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Onésime Philemon Legouix (1809-1867) started a music retail store and publishing business in June of 1839. It passed from father to son: Gustave Legouix (1844-1916) in 1867 and then Robert Legouix in 1919. The store Libraire Musicale R. Legouix, was still in operation in 1960 at the same address. Onésime Legouix's older son Isidore-Edouard Legouix, (1834-1916) was a composer. A publisher named Ernest (later Napoléon) Legouix operated in Paris from ca.1832 until 1873 but the firm of G. Legouix published a letter advertising they had no connection with this firm about two weeks after the former's bankruptcy.


Imprints, Agencies, Addresses


  • O. Legouix (1839-1867)
  • G. Legouix (1868-1918)
  • R. Legouix (1919-1960?)


  • 27 Boulevard Poissonnière (ca.1839–ca.1890)
  • 4 Rue Rougemont (1891–ca.1902)
  • 4 de la rue Chauveau-Lagarde Paris 8 (1902– )

Plate Numbers

Plate numbers are in the following formats: O.L.G. ###. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
298 Godefroid Le réveil des fauvettes, Op.90
432 Demersseman Grand Air Varie No.3, Op.11 1860
602 Depas Piano Trio No.6, Op.90 1862
624 Demersseman Fantaisie concertante, Op.36 1863
691 Legouix Un Othello (vocal score) 1863
704 Battmann Le miroir 1863
760 Legouix Le lion de St. Marc (vocal score) 1866
847 Legouix Le vengeur (vocal score) 1869
857 Legouix L'ours et l'amateur des jardins (vocal score) 1870

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