Orgel und Klavierwerke (Froberger, Johann Jacob)

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Editor Guido Adler (1855-1941)
Publisher. Info. Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich, Bd.8, 13, 21
Vienna: Österreichischer Bundesverlag, 1897-1903. Plate IV.1, VI.II, X.2.
Reprinted Graz: Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt, 1959
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General Information

Work Title Orgel und Klavierwerke
Alternative. Title
Composer Froberger, Johann Jacob
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 3 volumes
I. Toccatas, Fantasias, Ricercares, Capriccios and Canzonas
  • XII Toccaten
Toccata I in A minor, FbWV 101
Toccata II in D minor, FbWV 102
Toccata III in G major, FbWV 103
Toccata IV in C major, FbWV 104
Toccata V in D minor, FbWV 105
Toccata VI in G minor, FbWV 106
Toccata VII in G major, FbWV 107
Toccata VIII in E minor, FbWV 108
Toccata IX in C major, FbWV 109
Toccata X in F major, FbWV 110
Toccata XI in E minor, FbWV 111
Toccata XII in A minor, FbWV 112
  • VI Fantasien
Fantasia I sopra Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La in C major, FbWV 201
Fantasia II in A minor, FbWV 202
Fantasia III in F major, FbWV 203
Fantasia IV sopra Sol, La, Re in G major, FbWV 204
Fantasia V in A minor, FbWV 205
Fantasia VI in A minor, FbWV 206
  • VI Canzonen
Canzona I in D minor, FbWV 301
Canzona II in G minor, FbWV 302
Canzona III in F major, FbWV 303
Canzona IV in G major, FbWV 304
Canzona V in C major, FbWV 305
Canzona VI in C major, FbWV 305
  • VIII Capriccios
Capriccio I in G major, FbWV 501
Capriccio II in A minor, FbWV 502
Capriccio III in D minor, FbWV 503
Capriccio IV in F major, FbWV 504
Capriccio V in G minor, FbWV 505
Capriccio VI in C major, FbWV 506
Capriccio VII in G major, FbWV 507
Capriccio VIII in G minor, FbWV 508
  • VI Ricercare
Ricercar I in C major, FbWV 401
Ricercar II in G major, FbWV 402
Ricercar III in F major, FbWV 403
Ricercar IV in C major, FbWV 404
Ricercar V in G minor, FbWV 405
Ricercar VI in C-sharp minor, FbWV 406
II. 27 Suites
III. Toccatas, Capriccios, Ricercares, Fantasias, 2 Suites, Suite Movements
  • XIII Toccaten
Toccata XIII in E minor, FbWV 113
Toccata XIV in G major, FbWV 114
Toccata XV in G minor, FbWV 115
Toccata XVI in C major, FbWV 116
Toccata XVII - actually by J. C. Kerll
Toccata XVIII in C major, FbWV 118
Toccata XIX in D minor, FbWV 119
Toccata XX in A minor, FbWV 120
Toccata XXI in D minor, FbWV 121
Toccata XXII - is a variant of FbWV 116
Toccata XXIII in A minor, FbWV 123 - attribution questionable (Pachelbel?)
Toccata XXIV in D minor, FbWV 124 - attribution questionable (Pachelbel?)
Toccata XXV in F major, FbWV 125 - attribution questionable (Pachelbel?)
First Publication. 1897–1903
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Baroque
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation organ/keyboard
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