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The IMSLP star is hereby presented to you as a sign of gratitude for your excellent scans and other fantastic work! (not least among which awarding IMSLP stars to others ;-)


Make good scans or don't scan. Most of mine are print quality 600dpi monochrome, CCITT compression by Acrobat.

  1. #00862 Valse No.1 Op.83 (Durand, Marie-Auguste)
  2. #00863 Valse No.3 Op.88 (Durand, Marie-Auguste)
  3. #00864 Valse No.2 Op.86 (Durand, Marie-Auguste)
  4. #00865 Valse No.6 Op.96 (Durand, Marie-Auguste)
  5. #00866 Valse No.5 Op.91 (Durand, Marie-Auguste)
  6. #00867 Valse No.4 Op.90 (Durand, Marie-Auguste)
  7. #00877 Piano Sonata (Grieg, Edvard)
  8. #01108 Frühlingsrauschen (Sinding, Christian)
  9. #01111 Nocturne (De Boeck, Auguste)
  10. #01114 La Chasse (Dussek, Jan Ladislav)
  11. #01115 Fantasy No.3 K.397 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)
  12. #01116 Variations WoO 76 on "Tändeln und Scherzen" (Beethoven, Ludwig van)
  13. #01713 Aragonaise from Le Cid (Massenet, Jules)
  14. #01973 Olav Trygvason (Grieg, Edvard) Piano transcr
  15. #01976 Symphony No.8, D.759 (Schubert, Franz) Piano Transcr
  16. #02007 Piano Concerto No.21 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus) Piano transcr
  17. #02030 Sonata for Piano Four-Hands in D K.381 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)
  18. #02031 Sonata for Piano Four-Hands in Bes K.358 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)
  19. #02038 Sonata for Piano Four-Hands in F K.497 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)
  20. #02057 Sonata for Piano Four-Hands in C K.521 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)
  21. #02204 Old Masters for young Players - Viola and Piano (Palaschko, Johannes)
  22. #02347 Fantasies for piano four-hands (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus) No.1
  23. #02348 Fantasies for piano four-hands (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus) No.2
  24. #04424 Trois Etudes de Concert, S.144 (Liszt, Franz)
  25. #15784 Sonatas for Viola da Gamba and Clavier, BWV 1027-1029 (Bach, Johann Sebastian) - violoncello transcr.
  26. #16320 Bagatela 'With Nosegay in Hand' (Suk, Josef)
  27. #16508 15 Etudes for Viola, Op.116 (Sitt, Hans)
  28. #16634 Sonata for Viola (Graun, Karl Heinrich)
  29. #16636 Gamba Sonata No.1 in D major (Hammer, Xaver)
  30. #16638 Gamba Sonata No.2 in D major (Hammer, Xaver)
  31. #16640 Gamba Sonata No.3 in G major (Hammer, Xaver)
  32. #16642 Gamba Sonata No.4 in G major (Hammer, Xaver)
  33. #16644 Viola Concerto in D major, Op.1 (Stamitz, Carl Philipp)
  34. #19175 Violin Sonatas (Mozart)
  35. #19667 Piano Sonata No.1, Op.2/1 (Beethoven, Ludwig van)
  36. #20017 Fugue in G minor for Piano Four-Hands, K.401 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)
  37. #20018 Andante and Variations in G major, K.501 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)
  38. #22400 Suites for Violoncello Solo, BWV 1007-1012 (Bach, Johann Sebastian) - viola transcr.
  39. #24850 Viola Sonata (Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovich)
  40. #26872 12 Etudes for Viola (Hoffmeister, Franz Anton)
  41. #26878 Papillon, Op.77 (Fauré, Gabriel)
  42. #608814 Violin Sonata in G major, B.G19 (Tartini, Giuseppe)
  43. #608931 3 Cello Sonatas, Op.43 (Romberg, Bernhard)
  44. #609503 Violin Concerto in E major, BWV 1042 (Bach, Johann Sebastian)
  45. #609505 Violin Concerto in D major, Op.61 (Beethoven, Ludwig van)
  46. #609607 6 Cello Sonatas, Livre 3 (Barrière, Jean-Baptiste)
  47. #609632 Orchesterstudien aus den symphonischen Werken (Strauss, Richard)
  48. #609641 Concertino (Kummer, Friedrich August)
  49. #610048 Cello Concerto in C minor, RV 401 (Vivaldi, Antonio)
  50. #610342 12 Caprices for Cello, Op.7 (Franchomme, Auguste)
  51. #610356 6 Cello Sonatas, Op.1 (Marcello, Benedetto)
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