The Basics

I'm that guy who stans people you've probably never heard of or people who aren't that popular and "hates" overrated composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Liszt, etc. I also write music (see my profile above), although my composition ability exceeds my actual ability to play the piano, my main instrument. Also when I say hate overrated composers/composers literally everyone has heard of regardless if they are a fan of instrumental music or not, I don't literally mean I hate them. In fact they influence my music a lot. It's just I've had these composers shoved down my throat so much that I have grown to dislike them. This is also why I am such an advocate for underrated composers. There's plenty of good music out there and I think it's silly to limit it to just a small group of composers, especially since there are composers out there who have done things even more spectacular than them. Like, if someone wants to limit their musical palette to overrated composers, then that's their business. But it's when those exact people try to tell me that no one else can pull off what other composers can pull of outside of their musical palette that pisses me off (excuse my French).

Ever since I was 3, I have always been mesmerized by music. Besides instrumental music, I am a huge fan of many other genres of music such as pop, rap, R&B, etc. My dream is to become a concert pianist and teach piano. I want to be the second coming of Charles Czerny, who is said to be the father of the pianoforte (and he's also one of my top 3 fave composers). I want to go to the Curtis institute of Music and further my skills as a pianist and a composer, although I am told that it is very hard to make it there so wish me luck if you will! The first instrument I played was actually the saxophone, and I started playing it at age 9. When I was 10 I started learning piano, and I went from Level 1 to Level 5 in a year and a half (ABRSM grade level). I quit the saxophone sometime around age 13 in favor of piano because I connected better to it and I felt it was a much more expressive and expansive instrument than saxophone (although this is a given). I really can't describe the connection I feel with my piano; it's honestly surreal - too surreal.

As for my composition style, it is very Romantic in the sense that it is music you would expect from the Romantic time period. I mostly consider myself Neo-Romantic just as other composers have considered themselves Neo-Classical for example.

Current Projects

- Transcribing Ferdinand Praeger's piano music.
- Reaching concert level as a pianist.
- Editing my more important works like my sonatas and publishing them, however as I am not at the level to sit down at a piano and play my music easily, this can't happen until I complete the above project.
- Going to Curtis Institute of Music.
- Performing and making recordings of Anton Rubinstein's chamber music as well as other underrated chamber works. This also applies to piano music I'm interested in.
- Transcribing Stohr Richard's piano music.
- Making my own editions of Handel's 8 Great Suites.
- Finishing my piano sonatas and other works.
- Achieving worldwide fame and success as a concert pianist.
- Transcribing more pieces and making more midis of scores

Composers I stan

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Carl Czerny.

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Gabriel Fauré.

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Anton Rubinstein.

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George Frideric Handel.

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J.S. Bach.

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Franz Schubert.

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Frédéric Chopin.

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My Opus Catalogue

I realize I could get someone to play my music for me, but my pride just won't allow another pianist to play my works (my more important works anyway) when I can't play them. The only exception would be my works for other instruments (i.e: my string pieces and I'll be allowing my symphonies to be performed as well). Although I won't be publishing all of my works anytime soon, below is a list of my opus, including the movements, what keys they're in and the dedicatee. If the work doesn't say (FINISHED, BUT NEEDS EDITING) next to it, then it isn't completely written yet. Also this isn't an extensive list; I'll probably come back and edit this and add more stuff so what you see is what you get. I will most likely publish my piano works and any pieces I write that include piano (besides solo piano works, this applies to, i.e: piano trios, quartets, concertos, etc.) when I have completed my Op. 1 and I have acquired the technique to play my pieces.

Op. 1:
Piano Sonata No. 1 in C Sharp Minor
I. Sonata: Adagio Molto Pathetico - Allegro.
II. Scherzo: Presto Fuocoso ed Energico (G Sharp Minor). Trio: ?
III. Air with 9 Variations: Adagio Quasi Andante (E Major)
IV. Minuet: Vivace Assai. (A Flat Major) V: Intermezzo: Allegretto. (F Sharp Minor) - attacca > VI: 3 Part Finale: Toccatina: Vivo Molto Agitato - attacca > Prelude: Gravisssimo (D Flat Major). - attacca > Fuga a 4 voci: Allegro Assai.

Dedicatee: Noah Ponce.

Piano Sonata No. 2 in B Minor (FINISHED, BUT NEEDS EDITING)
I. Allegro Fuocoso (B Minor)
II. Scherzo: Vivace (B Minor). Trio: Non troppo Sostenuto (G Major).
III. Adagio w/ 6 Variations (D Major)
- Var I. Poco Moto
- Var II. Piu Andante ma non troppo moto.
- Var III. Allegretto
- Var IV. Allegro ma non troppo. (D Minor)
- Var V. Andantino. (F Major)
- Var VI. Presto.
IV. Finale: Allegrissimo di Molto e con Espressione Possible.

