Novello's Pianoforte Albums

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This British series of piano works started in the 1850s. It was fairly short compared with choral series such as Novello's Octavo Editions. In addition, the composers were more cosmopolitan than those of Novello's choral publications. Each album contained many short works; for example the Cui selection (no.15) contained 31 items running to over 140 pages.

Arrangers and Editors




7, 8, 9 Marches by various composers (Berthold Tours)
15. Compositions for Pianoforte (Cui, César)
24. Compositions Opp.13, 15 (Rheinberger, Josef)
34.The national dance music of Scotland
35. Compositions,Op.13 (Mackenzie, Alexander Campbell)
50. Three Sets of Variations, Andante and Klavierstück (Schubert, Franz)