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I was born and raised in Sardinia (Italy). Currently I am living in Edinburgh (UK). contact email:


My main research interest is the musical production for the soloist tenor voice from the early 17th century to the first half of 19th century.

My contributions to IMSLP are usually transcriptions of:  

1) tenor pieces from 17th century books (Biandra, Caccini, Marini, Monteverdi, Peri), 17th century operas (Cavalli, Cesti), 18th century operas (Hasse, Handel, Keiser, Vinci)

2) other voices pieces from 17th century books (Frescobaldi, Marini, Monteverdi), 17th century operas (Cavalli), 18th century operas (Vivaldi)

3) choral pieces from 14th century to 16th century (Cancioneros, Desprez)


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