A Selection of the Most Favourite Scots Songs (Napier, William)

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Arranger François-Hippolyte Barthélémon (1741-1808)
Thomas Carter (ca.1735-1804)
Samuel Arnold (1740-1802)
William Shield (1748-1829)
Publisher. Info. London: William Napier, n.d.[1790].
Misc. Notes Includes list of subscribers and glossary of Scots dialect words.
#469950 - missing leaf of music for The Blathrie o't; Cromlet's Lilt; John Hay's Bonny Lassie.
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Publisher. Info. London: William Napier, n.d.[1790].
Misc. Notes This collection was also published in 3 parts - this is Part 3, from No.54. "Alloa House" to the end. Includes Index and Glossary.
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General Information

Work Title A Selection of the most Favourite Scots Songs
Alternative. Title A Selection of the most Favourite Scots Songs chiefly Pastoral adapted for the Harpsichord with an Accompaniment for a Violin by Eminent Masters
Composer Napier, William
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 79 songs
  1. Shield: The Bush aboon Traquair. Hear me, ye nymphs, and ev'ry swain
  2. Barthélémon: Lochaber. Farewell to Lochaber, and farewell my Jean
  3. Shield: Peggy, I must love thee. As from a rock past all relief
  4. Carter: For Lack of Gold. For lack of gold she's left me, oh!
  5. Shield: Lady Ann Bothwell's Lament. Balow, my babe, lie still and sleep
  6. Shield: I'll never leave thee. One day I heard Mary say
  7. Shield: Gilderoy. Ah! Chloris, could I now but sit
  8. Shield: Tweed Side. What beauties does Flora disclose!
  9. Barthélémon: The Broom of Cowdenknows. How blyth ilk morn was I to see
  10. Barthélémon: Auld lang syne. Should auld acquaintance be forgot [N.B. this is not the familiar tune]
  11. Barthélémon: The Boatman. Ye gales that gently wave the sea
  12. Barthélémon: Johny Fa'. The gypsies came to our lord's gate
  13. Barthélémon: The Banks of Forth. Awake, my love, with genial ray
  14. Barthélémon: I wish my love were in a mire. Blest as th'immortal gods is he
  15. Arnold: Gil Morice. Gil Morice was an earlès son
  16. Barthélémon: Logan Water. For ever, fortune, wilt thou prove
  17. Barthélémon: Galashiells. Ah! the poor shepherd's mournful fate
  18. Carter: The Lass of Patie's Mill
  19. Arnold: Auld Rob Morris. There's Auld Rob Morris that wins in yon glen
  20. Barthélémon: The Braes of Yarrow. Busk ye, busk ye, my bonny bonny bride
  21. Arnold: Oh! open the door, Lord Gregory
  22. Shield: Down the Burn Davie. When trees did bud, and fields were green
  23. Barthélémon: Bonny Dundee. O whar did ye get that hauver-meal bannock?
  24. Barthélémon: Nancy's to the green wood gane
  25. Barthélémon: Twine weel the plaiden. Oh! I hae lost my silken snood
  26. Barthélémon: Here awa', Willie. Here awa', there awa', here awa', Willie
  27. Arnold: Tak' your auld cloak about ye. In winter when the rain rain'd cauld
  28. Arnold: My Apron Dearie. My sheep I've forsaken and left my sheep hook
  29. Barthélémon: Bonny Jean. Love's goddess in a myrtle grove
  30. Arnold: Pinkie House. By Pinkie House oft let me walk
  31. Barthélémon: Tarry Woo'. Tarry woo' is ill to spin
  32. Shield: Roslin Castle. 'Twas in that season of the year
  33. Arnold: An' thou were my ain thing
  34. Arnold: She rose and let me in. The night her silent sable wore
  35. Barthélémon: Bonny Bessy. Bessy's beauties shine sae bright
  36. Barthélémon: Allan Water. What numbers shall the muse repeat?