Dedicatee: Elliot James Thomas Moore.

Piano Sonata No. 3 in F Sharp Minor 'Grand Elegie.' (FINISHED, BUT NEEDS EDITING)

I. Allegro Molto Moderato con Appassionata.
II. Andante. (A Major)
III. Funeral Waltz: Allegretto di Valse.
IV. Finale: Allegro Molto e con Brio - Presto.

Dedicatee: Prince Rogers Nelson.

Op. 2

Piano Sonata No. 4 in G Sharp Minor 'Celeste.' (FINISHED, BUT NEEDS EDITING)

I. Moderato Mosso - Allegro con Moto - Tempo I - Allegro con Assai Moto - Piu Allegro.
II. Romanza: Andante Quasi Adagio. (E Flat Major)
III. Scherzo: Allegro Vivace. (C Sharp Minor) Trio: Molto Tenuto con Assai Dolciss. (D Flat Major)
IV: Introduzione: Grave Assai. Finale alla Toccata: Vivissimo Pathetico ed Agitatizione.

Dedicatee: To the daughter I'll never have.

Piano Sonata No. 5 in E Flat Minor 'Tristemente' (FINISHED BUT NEEDS EDITING)

I. Introduzione: Adagio Mesto. Sonata: Allegrissimo con Anima - Un Poco Piu Lento - Tempo I - Poco Piu Lento
II. Scherzo: Vivace Leggiero (B Flat Minor). Trio: Moderato Assai (B Flat Major)
III. Sarabande: Quasi Andante - Piu Mosso - Tempo I (G Flat Major; ends in F Sharp Minor)
IV. Finale: Adagio con Variazioni
Thema: as implied above, it is at a Adagio tempo.
Var I: Tempo del Thema
Var II: Tempo del Thema.
Var III: Doppio Meno Movimento
Var IV: Allegretto Poco Piu Mosso al Tempo del Thema.
Var V: Doppio Meno Movimento.
Var VI: Tempo del Thema - Allegro Risoluto - Molto Mosso

Dedicatee: To my future wife, wherever she may be.

Op. 3:

Piano Sonata No. 6 in E Minor: (FINISHED, BUT NEEDS EDITING)

I. Sonata: Allegro Mesto.
II. Scherzo: Allegretto Brilliante e con Espressione. (A Minor). Trio: L'Stesso Tempo. (A Major)
III. Adagio: Maestoso (C Major).
IV. Rondo: Allegro ma non troppo. - Presto Tempestuoso.

Dedicatee: Gabriel Faure.
Op. 4:
Piano Sonata No. 7 in D Minor:
I. Sonata: Allegro non troppo, ma agitato.
II. Courante: Allegro Vivo (G Minor). Trio: Sostenuto. (D Major)
III. Andante: Pathetico e Con Moto (A Major)
IV. Rondo: ?

Dedicatee: Undecided.

Op. 5

Piano Sonata No. 8 in A Minor. (FINISHED, BUT NEEDS EDITING)

I. Allegro Moderato ma con Moto.
II. Tarantella: Allegro Agitato ed Energico (E Minor). Trio: Meno Mosso (C Major).
III. Andante: Tranquilo (F Major).
IV. Finale: Allegro Animato e con Fuoco ed Appassionato. - Giojoso. - Tempo I - Stretto. - Presto con Brio.

Dedicatee: Johann Sebastian Bach, probably.

Op. 6:

Piano Sonata No. 9 in C Minor

I. Sonata: Allegro Molto Agitato.
II. Quasi Marcia: Andante con Moto. (G Major)
III. Scherzo: Vivace Assai Quasi Presto (F Minor). Trio: Larghetto Cantado (D Flat Major)
IV. Gavotte: Allegro Vivace

Dedicatee: Undecided.

Op. 7

Piano Sonata No. 10 in G Minor

I. Sonata: Allegrissimo Agitato ed Energico
II. Andante: Con Duolo (E Minor)
III. Scherzo: Allegro Molto (D Minor)
IV. Rondo Grandioso:

Dedicatee: Edward James Simmons (my grandfather who I barely got to know. Hurts to this day :// )

Op. 8
Piano Sonata No. 11 in B Flat Minor

I. Sonata: Allegro di Molto e con Appasionato.
II. Scherzo: Allegretto con Spirito. (F Sharp Minor) Trio: Andante Assai (D Minor)
III. Adagietto: Con Espressivo (D Flat Major)
IV. Minuet: Presto Assai Energico (E Flat Minor). Trio: Lento (F Sharp Major)
V. Rondo: ?

Dedicatee: Michael Staff (my piano teacher; check him out on Youtube sometime ;) Also his webpage).
Op. 9
Piano Sonata No. 12 in F Minor.

