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The IMSLP star is hereby presented to you as a sign of gratitude for your excellent scans and other fantastic work! (not least among which awarding IMSLP stars to others ;-)


Make good scans or don't scan. Most of mine are print quality 600dpi monochrome, CCITT compression by Acrobat.

This user uses
GNU LilyPond.



  • Mozart Symphonies arranged for piano4h, Peters
  • last words from haydn neue ausgabe in full score
  • chopin scholtz editions if still needed

Quality rating

I'm using this rating scale for scans:

  • 0-3: not even decently readable on screen
  • 4-6: screen quality but not printable
  • >7: printable quality ( > 300 dpi)
    • ideally 9-10 = 600 dpi, well-tuned monotone or grayscale balance, horizontally aligned, all borders and artifacts removed...


Tags requiring attention

Category:User message templates


  • Make communication guidelines and templates for all sorts of messages (e.g. new composer, copyrighted reprint logos not removed, ...)
  • document all publisher's characteristics (lay-out)
  • Join Edition Peters/Plate Numbers with Edition Peters/Edition Numbers since they are sortable. See WP for possible solutions

° een blad met contactgegevens van de crew en de permissies van de verschillende groepen


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