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This firm published music in Berlin from 1880 until about 1920, when it was bought by Ries & Erler. The catalogue contained works for piano- F.A.Dressler, W.Pfeiffer, violin- Dancla, B.Horwitz, Fr.Volbach, and songs- F.Ries, Lassen, V. Hollaender. One speciality was a series of photographs of musicians published in 1881.

Other firms named Sulzer, possibly related to the Berlin one, operated in Bielefeld (1866-80) Magdeburg (1880-81) and Leipzig (1882 to 1892)

Sulzer of Bielefeld (now Wuppertal) operated from 1866 to 80. It published a wide variety of light pieces, mainly songs and piano pieces. In addition it published most of Franz Ries's output, mainly for violin, and Eduard Grell's (1800-1886) works for cello.

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  • Sulzer
  • R. Sulzer
  • R. Sulzer Nachf. (from 1891)



Plate Numbers

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Plate Composer Work Year
218 Palme (ed.) Ritter-Album für die Orgel 1881
265 Bronsart Romance in A major

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