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Ross Boyle

British pianist, who has been playing for 9 years.
I am accompanied with an avid interest in Victorian/Edwardian/1930s music hall songs.
My specific interest is society entertainer songs (entertainers at the piano).
Special thanks to User:Phillip21 for fixing my scores at the beginning
and guiding me on how to upload files.

If I have personal original copies, then I usually scan them at TIFF quality if they are individual songs.
I scan JPG if they are albums, due to the length of time it takes for scanning at 1200 DPI.
I then take these pictures or third party scans into PaperPort, where I convert them to Black and White to regenerate the scores. I then put these into Paint.
I then crop out, and remove any blouches, marks, stains and anything other than the score and the composer's signature if applicable. Paperport then makes the final PDF.
It's not the easiest nor quickest, but it's satisfying and fulfilling when it's done.

I compile many old songs into Sibelius, whether that be quality issues with scans or any other problem. It says Creative Commons 4.
You are more than welcome to use those scores as you like (composer's copyright still applies if applicable).
Just a little footnote or credit to me would be great.
They aren't the quickest or easiest thing to make.
I'll be forever grateful that someone is using them.
Thank you so much.