I. Sonata: ?
II. Polonaise: ? (C Minor)
III. Allegretto Quasi Andantino: Con Gran Spiritoso (E Major)
IV. Finale: ?

Dedicatee: Jason Todd.

Op. 10

Piano Sonata No. 13 in E Flat. "La Maschio"

I. Sonata: Allegro Vigoroso e Brilliante.
II. ?
III. ?
IV. ?


Op. 11
Piano Sonata No. 14 in G
I. ?
II. ?
III. ?
IV. ?

Dedicatee: Undecided; possibly Pytor Illych Tchaikovsky.

Piano Sonata No. 15 in D

I. ?
II. ?
III. ?
IV. ?

Dedicatee: Undecided; possibly Anton Rubinstein but most likely to be Richard Wagner..

Op. 12:

Grand Album of 24 Preludes and Fugues

No. 1: C Major
- Prelude: Andante Molto Moderato
- 4 voice Fugue: Allegro Energico.
No. 2: C Minor
- Prelude: Adagietto
- Fugue: ?
No. 3: D Flat Major
- Prelude: Allegretto alla Gallop.
- Fugue: ?
No. 4: C Sharp Minor
- Prelude: Allegro ma non troppo.
- ? voice (as I've only written the subject, I don't know how many voices it'll be yet. I still need to learn fugue form *laughs nervously). Fugue: Allegro Molto.i
No. 5: D Major
- Prelude: Adagio Giojoso.
- ? Fugue: Allegretto con Moto.
No. 6: D Minor
- Prelude:
- Fugue:
No 7: E Flat Major
- Prelude: ?
- Fugue: ?
No. 8: E Flat Minor
- Prelude: ?
- Fugue: ?
No. 9: E Minor
- Prelude: Andante Cantando.
- 3 voice fugue: Moderato con Moto.

As I'm still trying to learn counterpoint, I'm going to stop at No. 9 for now. I'll come back and edit later as I'll probably be coming back to edit my opus catalogue often anyway :p
Op. 13:

24 Modern Suites

Suite No. 1 in C
I. Prelude: Moderatissimo
II. Scherzo: Allegrissimo
III. Sarabande: Andantino.
IV. Valse: Allegretto Molto Vivo
V. Tocatta: Vivace Assai

Dedicatee: Undecided. Same deal with Op. 12; not gonna add much here since there's still much I need to learn.

Op. 14:

Variations on a Theme by Rachmaninoff (from his Nocturne in F Sharp Minor, Op. posth) (FINISHED, BUT NEEDS EDITING)
Theme: Andante Cantabile
Var I: L'Stesso Tempo.
Var II: Allegro Energico
Var III: Andantino (A Major).
Var IV: Tempo di Polonaise, con Brio (A Minor)
Var V: Allegretto Appassionato
Var VI: Allegrissimo con Fuoco
Var VII: Andante Pastorale (D Major
Var VIII: Vivo Agitato. (D Minor)
Var IX: Sostenuto Assai. (F Sharp Major)
Var X: Allegro ma non troppo.
Var XI: Andante Giojoso e con Moto. (B Major)
Var XII: Allegro Molto Moderato (B Minor)
Var XIII: Vivace Scherzando. (E Flat Major)
Var XIV: Moderato con Moto (E Flat Minor)
Var XV: Recitativo - Allegro. (Atonal, then returns to the tonic for the Allegro, which is the actual variation :p the recitativo is more of an introduzione here)
Var XVI: Adagio Tranquilo. (B Flat Major)
Var XVII: Allegro Molto Maestoso. (B Flat Minor)
Var XVIII: Grave. (C Sharp Minor)
Finale: Allegro Vivace - Presto Fuocoso. (F Sharp Minor)

Op. 15;
Piano Sonata No. 16 in C

I. Sonata: ?

Dedicatee: Carl Czerny for sure.

Op. 16:

Piano Sonata No. 17 in A Flat Major

Op. 17:

String Capriccio in A Minor No. 1 - Allegro Molto Maestoso

Op. 18:

Fantasia (in F Sharp Minor). This piece is a free form sonata much like the Wanderer Fantasy in C by Schubert or the Fantasia Op.77 in E Minor by Rubinstein. It is divided into 4 sections

I. Adagio Dolente - Allegro Agitato e con Fuoco. attacca
II. Andante Molto Maestoso (C Sharp Minor). attacca
III. Scherzo: ? (D Major) attacca.
IV. Gigue: ?

Dedicatee: Probably Schubert.

Don't take the format for my Fantasia to heart as this is most likely not going to be how the final product looks, as I've just started working on it (yesterday; 6/1/17), but it should give you an idea of what it'll be like in the end.

