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Publication and editorial history of The Wooden Prince

Publication and editorial history of The Wooden Prince

Obtaining and cleaning scores/parts from NYPO Archives

Obtaining scores from NYPO Archive

List of missing parts

Composer Piece Missing parts
Bartok 4 Pieces, Op.12 Glockenspiel, piano
Coleridge-Taylor Hiawatha's Departure, Op.30 No.4 Strings
Grainger Children's March Bass Oboe, English Horn [replacing Bass Oboe], Bass Saxophone, Contrabass Sarrusophone, String Bass, Piano
Respighi Sinfonia Drammatica Piccolo
Stravinsky Rite of Spring Antique cymbals (crotales), guiro
Brahms/Schoenberg Piano Quartet No. 1, op. 25 (orchestration) Piccolo, flute 2, oboe 2, English horn, bassoon 2, horns 1+3+4, trumpet 2+3, trombone 2, tuba, all percussion
Rimsky-Korsakov Tale of Tsar Saltan (opera) piccolo, strings
Rimsky-Korsakov Sadko, Op.5 first version violin I
Schmitt Musiques de plein air, Op.44 basses (last pages)
Schmitt Le palais hanté, Op.49 harp