List of works by Ottaviano Petrucci

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This is a list of all known publications by Ottaviano Petrucci, one of the most influential Italian printers of the 16th century, being the first publisher to engrave and typeset print music. Several of these were reprinted several times during Petrucci’s life; for instance, the Josquin Desprez masses) were reprinted separately, in Fossombrone, after Petrucci moved there around 1510. The vast majority of Petrucci’s publications were published in Venice; those from his Fossombrone years are marked accordingly.

(Petrucci's stamp mark: Ottaviano Petrucci (da) Fossombrone)
Publication Year Genre RISM
Harmonice Musices Odhecaton Canti A 1501 1E
1503 2E
1504 3E
Secular vocal 1501
Motetti A 1502 Sacred, motets 1502/1
Harmonice Musices Odhecaton Canti B numero cinquanta 1502 1E
1503 2E
Secular vocal 1502/2
Josquin Desprez: Misse [I] 1502 1E
1514, Fossombrone 2E
1516, Fossombrone 3E
Sacred, masses J 666
J 667
J 668
Jacob Obrecht: Misse 1503 Sacred, masses O 007
Motetti de passione […] B 1503 Sacred, motets 1503/1
Antoine Brumel: Misse 1503 Sacred, masses B 4643
Johannes Ghiselin: Misse 1503 Sacred, masses G 1780
Pierre de La Rue: Misse 1503 Sacred, masses L 718
Harmonice Musices Odhecaton Canti C cento cinquanta 1504 Secular vocal 1504/3
Alexander Agricola: Misse 1504 Sacred, masses A 431
Motetti C 1504 Sacred, motets 1504/1
Fr01Frottole I 1504 Secular vocal 1504/4
Fr02Frottole II 1505 1E
1508 2E
Secular vocal 1505/3
Fr03Frottole III 1505 1E
1507 2E
Secular vocal 1505/4
Marbrianus de Orto: Misse 1505 Sacred, masses O 137
Josquin Desprez: Misse II 1505 1E
1515, Fossombrone 2E
Sacred, masses J 670
J 671
Motetti IV 1505 Sacred, motets 1505/2
Fragmenta missarum 1505 Sacred, masses 1505/1
Fr04Strambotti, ode, frottole, sonetti […] IV 1505 1E
1507 2E
Secular vocal 1505/5
Fr05Frottole V 1505 Secular vocal 1505/6
Fr06Frottole VI 1506 Secular vocal 1506/3
Lamentationum Jeremie I 1506 Sacred, lamentations 1506/1
Lamentationum Jeremie II 1506 Sacred, lamentations 1506/2
Heinrich Isaac: Misse 1506 Sacred, masses I 88
[Francesco Spinacino]: Intabolatura de lauto I 1507 (before 27 March) Secular, lute 1507/5
[Francesco Spinacino]: Intabolatura de lauto II 1507 Secular, lute 1507/6
Fr07Frottole VII 1507 Secular vocal 1507/3
Gaspar Van Weerbeke: Misse 1507 Sacred, masses G 450
Magnificats I 1507, lost Sacred, magnificats
Johannes Martini: Hymnorum I 1507, lost Sacred, hymns
Fr08Frottole VIII 1507 Secular vocal 1507/4
Motetti a cinque I 1508 (not dated) Sacred, motets 1508/1
Dammonis: Laude I 1508 Sacred, laude DD 833 I,1
Laude II 1508 Sacred, laude 1508/3
Giovanni Maria Alemanni: Intabolatura de lauto III 1508, lost Secular, lute
Joan Ambrosio Dalza: Intabolatura de lauto IV 1508 Secular, lute D 828
Fr09Frottole IX 1509 Secular vocal 1509/2
Missarum diversorum auctorum I 1509 Sacred, masses 1509/1
Franciscus Bossinensis: Tenori e contrabassi […] I 1509 Secular vocal 1509/3
Franciscus Bossinensis: Tenori e contrabassi […] II 1511, Fossombrone Secular vocal 1511
Fr10Frottole X 1512, Fossombrone, lost Secular vocal
Messa corale 1513 (probably), Fossombrone Sacred, masses
Paulus de Middelburgh: Paulina de recta Paschae 1513, Fossombrone Non-musical
Baldassare Castiglione: Epistola de vita 1513, Fossombrone Non-musical
Motetti de la corona [I] 1514, Fossombrone Sacred, motets 1514/1
Fr11Frottole XI 1514, Fossombrone Secular vocal 1514/2
Josquin Desprez: Misse III 1514, Fossombrone 1E
1516, Fossombrone 2E
Sacred, masses J 673
J 674
Jean Mouton: Misse I 1515, Fossombrone Sacred, masses M 4015
Antoine de Févin [et al.]: Misse 1515, Fossombrone Sacred, masses 1515/1
Missarum decem II 1515, Fossombrone, lost Sacred, masses
Paulus de Middelburgh: Parabola Christi 1516, Fossombrone Non-musical
Motetti de la corona II 1519, Fossombrone Sacred, motets 1519/1
Motetti de la corona III 1519, Fossombrone Sacred, motets 1519/2
Motetti de la corona IV 1519, Fossombrone Sacred, motets 1519/3
Hippocrates [trans. Calvo] 1519?, Fossombrone Non-musical
Bernardo Pisano: Musica 1520, Fossombrone Secular vocal P 2451