This is an old version of the help page for this wiki. An updated version is under development at Help:Contents.

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Using this wiki

This website is a so-called wiki, which means that every user can modify almost every page. In the following help pages, you will find all the details on using this wiki.

Delete a page, category, or file

Simply add {{Delete|Reason}} on top of the page, and specify a reason after "|". The reason can be omitted, but will ease the process of deletion. The page will automatically be included in the deletion list, and, after consideration by the administrators, will be deleted soon.

Add copyright warnings

After careful examination, you can add copyright warnings for composers, works and files. The templates can be found at Public domain. Place the File warning in the Misc. Notes field, the Composer and Work warnings on top of the page.

Send a message to another member

There is no "private messaging" service in wikis, however you can leave "comments" on a member's page by visiting their page, and on the top bar, click on Discussion, and then click on " [+]" and write what you want them to read. The next time this user logs on to IMSLP, he or she will get a notify of a new message.

Please sign your comments by entering four tildes (~~~~), or by clicking on the second last editing button. Replying can be done on two ways: you can reply directly on your own talk page, or reply on the talk page of the corresponding users. Either way, please indent your reply with one or more tabs (enter ":" before each paragraph).

Note: What you write will be readable by anyone who visits the Discussion section of the member's page. Be careful with what you type if you don't want someone else to read it.

Purging the cache of a page

Add &action=purge to the end of the url and enter it. This purging is particularly useful for

  1. The home page, to refresh the recent additions list
  2. The work page, to refresh to scan quality rating.

Uploading a new version of an existing file

If you want to upload a new version of a file that is already on IMSLP, follow this guide. Warning: only upload new versions that are the exact same edition as, and of better quality than the existing version. Your new version needs to be reviewed by the staff before it comes accessible. Files with lesser quality will be deleted!

  1. Go to the page containing the file you want to update.
  2. Look for the file you want to replace, and do not click on the download link, but on the next line on the link "IMSLP #...."
  3. Click on "Upload a new version of this file"
  4. Click Browse... to the new file on your computer; DO NOT CHANGE "Destination filename"
  5. After uploading, confirm the message to replace the existing version.