Lute Book Vol.2, MS Dd.5.78.3 (Holmes, Mathew)

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PDF scanned by GB-Cu
Stefan Apke (2021/10/2)

Publisher. Info. Manuscript, n.d.(ca.1595-1600). (In Oxford and London)
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General Information

Work Title Mathew Holmes lute books Vol.2, MS Dd.5.78.3
Alternative. Title
Composer Holmes, Mathew
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 157 items: for for 6-7 course renaissance lute, except the 1st for lyra viol:
  • Possible composer/arranger:
Richard Allison (c.1570-after1606)
R. Askew (fl.c.1595)
Daniel Bacheler (1572-1619)
William Byrd (c.1540-1623)
Michael Cavendish (c.1565-1628)
Edward Collard (fl.1599)
Francis Cutting (c.1550-1596)
John Dowland (c.1563-1626)
Daniel Farrant (15..-1642)
Alfonso Ferrabosco Sr. (1543-1588)
Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (c.1554-1609)
Thomas Greaves (?-bl.1604)
James Harding (c.1560-1626)
Anthony Holborne (1545-1602)
John Johnson M.A. (c.1545-1594)
Robert Kennerley (?-1634)
Lushier (fl.c.1595–1600)
John Marchant (?-c.1620?)
Richard Nicholson (1563-1639)
Edward Pearce (c.1560-c.1613)
Peter Philips (c.1561-1628)
Henry Porter (fl.1600)
Thomas Robinson (1560-1609)
Philip van Wilder (c.1500-1554)


  • Galliard (pp.1-1) (N.N.). Note: For lyra viol tuned fefhf. f.1r Viol
  • Pavan (pp.2-3) (N.N.)
  • Galliard, My self (pp.3-3) (Anthony Holborne)
  • Sir John Langton's pavan (pp.4-5) (John Dowland)
  • Galliard (pp.6-7) (Daniel Bacheler). f.4r Mr D B
  • Jig (pp.7-7) (N.N.). f.4r A jigge
  • Pavan (pp.8-9) (Edward Collard). f.5r Edw Coll Paven
  • As it fell on a holiday (pp.10-10) (Anthony Holborne). f.5v as it fell on a holiday
  • Mr D. Bond's galliard (pp.10-10) (Anthony Holborne). f.5v Mr D Bonds Galliarde
  • Exercise (pp.11-11) (N.N.)
  • The Shoemaker's wife, a toy (pp.12-12) (John Dowland)
  • Almain (pp.12-12) (N.N.). f.6v Allmaine
  • Lady Hunsdon's puffe (pp.13-13) (John Dowland)
  • Mrs Eleanor Stafford's galliard (pp.14-14) (Robert Kennerley). f.7v Mrs Ellnar Staffords G lli d Ro K nerle
  • Mrs Frances Taylor's galliard (pp.15-15) (Robert Kennerley). f.8r Mrs Fr. Taylers Galliard Ro Kenn
  • Mrs Eleanor Stafford's galliard (pp.16-16) (Robert Kennerley). Note: Alternative divisions to the piece on f.7v. f.8v Staffords
  • Mrs Frances Taylor's galliard (pp.16-16) (Robert Kennerley). Note: Alternative divisions to the piece on f.8r. f.8v Taylers
  • Lady Rich's galliard (pp.17-17) (John Dowland). f.9r J. D.
  • Galliard (pp.17-17) (Anthony Holborne). f.9r A. H.
  • Lachrimae pavan (pp.18,41) (John Dowland). Note: This piece starts on f.9v and continues on f.21r which was displaced during binding in 1893. f.21r J: D.
  • Captain Digorie Piper's galliard (pp.42,19) (John Dowland). Note: This piece starts on f.21v and continues on f.10r
  • Pavan? (pp.19-19) (N.N.)
  • Pavan (pp.20,39) (Francis Cutting). Note: This piece starts on f.10v and finishes on f.20r; paired with the following item. f.20r f. C
  • Galliard (pp.40,21) (Francis Cutting). Note: This piece starts on f.20v and finishes (m56 splitted) on f.11r (top)
  • Toy (pp.21-21) (Thomas Robinson)
  • Galliard (pp.21-21) (N.N.)
  • The Countess of Pembroke's pavan (pp.22-23) (Anthony Holborne). f.12r A H. f
  • Walsingham (pp.23-23) (Anthony Holborne). f.12r A. H.
  • Infernum (pp.24-25) (Anthony Holborne). f.13r A: H. J.
  • Sans per pavan (pp.26-27) (Francis Cutting). Note: Paired with the following item. f.14r F C.
