I use capella music software, which works fine for me. I don't use Lilypond, Sibelius or Finale.

In about 5 years I have contributed to IMSLP over 1200 files and over 100 different works - the largest proportion of all these by Edward Elgar.

I have contributed about 6 new composers, including my great-grandfather Harry Drew, and Colin McAlpin.

I have made arrangements of works for orchestra, wind band, chamber groups, orchestrations for choirs and singers. If you try this yourself, remember this, because it happens every time: when you think you've finished, you've only just started, because 99.99% right is failure.

I have four clever grandchildren: including one who played the viola nicely at 11 months, before she could walk. She will have lessons when she is 3.

The IMSLP star is hereby awarded to you for your outstanding contributions to the catalog of music by Edward Elgar!
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Among my contributions are the introduction of the following works by Edward Elgar. These are vastly outnumbered by the number of editions and arrangements (including my own) of Elgar's works.

  1. Allegretto on G-E-D-G-E
  2. Always and Everywhere
  3. Angelus
  4. Arabian Serenade
  5. As I laye a-Thynkynge
  6. Big Steamers
  7. The Birthright
  8. The Black Knight, Op.25
  9. The Brook
  10. Caractacus,Op.35 (Triumphal March)
  11. Carillon, Op.75
  12. Carissima
  13. A Child Asleep
  14. A Christmas Greeting, Op.52
  15. Civic Fanfare
  16. Come, Gentle Night!
  17. Coronation Ode, Op.44
  18. Credo
  19. The Crown of India Suite
  20. Drakes Broughton
  21. Le drapeau belge
  22. Etudes caractéristiques for Violin solo, Op.24
  23. Fear not, O land
  24. Fight for Right
  25. Follow the Colours
  26. For Dot's Nuns
  27. The Fringes of the Fleet
  28. Froissart, Op.19
  29. From the Bavarian Highlands, Op.27
  30. Fugue in D minor for Oboe and Violin
  31. Gloria
  32. Harmony Music No.6
  33. Harmony Music No.7
  34. I Sing the Birth
  35. In Smyrna
  36. In the South, Op.50
  37. Inside the Bar
  38. It Isnae Me
  39. The Language of Flowers
  40. 4 Litanies B. V. M.
  41. Lo, Christ the Lord is Born
  42. Love Alone Will Stay
  43. Memorial Chimes
  44. The Merry-go-round
  45. Mina
  46. Minuet
  47. Now with the fast-departing light
  48. The Pageant of Empire
  49. Peckham March
  50. Queen Alexandra's Memorial Ode
  51. The Rapid Stream
  52. Reminiscences
  53. The Reveille
  54. Romance, Op.62
  55. Rosemary
  56. Roundel
  57. The Self Banished
  58. A Song of Flight
  59. Oh, Soft was the Song, Op.59
  60. Was it Some Golden Star, Op.59
  61. The Torch, Op.60
  62. The River, Op. 60
  63. Spanish Serenade, Op.23
  64. Speak, my Heart!
  65. The Starlight Express, Op.78
  66. Study for Strengthening the Third Finger for Solo Violin
  67. The Wanderer
  68. When Swallows Fly
  69. Windlass Song
  70. With Proud Thanksgiving
  71. The Woodland Stream