Addison & Beale



Founded by Robert Addison and T. Frederick Beale in 1823, the firm operated as music and musical instrument sellers, and publishers. They took over the Bond Street premises of Rutter & McCarthy. They published harp music by W.H. Steil and piano music by John Field. They joined with Johann Baptist Cramer around November 1824, to form J. B. Cramer, Addison & Beale.
After 20 years, Addison left Cramer & Co. about 1844 to start up the firm Addison & Hodson together with Irish composer and publisher George Alexander Hodson, who had moved his business to London c.1835. They succeeded L. Lavenu. From 1848, Addison continued the business alone as Robert Addison and Co., and in 1851 joined with John Hollier (previously of Coventry & Hollier) and began trading as Addison & Hollier.

Imprints, Agencies, Addresses



  • 120 New Bond St. (1823-24)
  • 201 Regent St. (1824; 1844-1851)
  • 47 King Street, Golden Lion Square (c.1844-1851)

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