English Songs of the Georgian Period (Moffat, Alfred)

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PDF scanned by US-R
Schalltrichter (2012/9/30)

Editor Frank Kidson (1855-1926), historical notes
Publisher. Info. London: Bayley & Ferguson, n.d.(ca.1900).
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General Information

Work Title English songs of the Georgian period
Alternative. Title
Composer Moffat, Alfred
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 200 songs
First Publication. 1900 ?
Librettist Various
Language English
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Early 20th century
Piece Style Baroque

Misc. Comments

English songs of the Georgian period : a collection of 200 songs


  1. Still the lark finds repose / Thomas Linley
  2. Ti, tum, ti / Wm. Reeve
  3. By dimpled brook / T. Augustine Arne
  4. Chit chat / F. W. Southwell
  5. Under the greenwood tree / T. Augustine Arne
  6. The forecastle sailor / T. A. Geary
  7. I sailed in the good ship, the "Kitty" / Charles Dibdin
  8. Old Towler / Wm. Shield
  9. Jack at Greenwich
  10. In every port a wife
  11. Cherries and plums / Charles Dibdin
  12. the Yorkshire man / Wm. Reeve
  13. