12 English Ballads, Hob.XXVIa:Anh.a 2 (Haydn, Joseph)

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Arranger Samuel Arnold (1740-1802)
Publisher. Info. London: Longman & Broderip, n.d.(ca.1787).
Misc. Notes Nanki Ongaku Bunko (J-Tn): RISM A/I: H 4061
The beautifull simplicity of the following melodies are so truly Vocal, that the Editor could not resist the Impulse of adapting them to English Words, trusting, as they have been so universally admired in the Authors Sonatas &c. They would not be the less acceptable, when joined to elegant Poetry.
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General Information

Work Title 12 English Ballads
Alternative. Title Twelve English Ballads
Composer Haydn, Joseph
Opus/Catalogue NumberOp./Cat. No. Hob.XXVIa:a2 ; RISM A/I: H 4061
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Key see below
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 12 ballads
  1. Life: an Ode (G major) - arranged from Keyboard Sonata in G major, Hob.XVI:39, Allegro
  2. Elegy (E major) - from String Quartet in E major major, Hob.III:38, Largo
  3. To Solitude (D major) - from String Quartet in D major, Hob.III:42, Finale Allegretto
  4. Colin and Lucy (B major) - from Duet in B major, Hob.VI:3, Andante
  5. Elegy (B major) - from Divertimento in C major, Hob.II:11, (4) Tema Moderato
  6. Prayer for Indifference (G major) - from String Quartet in G major, Hob.III:41, Finale Allegretto
  7. Sappho (G major) - from String Quartet in B major, Hob.III:B1, Scherzando
  8. The Winter's Walk (C major) - from Keyboard Sonata in D major, Hob.XVI:24, Finale Presto
  9. Invitation to the Feathered Race (A major) - from Keyboard Sonata in C major, Hob.XVI:35, Allegro con brio
  10. Morning: a pastoral (A major) - from Symphony in D major, Hob.I:53, Andante
  11. Absence: a pastoral (G major) - from Keyboard Sonata in D major, Hob.XVI:37, Finale Presto
  12. Palemon: a pastoral (G major) - from Keyboard Trio in F major, Hob.XV:6, Menuetto
Librettist see below
1. John Hawkesworth (1715-1773)
2, 5. James Hammond (1710-1742)
3. Mary Whately (1738-1825)
4. Thomas Tickell (1685-1740)
6. Frances Greville (1724-1789)
7. Tobias Smollett (1721-1771)
8. Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)
9. Richard Graves (1715-1804)
10. John Cunningham (1729-1773)
11. Philip Parsons (1729-1812)
12. Frances Brooke (1724-1789)
Language English
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Classical
Piece Style Classical
Instrumentation voice, harpsichord/piano
Extra Information These are arrangements from Haydn's instrumental works.

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Songs with Keyboard by Joseph Haydn (Hob. XXV-XXVI)
Hob. XXVa (2 Voices and Keyboard)
  • Beim Schmerz der dieses Herz durchwühlt, Hob.XXVIa:37
  • Der schlaue Pudel, Hob.XXVIa:38
  • Trachten will ich nicht auf Erden, Hob.XXVIa:39
  • Der Feldzug, Hob.XXVIa:40
  • Als einst mit Weibes Schönheit, Hob.XXVIa:44
  • Vergiß mein nicht, Hob.XXVIa:46
  • Bald wehen uns des Frühlings Lüfte, Hob.XXVIa:47
  • Ich liebe, du liebest, er liebet, Hob.XXVIa:48a
  • Dürre, Staub, vermorschte Knochen, Hob.XXVIa:48b
  • Sag'n allweil vom Staatsleb'n, Hob.XXVIa:48c
  • Kein besseres Leben ist ja auf der Welt, Hob.XXVIa:48d
XXVb (3 Voices and Keyboard)
  • An den Vetter, Hob.XXVb:1
  • Daphnens einziger Fehler, Hob.XXVb:2
  • Betrachtung des Todes, Hob.XXVb:3
  • An die Frauen, Hob.XXVb:4
XXVc (4 Voices and Keyboard)
  • Der Augenblick, Hob.XXVc:1
  • Alles hat seine Zeit, Hob.XXVc:3
  • Die Beredsamkeit, Hob.XXVc:4
  • Der Greis, Hob.XXVc:5
  • Die Warnung, Hob.XXVc:6
  • Wider den Übermut, Hob.XXVc:7
XXVIa (Voice and Keyboard)
XXVIb (Cantatas)
  • Deutschlands Klage auf den Tod des grossen Friedrichs Borussens König, Hob.XXVIb:1
  • Dr. Har(r)ingtons Compliment, Hob.XXVIb:3
  • Lines from the battle of the Nile, Hob.XXVIb:4