Klassische Sonaten für Viola

Piatti's items 1897
The Dessaeur-only series ca.1900
The complete series ca.1930



This series started around 1900, as viola versions of several items from Les Maîtres classiques du violon. This was a 54-item series for violin and piano edited by Alard and published first by Gerard of Paris and then Schott of Mainz in the 1863-90 period.
Piatti's viola or cello edition of Ariosti's Six Lessons was published in 1897 by William Hill of London.
The Dessauer items were first included in the Les Maîtres classiques du violon series, but later around 1920 the publisher assembled the series in its present form.
The collection was later superseded by Schott's Viola-Bibliothek series.

Arrangers and Editors

Jean Delphin Alard (1815-1888) items1 to 10
Heinrich Dessauer (1863-1917) items1 to 10
Alfredo Carlo Piatti (1822-1901) items 11 to 16
Alfred Gibson (1849-1924) item 17
Leon Arthur Gaston Marchet (1881-?) item 19
Gustav Jensen (1843-1895) item 20




  1. Corelli: La Folia, Op.5
  2. Gaviniès: Sonata, Op.1,No.2
  3. Nardini: Sonata in B-flat major
  4. Francœur: Cello Sonata Livre 2, No.4 in E
  5. Pagin: Sonate No.5 in A major
  6. Handel: Sonata in G minor, HWV 368,
  7. Porpora, N: Sonata Op.12, No.9 in E
  8. Leclair J-M., Sonate Op.9, No.3 in D major]]
  9. Boccherini: Sonata III (Cello Sonata in G major, G.5)
  10. Tartini Sonata in F major, B.F9
  11. Ariosti Lezione 1
  12. Ariosti Lezione 2
  13. Ariosti Lezione 3
  14. Ariosti Lezione 4
  15. Ariosti Lezione 5
  16. Ariosti Lezione 6
  17. Marcello Cello Sonatas, Op.1, No.2 in Em
  18. Marcello Cello Sonata, Op.1, No.6 in G
  19. Handel Viola da gamba Sonata in C major