List of works by Oskar Nedbal

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  • Sedlák Jakub (Jacob the Peasant) (1919-1920, rev.1928)


  • Cudná Barbora (Barbara the Chaste / Die keusche Barbara) (1911)
  • Polská krev (Polish Blood / Polenblut) (1913)
  • Obžínková nevěsta (1913)
  • Vinobraní (The Vintage / Die Winzerbraut) (1916)
  • Krásná Saskia (The Beautiful Saskia / Die schöne Saskia) (1917)
  • Eriwan (1918)
  • Mamselle Napoleon (1919, rev.1928)
  • Donna Gloria (1925)


  • Pohádka o Honzovi (Legend of Honza / Tale of Simple Johnny / Das Märchen von faulem Haus) (1902)
Suite is Op.18, 1907? the Romantisches Stück Op.18 may be an arranged excerpt from the ballet suite.
  • Z pohádky do pohádky (From Fairy Tale to Fairy Tale) (1908)
  • Princezna Hyacinta (Princess Hyacinth) (1911)
  • Čertova babička (The Devil’s Grandmother / Des Teufels Großmutter) (1912)
  • Andersen (1912)


  • Scherzo-caprice (Scherzo Capriccioso) for Orchestra, Op.5 (1892)
  • Suite mignonne, Op.15


  • Romance & Serenade for Violin and Piano, Op.6 (published 1894)
  • Violin Sonata, Op.9 (1896)
  • 2 Pieces for Cello and Piano, Op.12 (published 1899)
  • Romantisches Stück, Op.18, Cello and Piano (or Viola and Piano)
  • Valse noble for string quartet (undated autograph at ÖNB?) (possibly related to Op.7 No.1)


  • Variations on a Theme of Antonín Dvořák, Op.1
  • Lettres intimes, Op.7 (Intimate Letters), 3 Pieces
  • 4 Piano Pieces, Op.8 (Čtyři kusy, 4 Piano Pieces)
  • Pohádka o smutku a štěstí (Fairy Tale about Grief and Joy) (1906)
  • Aus vergangener Zeit, Op.13
  • Z dětského života = Aus dem Kinderleben, op. 15
  • In Leid und Lust : Ein Märchencyklus für Klavier zu zwei Händen, Op.16
  • Weihnachtsstimmung for piano
  • Numerous brief piano waltzes and other dances, etc., some excerpted from his dramatic works, some not. (Kavalier-walzer, from Polenblut; Im Zauberwalde, waltz and Böhmische Bauern-Polka, polka both from Faule Hans both published 1903; etc.)

Solo Vocal

  • Songs, Op.2
  • Songs, Op.11
  • Helena