List of works by Joshua M. Abramson

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The following information is given for each work, where available:

  • JMA— The self-assigned index of Joshua M. Abramson
  • Title — the title of the piece
  • Instrumentation — a description of the instrumentation required
  • Year — The year the piece was completed
JMA Title Instrumentation Year
1 Allegro for Harpsichord Solo harpsichord 2010
2 Andante for Harpsichord Solo harpsichord
3 Minuet in G
5 Pater Noster
6 The Wicked Shall Draw Their Swords Solo alto and harpsichord 2011
10 Alleluia
11 Requiem in F Minor 2 sopranos, 2 altos, 2 tenors, 2 basses, SATB soloists, 2 alto horns, 2 tenor horns, 2 bass horns, 2 trumpets in C, Timpani, Strings and basso continuo