List of works by Basil Harwood

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Organ and choral works

  • Op.2 No.1 Agnus Dei
  • Op.2 No.2 O Salutaris
  • Op.5 Organ Sonata No.1 in C minor 1886
  • Op.6 Morning & Evening Canticles in A flat major (Choir)
  • Op.7 Dithyramb
  • Op.12 O How Glorious is the Kingdom
  • Op.13 No.1 Sing and Rejoice
  • Op.13 No.2 When the Son of Man shall come
  • Op.14 Short Setting of the Office for the Holy Communion in D major 1902
  • Op.15 No.1 Communion in F major 1902
  • Op.15 No.2 Interlude in D major 1902
  • Op.15 No.3 Paean 1902
  • Op.15 No.4 Short Postlude for Ascensiontide 1902
  • Op.15 No.5 Requiem Aeternam 1902
  • Op.15 No.6 Andante Tranquillo 1902
  • Op.16 Capriccio for Organ 1903
  • Op.18 Two Sketches for Organ 1903
  • Op.20 As by the Streams of Babylon (Choir) 1907
  • Op.21 This is the day which the Lord hath made
  • Op.22 Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me 1909
  • Op.24 Concerto in D major for Organ & Orchestra
  • Op.25 3 Cathedral Preludes (Organ)
  • Op.26 Organ Sonata No.2 in F minor 1912
  • Op.27 Song on May Morning 1913
  • Op.32 in an Old Abbey 1923
  • Op.34 Christmastide 1920
  • Op.35 Short and Easy Setting of the Office for the Holy Communion in key of E flat 1920
  • Op.38 Morning & Evening Canticles in E minor (Choir)
  • Op.39 Rhapsody for Organ 1922
  • Op.40 Wedding March 1923
  • Op.41 O How Plentiful is Thy Goodness
  • Op.42 Three Preludes on Anglican Chants (Organ) 1925
  • Op.43 Voluntary in D flat
  • Op.44 Processional (Organ) 1926
  • Op.45 Three Short Pieces for Organ 1927
  • Op.46 in Exitu Israel (Organ) 1928
  • Op.49 Toccata (Organ)
  • Op.50 Lullaby (Organ)
  • Op.51 Prelude, Larghetto and Finale (Organ) 1931
  • Op.52 2 Preludes (organ)
  • Op.54 Let the People Praise Thee O God
  • Op.57 Two Meditations: The Shepherd on the Mountain Side; The Pilgims nearing the celestial city (Organ) 1934
  • Op.58 Album of Eight Pieces for the Organ
  • Op.60 No.2 All My Heart this Night Rejoices
  • Op.64 Draw Nigh to God
  • Op.65 Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in A (For Men's Voices)
  • Op.70 Voluntary for Organ in D flat major 1926
  • Communion for Organ on the hymn tune “Irish”
  • Evensong for St Etheldreda

Hymn tunes

  • Luckington – Let All the World in Every Corner Sing
  • Thornbury 1898 – Thy Hand O God hath Guided [and] O Jesus I Have Promised
  • O How Glorious is The Kingdom 1894
  • Draw Nigh to God
  • I am the Living Bread
  • In God's Holy Dwelling
  • Great God, and Wilt Thou Condescend?
  • St Audrey – Blessed Thomas, Doubt No Longer [and] Lord of Beauty, Thine the Splendour
  • Sweet Saviour, Bless Us
  • O Sacred Banquet
  • Oldown - My God I think thee who hast made [et al.]
  • Alveston - God is Working his Purpose out
  • Hazel - Now the labourer's task is o'er
  • Panis Vere - Blest Are the Pure in Heart
  • Elberton - Peace Perfect Peace in this Dark World of sin [and] Draw nigh and take the body of the/our Lord

Psalm settings

  • (Psalm 40) I waited patiently for the Lord (Anglican Chant in A flat)