  37. Barthélémon: There's my Thumb. My sweetest May, let love incline thee
  38. Shield: Through the Wood, Laddie. O Sandy, why leaves thou thy Nelly to mourn?
  39. Carter: The Siller Crown. And ye sall walk in silk attire
  40. Carter: The Gaberlunzie Man. The pawky auld carle came o'er the lee
  41. Shield: Braes of Ballenden. Beneath a green shade, a lovely young swain
  42. Carter: Johnny's Gray Breeks. When I was in my se'enteenth year
  43. Barthélémon: Woe's my Heart. With broken words and down-cast eyes
  44. Carter: McPherson's Farewel. Farewel, ye dungeons dark and strong
  45. Carter: Polwart on the Green. At Polwart on the green, if you'll meet me in the morn
  46. Barthélémon: The Birks of Invermay. The smiling morn, the breathing Spring
  47. Barthélémon: Mary Scott. Happy's the love that meets return
  48. Barthélémon: The Blathrie o't. When I think on this warld's pelf
  49. Barthélémon: Cromlet's Lilt. Since all thy vows, false maid
  50. Barthélémon: John Hay's Bonny Lassie. By smooth-winding Tay a swain was reclining
  51. Carter: Hap me with thy petticoat. O Bell, thy looks have pierc'd my heart
  52. Arnold: Kath'rine Ogie. As walking forth to view the plain
  53. Barthélémon: Lewie Gordon. Oh! send Lewie Gordon hame
  54. Barthélémon: Alloa House. The spring time returns and clothes the green plains
  55. Barthélémon: The last time I came o'er the moor
  56. Carter: The Flowers of the Forest. I've heard a lilting at the ewes' milking
  57. Carter: Love is the cause of my mourning. By a murmuring stream a fair shepherdess lay
  58. Carter: Sae merry as we hae been. A lass that was laden with care
  59. Barthélémon: When absent from the nymph I love
  60. Carter: O Waly, Waly. O waly, waly up the bank
  61. Carter: The Ewe Bughts. Will you go to the ewe bughts, Marian
  62. Carter: Ay waking oh! waking ay and wearie
  63. Shield: De'il tak' the Wars. Fy on the wars that hurried Willy from me
  64. Carter: Auld Robin Gray. When the sheep are in the fauld, and the kye at hame
  65. Carter: Low Down in the Broom. My daddy is a canker'd carle
  66. Barthélémon: Fair Helen. I wish I were where Helen lies
  67. Carter: The Yellow-Hair'd Laddie. In April, when primroses paint the sweet plain
  68. Carter: My Deary, if you die. Love never more shall give me pain
  69. Arnold: Bess the Gawkie. Blyth young Bess to Jean did say
  70. Barthélémon: Leander on the Bay
  71. Carter: Dumbarton's Drums. Dumbarton's drums beat bonny—O
  72. Carter: The Collier's Bonny Lassie. The collier has a daughter
  73. Carter: Corn Riggs. My Patie is a lover gay
  74. Carter: O Laddie I maun lo'e thee
  75. Carter: The Bonnie Earl of Murray. Ye hielands and ye lawlands
  76. Carter: Etrick Banks. On Etrick Banks, in a summer's night
  77. Barthélémon: The Highland Laddie. The lawland lads think they are fine
  78. Shield: O dear Mother, what shall I do? O dear Peggy, love's beguiling
  79. Carter: There came a ghaist to Marg'ret's door
First Publication. 1790
Librettist various (unattributed)
5, 56, 75. from Pinkerton's Select Scottish Ballads
15. from Percy's Reliques of Ancient Poetry
Language English; Scots dialect
Dedication Duchess of Gordon
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Classical
Piece Style Classical
Instrumentation voice, violin, keyboard (incl. continuo figures)
Related Works A Selection of Original Scots Songs (1792, 1795), arranged by Joseph Haydn, forming Vols.2-3 of this set.
Extra Information Prefaced by A Dissertation on the Scottish Music - attributed to William Tytler.
Librettists not given