Talk:Cello Sonata in A major, G.4 (Boccherini, Luigi)

Information on Editing of Boccherini Sonatas by Grützmacher

“Several of these sonatas and concerti (by Boccherini) are in every concert cellist’s repertoire. However there is a great deal of difference in the published editions of these works. Those of Piatti, for example, are very close to the style (of Boccherini), but those revised by Grützmacher are particularly poor. Grutzmacher’s harmonisations are thick and overburdened, and, in some cases, the entire output is so original, as to form a set of variations by Grützmacher on a theme of Boccherini. Grützmacher is also adroit at taking the best movements from several works and forming a new sonata or concerto.”

From ‘The Style of Boccherini in his Violincello Sonatas’ by Robert House, Dissertation, University of Rochester 1942, page 19 The dissertation includes a score of a Boccherini sonata in Eflat edited by Robert House.

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