Op. 19: Symphony No. 1 in E Minor

I. Allegro con Moto
II. Adagio con Variazioni (G Major)
III. Scherzo: ? (B Minor)
IV. Introduzione: ? (E Major). Finale: ? (E Minor)

Op. 20: A Piano Trio; haven't worked out the details yet. It may also end up being a set of trios.
Op. 21: 3 Nocturnes

Nocturne I: Moderato con Moto. (F Sharp Major) Dedicatee: Peggy Trotman
Nocturne II: Lento (F Minor) Dedicatee: Edward Todd (FINISHED BUT NEEDS EDITING)
Nocturne III: Andante Poco Moto (B Minor) Dedicatee: Gabriel Urbain Faure.

Op 22: A set of String Quartets. Same deal with Op. 17.

String Quartet No. 1 in B Minor I. Allegro Molto Agitato (B Minor) II. Adagio. (Ab Major) III. Scherzo ?. IV: Rondo: ?. (B Minor)

Op. 23: A set of String Trios; same deal as Op. 19.

Op. 24: Piano Concerto No. 1 in F# Minor.

Op. 25: Dance Fantasie in Bb: Allegro con Spirito.

Op. 26: A set of piano intermezzi.

Op. 27: 6 Salon Pieces

Op. 28: 3 Ballades:
Ballade No. 1 in B Minor: Allegro Moderato. Dedicatee: Xaver Scharwenka.

Op. 29: My first piano quartet, or quartets if I feel like making a set out of it.

Op. 30: 3 Saxophone Sonatas (with a piano accompaniment)

I. G Minor
II. ?
III. ?

Op. 31: 3 Solo Violin Sonatas.

Op. 32: Theme and Variations No. 1 (No. 1 because this is an original theme).
Theme: Sostenuto Cantabile. Var I: L'Stesso Tempo.

Op. 33: 3 Melancholies (there's one on my youtube channel but I'm going to delete it at some point as well as the score and rewrite the opus from scratch).

Op. 34: 6 Grand Capriccios.

Op. 35: Piano Concerto No. 2 in E

Op. 36: Dances of Death

Op. 37: Theme and Variations No. 2 in A Minor (FINISHED, BUT NEEDS EDITING) Thema: Andantino Quasi Allegretto.

Op. 38: Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovsky for Orchestra (the theme is from his Swan Lake ballet Act II No. 2)
Op. 39: Piano Sonata No. 18 in F Major
I. Sonata: ?
II. ?
III. ?
IV. ? Dedicatee: Anton Rubinstein.
Op. 40: The Twelve Olympians I. Zeus: Presto Tempesto II. Hera: Andante Sostenuto e Amorosa I'll add the rest as I get to them.

Op. 41: 2 Pieces Caprice No. 1 in D: Moderato - Molto Mosso - Andante - Come Primo, ma poco piu moto. - Presto Giojoso.

Nocturne No. 1 in F Sharp Minor: Andante Mesto.
Op. 42: 6 Pieces in Double Function Form
I. Scherzo: D Major - Vivace Giocoso
II. Nocturne: Bb Minor - Adagio Maestoso ma con Moto
III. Toccata: F Minor - Allegro con Fuoco e con Espressione.
IV. Intermezzo: C Major - Allegro Moderatissimo
V. Melodia: F# Minor - Allegretto
VI. Cappricio Pathetico: B Minor - Allegrissimo con Molto Vigoroso.

Op. 43: Piano Sonata No. 19 in E Major "Amorosa" I. Sonata: II. Scherzo: Allegro Giocoso (A Major) III. Romanza: Andante Appassionato (E Major) IV:

Op. 44: Piano Concerto No. 3 in F Minor
Op. 45: 24 African Melodies and Fugues
Op. 46: A. 12 Bagatellen

I. Galop: A Minor - Allegro Vivace Assai
II. Intermezzo: C Major - Andantino Quasi Allegretto
III. Melancholie: B Minor - Andante Cantabile. "Lies".
IV. Fantasie - Impromptu: F Major - Allegro con Spirito
V. Capriccietto: A Major - Con Moto. "Love Letters".
VI. Experiment: Atonal - Adagio; non troppo moto.

Op. 47: Piano Concerto No. 4 in G# Minor

Op. 48: Piano Sonata No. 20 in F# Minor

I've decided that the latter 20 Piano Sonatas I write will be in the massive double function form so there's not much to put here lol.

Op. 49: 2 Nocturnes

1. Nocturne No. 6 in D Major aka Separation or Separation Nocturne: Andante Mosso - Agitato con Drammatica - Come Prima
2. Nocturne No. 7 in Db Major aka Reunion or Reunion Nocturne: Andante con Espressione - Piu Andante.

Op. 50: 18 Variations on a March in F# Minor (FINISHED, BUT NEEDS EDITING)

Op. 51: 24 Preludes