  • Galliard (pp.27-27) (Francis Cutting). Note: Paired with the preceding item. f.14r F: C.
  • Pavan (pp.28-29) (Francis Cutting). Note: Paired with the following item. f.15r F C.
  • Galliard (pp.30-30) (Francis Cutting). Note: Paired with the preceding item. f.15v F. C.
  • Galliard (pp.31-31) (Francis Cutting). f.16r F. C.
  • Giles Hoby's galliard (pp.32-33) (John Dowland). f.17r J D.
  • Tears of the muses galliard (pp.33-33) (Anthony Holborne). f.17r A: H
  • Pavan (pp.34-34) (Francis Cutting). f.17v F. C.
  • Untitled (pp.35-35) (?Lushier). f.18r L.
  • Balow (pp.35-35) (N.N.)
  • Galliard (pp.36-36) (?John Marchant). f.18v M
  • Mr Vaux's galliard (pp.36-37) (N.N.). Note: ≠ Mrs Vaux's galliard (John Dowland) MS Dd.2.11, f.20r. f.19r Mr Vaus galliard
  • Pavan (pp.37-37) (Anthony Holborne). Note: Paired with following item. f.19r A H.
  • Galliard (pp.38-38) (Anthony Holborne). Note: Paired with preceding item. f.19v A. H
  • Galliard (pp.38,43) (Francis Cutting). Note: The piece starts on f.19v and continues on f.22r; f.20 and f.21 are misplaced; f.20 should be inserted between f.10 and f.11; f.21 should be inserted between f.9 and f.10. f.22r F C
  • Hermoza (Mr Southcote's galliard) (pp.43-43) (Anthony Holborne). f.22r A. H
  • Galliard (pp.44-45) (Francis Cutting). f.23r F C
  • Galliard (pp.45-45) (Francis Cutting). f.23r Fr Cutting
  • Pavan (pp.46-46) (Anthony Holborne). f.23v A: H
  • Galliard (pp.47-47) (Francis Cutting)
  • Galliard (pp.48-49) (Francis Cutting). Note: Paired with MS Add. 3056, f.48v-f.49r and Dd.9.33, f.32v-f.33r (Mrs Anne Markham's pavan). f.25r Fr Cutting
  • Galliard (pp.49-49) (James Harding) (?arr.: Daniel Bacheler). f.25r J: G
  • Galliard (pp.50-51) (John Dowland). f.26r Jo. D.
  • Sir John Souch's galliard (pp.51-51) (John Dowland). f.26r J: D.
  • Fantasia (pp.52-53) (?Philip van Wilder). f.27r Pl.
  • Untitled (pp.54-55) (Alfonso Ferrabosco). f.28r A F
  • Galliard (pp.55-55) (Anthony Holborne). f.28r A. H.
  • Lord Willoughby's welcome home (pp.56-56) (?John Dowland); (?arr.: Francis Cutting). f.28v F: C
  • Galliard (pp.57-57) (?Lushier). f.29r L
  • Pavan (pp.57-57) (N.N.). f.29r S
  • Galliard (pp.58-59) (Francis Cutting). f.30r F C
  • Galliard (pp.59-59) (Daniel Bacheler). f.30r D B
  • Song (pp.59-59) (N.N.)
  • Galliard (pp.60-61) (Francis Cutting). f.31r F: C.
  • Almain (pp.61-61) (Francis Cutting). f.31r F C
  • Mignarda galliard (pp.62-62) (John Dowland). f.31v J D.
  • Galliard (pp.62-63) (?Lushier). f.32r L
  • Almain? (pp.63-63) (John Dowland). f.32r J: D.
  • Dolorosa pavan (pp.64-64) (Richard Allison). f.32v R: A.
  • Pavan (pp.65-65) (Richard Allison). f.32v R: A.
  • Jig (pp.65-64) (R. Askew). Note: f.33r (bottom) followed by (sign) f.32v bottom
  • May galliard (pp.66-66) (Edward Collard). f.33v Collard
  • Galliard (pp.66-67) (Francis Cutting). f.34r F. C.
  • Heigh ho holiday galliard (pp.68-68) (Anthony Holborne). f.34v A. H.
  • Muy Linda galliard (pp.68-68) (Anthony Holborne). f.34v A: H.
  • Galliard (pp.69-69) (Alfonso Ferrabosco). f.35r A: F
  • Galliard on a Galliard of Daniel Bacheler (pp.70-71) (John Dowland). f.36r J. D.
  • Lady North's galliard (pp.71-71) (N.N.)
