Novello's Selected Pieces for the Organ



This British series of works for organ was issued from 1929 to 1935. It was fairly short compared with choral series such as Novello's Octavo Editions. Each album contained between 9 to 13 pieces.

Arrangers and Editors




Volume 1 (pub. 1928)
Prelude on "Aberystwyth" / C. Hylton Stewart
Alleluya (Festal Postlude on "Lasst uns erfreuen") / William Faulkes
Berceuse in A major / W.G. Ross
Chanson d'espoir / J.A. Meale
Choral Melody / C.F. Waters
Concluding Voluntary / Myles B. Foster
Cradle Song / R.G. Hailing
Gavotte in F (Twelve short pieces, no. 9) / Samuel Wesley
Miniature (No. ?? of Twelve Miniatures) / H.M. Higgs
Postlude in G minor / F.W. Wadely
Solemn Prelude / Hugh Blair
A Song of Rejoicing / William G. Ross

Volume 2 (pub. 1929)
A Trumpet Minuet / Alfred Hollins
Allegro (No. 9 of Twelve Miniatures) / H.M. Higgs
Allegro marziale / Harold Greenhill
Andante religioso / Alec Rowley
Chorale Prelude on "St. Peter" (No. 1 of Three Chorale Preludes) / Harold Darke
Cloister-garth / Herbert Brewer
Communion, "Peace" / Edwin H. Lemare
Festal offertorium / Percy E. Fletcher
Interlude on "Quam dilecta" (No. 1 of Two Interludes on Hymn Tunes) / Henry Coleman
Marcia eroica (No. 2 of Four Intermezzi) / C.V. Stanford

Volume 3 (pub. 1931?/1933?)
Allegro grandioso (No. 2 of Two Pieces for Organ) / Hugh Blair
Allegro pomposo / Thomas Adams
Andantino in D flat / H. Davan Wetton
Benedictus / Alec Rowley
Berceuse in E major / Eric Webster (pseudonym for William G. Ross)
Cantilene / R.G. Hailing
Festal Postlude / E. Markham Lee
Gracious Lord of all our being : chorale / J.S. Bach
Interlude on "Picardy" (No. 2 of Two Interludes on Hymn Tunes) / Henry Coleman
Larghetto in F minor / T.A. Walmisley
Postlude in G / F.W. Wadely
Serenade (No. 1 from Arcadian Idyll, op. 52) / Edwin H. Lemare
Prelude on "St. Peter" / C. Hylton Stewart

Volume 4 (pub. 1932)
Allegretto /Margery Moore
Prelude on "Caithness" /C. Hylton Stewart
Celtic Melody /G. O'Connor-Morris
Chorale Prelude on a Theme by Tallis (No. 3 of Three Chorale Preludes) /Harold E. Darke
Finale (from Voluntary) /William Hine
Finale alla Fuga /F.W. Holloway
Grand Choeur in D /W.A. Montgomery
March in F /J.H. Wallis
Melody /Alfred Hollins
Paean (Plainsong Preludes No. 2) / Alec Rowley
Prelude E minor /T.A. Walmisley

Volume 5 (pub. 1935)
A Carol / Geoffrey O'Connor-Morris
A Souvenir / H. Douglas
Andante and Allegro / F.E. Bache
Canzone / King Hall
Choral Prelude ("As with gladness") / C.P. Cowell
Idyll / Clifford Harker
Postlude ("Laudate Dominum") / Edmund Matthews
Postlude in F / John Ebenezer West
Romance in A / E. Markham Lee