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Norwegian musicologist and editor. First and foremost interests are norwegian and russian music.





Other projects


(none of the following has previously been published (i.e. editied from manuscripts solely), unless it is mentioned)

Completed editions are marked with bold in titles

Agathe Backer Grøndahl

  • 'Andante quasi allegretto' for piano and orchestra
  • Scherzo for orchestra

Pauline Hall

Songs (edited with Astrid Kvalbein)

  • Verlaine songs (c. 1917)
  • Mein Herz
  • I Skymningen
  • Der Verschlossene Garten

From Haugtussa (1910/12(?))

  • Raadlaus
  • Veslemøy
  • Vinterstorm


  • Violin Sonata
  • Allegro for violin and piano

Otto Winter-Hjelm

  • Symphonies nos 1 & 2 (The two first norwegian symphonies)

Hjalmar Borgstrøm

  • Violin Sonata Op. 19

Catharinus Elling

Complete works (?)

These have been started:

  • 1. Symphony in A
  • 2. Symphony in a
  • String Quartet in a [nr. 2]
  • [1.] Violin sonata in D
  • [2.] Violin sonata in g

These are in waiting:

  • String Quartet in D [nr. 1] (the parts for this quartet have been published)
  • Piano Quartet
  • Piano Trio
  • Taras Bulba (Kosakkerne, The Cossacks) after Gogol