  • Pavan (pp.72-73) (Alfonso Ferrabosco). f.37r A. F
  • Galliard on Walsingham (pp.73-73) (John Dowland). f.37r J: D.
  • Galliard (pp.74-75) (Francis Cutting). f.38r F C.
  • Earl of Derby's galliard (pp.75-75) (John Dowland). f.38r J D.
  • Aloe (pp.76-77) (John Dowland). f.39r J D.
  • The sick tune (pp.77-77) (N.N.)
  • Go from my window (pp.78-79) (John Dowland). f.40r J D
  • Go from my window (pp.80-80) (Thomas Robinson). f.40v T R.
  • Galliard (pp.81-81) (Francis Cutting). f.41r C G
  • French galliard (pp.81-81) (N.N.)
  • Ground (pp.82-84) (William Byrd); arr.: (Edward Collard). f.42v Collard
  • Galliard (pp.85-85) (John Johnson). f.43r Jo: Johnson
  • Pavan (pp.85-85) (Richard Nicholson). f.43r N
  • Farewell fantasia (pp.86-87) (John Dowland). f.44r farwell Jo: dowlande
  • Almain (pp.88-88) (Lushier). f.44v Lushiers Allmaine
  • The boar's dance (pp.88-88) (N.N.). f.44v The Bowres Daunce
  • Galliard (pp.89-89) (Anthony Holborne). f.45r A H
  • Galliard (pp.89-89). Note: See also f.25r. (James Harding)
  • Pavan (pp.90-90) (Francis Cutting). Note: See also f.60v and f.61r. f.45v F. C
  • Sir Walter Raleigh's Galliard (pp.91-91) (?Francis Cutting) or (Richard Allison). Note: compare MS Dd.2.11, f.79v. f.46r F C.
  • Galliard (pp.92-92) (N.N.)
  • Galliard (pp.92-92) (Michael Cavendish). f.46v Candish
  • Galliard (pp.93-93) (Thomas Greaves). f.47r Greeves
  • Fairy round galliard (pp.93-93) (Anthony Holborne)
  • Pavan (pp.94-95) (John Dowland). f.48r J. Dowlande.
  • Carman's whistle (pp.96-97) (John Johnson). f.49r Carmans Whistle
  • Jewel (pp.97-97) (N.N.). f.49r Jewell
  • Galliard (pp.98-98) (John Dowland). f.49v J: D
  • Playfellow jig (pp.98-98) (Anthony Holborne). f.49v A Holb. Playfelloe
  • Pavan (pp.99-99) (N.N.)
  • Walsingham (pp.100-101) (Francis Cutting). f.51r F: C
  • Playfellow jig (pp.101-101) (?Anthony Holborne). f.51r Playfelloe
  • Pavan (pp.102-103) (John Dowland), f.52r J D
  • Galliard (pp.104-104) (Daniel Bacheler). f.52v D B.
  • Galliard (pp.105-105) (William Byrd). f.53r W B
  • Galliard (pp.105-105) (William Byrd). f.53r W. B
  • Mr Anthony Mildmay's pavan (pp.106-108) (Edward Collard). Note: Paired with the following item. f.54v Mr Ant Mildmaies Paven. Ed: Collard
  • Mr Anthony Mildmay's galliard (pp.108-109) (Edward Collard). Note: Paired with the preceding item. f.55r The Galliard E. C.
  • Galliard (pp.109-109) (Francis Cutting). Note: Paired with the pavan in MS Dd.2.11, f.73r. f.55r A Gall. Fr Cutting
  • Galliard (pp.110-111) (Daniel Bacheler). f.56r D. B.
  • Mr Knight's galliard (pp.111-111) (John Dowland). 56r Mr Knights galliard Jo Dowland
  • Galliard (pp.112-113) (Daniel Bacheler). f.57r D B
  • Pavan Mens innouata (pp.114-114) (Anthony Holborne). f.57v A: Holburn
  • Galliard (115-115) (Daniel Bacheler). Note: Paired with the pavan on f.61v-f.62r. f.58r D B. turn 4 leaues for ye Paven
  • Fantasia (pp.116-117) (Alfonso Ferrabosco); (and/or/arr.?) (Richard Allison)
  • Jig (pp.117-117) (N.N.). f.59r Jigg
  • Jig (pp.117-117) (N.N.). f.59r Jigge
  • Pavan (pp.118-119) (N.N.)
  • Pavan (pp.120-121) (Francis Cutting). f.61r A Pauen fr. Cutting
  • Pavan (pp.122-123) (Daniel Bacheler). Note: Paired with the galliard on f.58r. f.62r D B.
