Novello's Christmas Carols

typical work



This British series started in the 1890s. The composers were mainly contemporary British, for example: Hugh Blair and Barnby.

Arrangers and Editors




23 The birth ever new. (Legge, Robin Humphrey)
103 Ring out, ye bells.(Wallis, J. H.)
211 A Christmas Carol. (Reinecke, Carl)
212 Glad Christmastide. (Barnby, Joseph)
213 All things were in silence(Barnby, Joseph)
214 This is the Month.(Blair, Hugh)
215 How peaceful was the Night. (Blair, Hugh)
216 There came a little child. (Jackson, Robert)
217 Who is this, that lies all lowly. (Foster, Myles Birket)
218 One Night as I was sleeping.(Swire, John)
219 The golden crown. (Stainer, John)
220 Joy fills our inmost heart. Noël (Mackenzie, Alexander Campbell
221 As with Gladness Men of old. (Stanford, Charles Villiers)
222 See, the Morning Star is dwelling.(Monk, Edwin George)
224 On christmas morn.(Mackenzie, Alexander Campbell)
225 In the ages past and distant. (Hervey, Frederick Alfred J.)
226 We sing a song of gladness. Swire, John Carol for
229 O was not Christ our saviour. (Shaw, James)
234 Come and sing the wondrous story.(Roberts, John Varley)
239 Christmas eve. (Legge, Robin Humphrey)
247 Praise we now the Holy night(Legge, Robin Humphrey)
260 The annunciation(Barnby, Joseph)
261 The message to the shepherds(Barnby, Joseph)
262 Cradle song of the Blessed Virgin(Barnby, Joseph)
263 Gloria in excelsis (Barnby, Joseph)
276 Sweeter than songs of summer (Bridge, Frederick )
350 Lo, Christ the Lord is Born (Elgar, Edward)
462 The five lesser joys of Mary(Warlock, Peter)
467 This is the month, and this the happy morn (Barnes, Archie Fairbairn)
515 The carol of the white rose(Moore, Margery)