IMSLP:IP Subscriptions

We offer IP-range subscriptions for schools and other organizations. This membership includes the removal of ads and download waiting period on the website. Please note that it does not include access to the Naxos Music Library which must be obtained directly from Naxos.



Rates are based on the total number of people who can use the IP range. In the case of a school this would be the total number of students and faculty. The yearly rates are as follows:

Base fee: $100
Musicians/music students: $2.00/user
Non-musicians: $0.10/user

For example, a school with 10,000 students and faculty, 100 of whom are music majors/professors, would pay a fee of:
$100 + ( $2.00 * 100 ) + ( $0.10 * 9900 ) = $1,290/year

How to Apply

Please send an e-mail to with the following information:

  1. Name of organization
  2. IP range
  3. Total number of people who can use the IP range (or total number of students and faculty for schools)
  4. Total number who are musicians/music students
  5. The preferred payment method (we accept Paypal or checks)

Billing Cycles

To ease administration, the billing cycle starts September 1. We are, however, open to applications any time of year - the first invoice will be prorated for the period from when the subscription goes live until the next September 1.

For example, if the subscription goes live April 1, the first invoice for our example above would be:
$1,290 * ( 153 / 365 ) = $540.74
153 being the number of days from April 1 to September 1.


This page does not constitute an offer of contract, and IMSLP reserves the right to modify the price or reject any application for any reason or no reason.