selections, modern piano pieces, modern organ pieces, dance music, modern violin pieces, concert piano pieces and children's piano pieces. For voice: Songs the whole world sings, Ballads the whole world sings, Love songs the whole world sings, and Gilbert & Sullivan at home and Songs of the sunny south.


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