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This music publishing firm (not to be confused with the larger firm Kistner) was established by the composer Cyrill Kistler in Bad Kissingen, a fashionable spa town in northern Bavaria, circa 1891. While the main output of the firm was works composed by Kistler it also published works by a small number of other composers. The firm did not survive Kistler's death in 1907. In the edition of Hofmeister's Verzeichnis for 1907 under the section entitled "Verlags-Veränderungen" it was noted "Kistler, Cyrill, Selbstverlag in Bad Kissingen, jetzt: Kommissionsverl. v. C.F.W. Siegel in Leipzig."


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Verlag der Musikalischen Tagesfragen (ca.1891–ca.1892)
  • Editeur des "Tagesfragen." Cyrill Kistler (1892)
  • Verlag von Cyrill Kistler (ca.1895–1907)


  • Bad Kissingen (ca.1891–1907)

Plate Numbers

Kistler's plate numbers are in the format of ##. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
12 Kistler Große Fantasie, Op.77 1897
17 Hahn Violin Sonata, Op.1 1898
19 Kistler Faust 1.Teil (act 4 prelude full score) 1906
33 Kistler Siechen-Polka, Op.9 (second edition) 1891
34 Kistler Kissinger-Soole-Sprudel, Op.13 (second edition) 1891
36 Kistler Rhönklänge, Op.16 (second edition) 1891
42 Kistler Moltke-Marsch, Op.28 (second edition, orch. parts) 1891
49 Cyriax Valse tranquille, Op.2 (second edition) 1892
59 Kistler Begrüssungschor 1895
71 Benker 6 Fantasie-Orgelstücke, Op.20 1905