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Publisher active in London from 1845-1917. Charles Sheard joined the Musical Bouquet Office in 1849 (run from 1845 by J. Bingley and W. Strange), and took it over ca.1851.

N.B. Only scores published as part of the Musical Bouquet series are to be linked as such to this page, with their issue number acting as catalogue number. Scores published by Sheard and/or at the Musical Bouquet Office are to be linked as Charles Sheard.


  • J. Bingley, 37 Moneyers St., Hoxton, and W. Strange, 21 Paternoster Row (1845-1847)
  • Musical Bouquet (London Office) 200 High Holborn and W. Strange, 21, Paternoster Row (1847-1849)
  • Musical Bouquet Office: 192 High Holborn and W. Strange, 21, Paternoster Row (1849-1851)
  • ‘Musical Bouquet’ Office 192 High Holborn and J. Allen, 20 Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row (1851-1861)
  • ‘Musical Bouquet’ Office 192, High Holborn –City agents: E.W. Allen, 20 Warwick Lane and F.Pitman, 20, Paternoster Row (1862-1864)
  • "Musical Bouquet" Office (1851-1917)


  • 37 Moneyers St., Hoxton (1845-1847)
  • 21 Paternoster Row (1845-1847)
  • 200 High Holborn (1847-1849)
  • 192 High Holborn, London WC, England (1849-1898)
  • 196 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC, England (1897-1917)

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