T. Trautwein

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This Berlin firm operated through nearly all the 19th century, and certainly from 1829 to 1890. The imprint was retained after it was taken over by Bahn. It published a wide range of genres, mainly light: piano music, dances, and songs, but also some larger genres such as opera and chamber music. Some of the chamber music was from the classical era: Joseph Haydn's quartets, for example. It also produced many sacred works for solo voice or choir. Composers in the catalog included Eduard Franck, Gustav Krug, Theobald Rehbaum, Wilhelm Taubert, Franz Gläser, Joachim Raff, and Hubert Ries.


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  • T. Trautwein'sche Buch und Musikalien-Handlung (J. Guttentag)
  • T. Trautwein
HMB lists the Guttentag imprint from 1844 to 1899.


  • 8, Breite-Strasse

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Plate Numbers

Plate numbers are in the format of ####. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
0140 Hiller Gesang der Geister über den Wassern, Op.36 1847
0283 Flügel Concert-Ouverture No.1, Op.26 (arr. piano 4 hands) 1850
0334 Kontski La résignation, Op.131
0335 Kontski Mazourka, Op.132 1851
0336 Kontski Le carnaval de Madrid, Op.137 1851
0357 Kontski Souvenir de Glienicke, Op.141 1851
0357 Kontski Feuilles volantes, Op.139 1851
0371 Kontski Souvenir de Dantzic, Op.142 1851
0376 Kontski La sensitive, Op.147 1852
0398 Loewe String Quartet, Op.26 (parts) 1832
0457 Raff Tanz-Capricen, Op.54 (No.1) 1853
0458 Raff Tanz-Capricen, Op.54 (No.2) 1853
0468 Raff Tanz-Capricen, Op.54 (No.3) 1853
2270 Reissmann Violin Sonata No.1, Op.6 1867
2557 Urban Serenade, Op.3 (arr. for violin and piano) 1870

Authority Control

  • VIAF (T. Trautwein'sche Buchhandlung)
  • VIAF (T. Trautwein'sche Königl. Hof-Buch- und Musikhandlung (Berlin))
  • VIAF (T. Trautwein u. Co.)
  • VIAF (T. Trautwein'sche Buch- und Musikalienhandlung, M. Bahn (Berlin))

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