  • Lady North's galliard (pp.124-125) (N.N.). f.62v My Lady Norths gall
  • Galliard (pp.125-125) (Francis Cutting). f.63r A Galliarde fr Cuttinge
  • Pavan (pp.126-127) (Daniel Bacheler), f.64r D: Bach
  • Lady Russell's pavan (pp.128-129) (John Dowland). f.65r My Lady Russells pauen
  • Dolorosa / Chromatic pavan (pp.130-131) (Peter Philips)
  • Pavan (pp.131-131) (N.N.)
  • Pavan Heres paternus (pp.132-132) (Anthony Holborne). Note: Alternative bars for the 3rd strain are on the bottom of f.68r (sign). f.66v A H
  • Almaine? (pp.133-133) (N.N.)
  • Galliard (pp.134-135) (Daniel Bacheler). f.68r D B
  • Exercise (pp.135-135) (N.N.). Note: The bars at the bottom (sign) of f.68r belong to the pavan on f.66v.
  • Branle / Courant (pp.136-136) (N.N.). f.68v Bralle
  • Volta (pp.136-136) (N.N.). f.68v Volta
  • Fairy round galliard (pp.136-136) (Anthony Holborne). f.68v Galliarde
  • Galliard (pp.137-137) (Edward Pearce). f.69r E Pierce
  • Jig (pp.137-137) (Daniel Bacheler) or (John Danyel). f.69r Daniells Jigge
  • Pavan (pp.138-139) (Daniel Bacheler). f.70r Dan Bacheler
  • Countess of Bedford's pavan (pp.140-140) (?Henry Porter). f.70v The Countesse of Bedfords H: Porter
  • Monsieur's Almain (pp.140-141) (Daniel Bacheler)
  • Almain de Duc de Parma (141-141) (Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi). f.71r Allmande de Duc de Parma
  • Pavan (pp.142-143) (Daniel Farrant). Note: Possibly arranged by (N.N.). f.72r Dan's farrant
  • Mrs Eleanor Stafford's galliard (pp.143-143) (Robert Kennerley)
  • Jig (pp.143-143) (N.N.). f.72r A jigge
  • Pavan (144-145) (Daniel Bacheler). f.73r Daniell Bacheler
  • Conde Claros (pp.146-147) (N.N.)
  • Courant (pp.148-148) (N.N.). f.74v Curranta
  • Jaymeray tousiours ma phillis (pp.148-148) (N.N.)
  • Lusher's almain (pp.149-149) (Lushier). f.75r Lushiers Allmaine
  • Grimstock (pp.150-150) (N.N.)
  • Almain? (pp.150-150) (N.N.)
  • Galliard? (pp.150-150) (N.N.)
Dedication see below
(Possibly:) Penelope Devereux (1562/3-1607), daughter of Walter Devereux (1541-1576), 1st Earl of Essex (John Dowland's Lady Rich Galliard)
Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke (1561-1621) (Anthony Holborne: The Countess of Pembroke's pavan)
Anthony Mildmay of Apethorp (d.1617) (Edward Collard: Mr Anthony Mildmay's pavan, Mr Anthony Mildmay's galliard)
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Renaissance
Piece Style Renaissance
Instrumentation lute, lyra viol
Extra Information In the 1960s Ian Harwood (1931-2011) assigned 9 manuscripts to be copied by Mathew Holmes probably in the time from 1588, when he was Precentor and Singingman of Christ Church in Oxford, along 1597, when he went to Westminster Abbey in London and there until his death in 1621. There of 4 manuscripts can be seen as the source for the renaissance (solo) lute in Britain.

There are several items where a real or virtual "?" should be added, caused by a disputable origin. Going to the linked place at the Cambridge University Library, clicking on "show the metadata" may help sometimes to broaden the information. Old manuscripts are often damaged somehow, and they are sometimes rebound later on, causing trouble if the folios are assorted in a different way as before. It is not always going straight on with a piece, e.g. from folio 20r to 20v. As well, in the 4 volumes a few fragments are included that can't really be seen as a whole piece. If there is text, Holmes added it often (but not always) at the end of the piece. In the listing used here e.g. "(pp.99-100)" locates the place in the pdf-file. If there is e.g. a "f.21v Fantazia. Alfonso Ferabosco" at the end of an item, a (re-/decrypted) handwritten text is located at folio 21v. To make it not that easy: yes, in the manuscript there might be a doubled numbering with a pencil and you have to find out which is the right one! ;-) The information collected at the Cambridge University Library comes from John H. Robinson (Lute Society) and, of course, it is based on the knowledge and work of a number of others.