Möller Manuscript, D-B Mus.ms. 40644 (Various)

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Copyist Johann Christoph Bach (1671-1721)
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
4 Unknown Scribes
Publisher. Info. Manuscript, n.d.(ca.1700-19).
Misc. Notes Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (D-B): Mus.ms. 40644
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PDF scanned by Bach Digital
Irishmaestro (2014/5/16)

PDF scanned by Bach Digital
Irishmaestro (2014/5/16)

Publisher. Info. Manuscript, n.d. (ca.1705-1713)
Misc. Notes Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (D-B): Mus. ms. 40644
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General Information

Work Title Möller Manuscript
Alternative. Title Möllersche Handschrift
Authorities WorldCat; VIAF: 294248128; BNF: 14741483m
Composer Various
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Language German, French, Italian
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation strings, keyboard (harpsichord, clavichord, fortepiano, organ), continuo

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Manuscript is in the hand of Johann Christoph Bach (1671–1721), Johann Sebastian Bach, and four other unknown scribes.
Some pieces (e.g. Bruhns) written in keyboard tablature

  1. Johann Anton Coberg: Ouverture [Orchestral Suite in C] à 4. Composées par Ms. J A Couberg
  2. Tomaso Albinoni: Suonata prima à due Viol et il Violonc: col Cont: di T Albinoni [Op.1 No.1]
  3. Tomaso Albinoni: Sounate Seconda di Seigre Tomaso Albinoni [Op.1 No.2]
  4. Johann Christoph Pez: Intrada [Orchestral Suite in g] à 2 Violin. 1Viol. e Cont.: di J. C. Pez
  5. Anon: Ending of a piece in c.
  6. Johann Adam Reincken: Svitte in G del Signore Joh: Adamo Reincke
  7. Georg Böhm: Allamande [Suite in f] del Sign: Georg Böhm
  8. Georg Böhm: Allamande [Suite in f]. Böhm
  9. Georg Böhm: Praeludium [Suite in G] G. Böhm
  10. Christian Ritter: Allemanda [Suite in c] in discessum Caroli XI Regis Speciae C. Ritter [1697]
  11. Georg Böhm: Allemanda [Suite in F] di Signore Georg Böhm
  12. Georg Böhm: Prelude ex F. di Georg Böhm
  13. Georg Böhm: Capric[c]io, Ex. D. fis di Signori Georg Böhm. Org: Lüneburg
  14. Anon: [Suite in Eb] Allemande, Courante, Sarabande and Gigue
  15. Johann Adam Reincken: Svite ex C. di Joh. Ad. Reincke
  16. Georg Böhm: Praeludium [in d] del Signone Georgio Böhm
  17. Petrus Heydorn: Fuga [in d]. Thema Reinkianum à Domino Heydornio elaboratum
  18. Petrus Heydorn: Fuga ex G. del Sigre P. Heydorn
  19. Johann Anton Coberg: Fuga [in d] di Sig. Coberg
  20. Georg Böhm: Allemanda [Suite in d] G Böhm
  21. Georg Böhm: Partite diverse Sopra l'Aria: Jesu du bist all zu schöne. di Sig: Georg Böhm
  22. [Dieupart]: Explicatio des Maroques Rules For Graces
  23. Johann Sebastian Bach: Praeludium - cum Fuga - ex G. Pedaliter. Pedaliter - per Joan: Sebast: Bachium [BWV 535a, Fragment]
  24. Jean-Baptiste Lully: Ciaconne di M. Lyllig [from Phaeton, Act II, Scene 5]
  25. Dietrich Buxtehude: Praeludium [and Fugue] a cis con Pedale. di Buxtehude; BuxWV 151
  26. Christian Flor: Svite Ex D f di Christian Flor. org. in Lüneburg
  27. Johann Sebastian Bach: Last 16 bars of a Canzona in d J. S. Bach (BWV 588)
  28. Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata ex D fis. Joh. Seb. Bach; BWV 912a (Early version)
  29. Dietrich Buxtehude: Toccata ex G. Pedaliter. Sig.re Diet Buxtehudee
  30. Nicolaus Bruhns: Praeludium ex G. Pedaliter. Sigre N Bruhns [incomplete: breaks off at bar 23]
  31. Christian Flor: Praeludium [Suite in C] di Sig.re Floro Org. Lün.
  32. Johann Sebastian Bach: Praeludium [and Fugue]. Pedaliter. Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 531)
  33. Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata ex a c. JSB (BWV 967)
  34. Johann Sebastian Bach: Praeludium [and Fugue] ex A. di Joh:Seb. Bach (BWV 896)
  35. Johann Sebastian Bach: Capriccio. Sopra il Lontananza de il Fratro dilettissimo. di J. S. Bach (BWV 992)
  36. Agostino Steffani: Ouverture. di Stephani; Keyboard arrangement of the overture to Steffanis opera "Briseide" (Hannover 1669)
  37. Werner Fabricius: Gique belle [in c] Sigre Gvernero Fabricio
  38. Johann Sebastian Bach: Svite. ex A cis. di Joh. Seb. Bach (BWV 832)
  39. Anon: Untitled piece in C (Fragment);
  40. Anon: Allegro in D
  41. Johann Pachelbel: Toccata ex C. di Sign: Johann Pachelbel
  42. Johann Sebastian Bach: Praeludium o Fantasia. Pedaliter ex D di Giovanne. Seb. Bach (BWV 549a)
  43. Johann Sebastian Bach: Wie schön leuchtet uns der Morgenstern. 2 Clav. con Ped. di JSB. (BWV 739)
  44. Johann Sebastian Bach: Praeludium et Partita. del Tuono Terzo. di JSB (BWV 833)
  45. Friedrich Wilhelm Zachau: Svite [in b]. di Sigre F. W. Zachau
  46. Nicolas Lebègue: Suite. En g re sol ut. Composeès par Mons: Le Bequè
  47. Nicolas Lebègue: Svite. avec Prelude En d la re sol Composeè par Mons. Nicolas Le Bequè
  48. Nicolas Lebègue: Suite En a. mi. la. re. di Monsieur Le Beque
  49. Nicolas Lebègue: Allemande et Suite [in C] de Mons: Le Begue
  50. Nicolas Lebègue: Svite auec Prélude. En f. ut. fa. par Mons. Le Begue
  51. [Nicolas Lebègue]: Demonstration des Marques
  52. Johann Sebastian Bach: Fantasia ex G I duobus I Subjectis. I Johann Seb. Bach (BWV 917)
  53. Nicolaus Bruhns: Praeludium en E. Pedaliter Sigre N Bruhns (tablature)
  54. Moritz Edelmann: Toccata ex D fis. di Sigre Mauritio Edellmann [incomplete: breaks off at bar 31a]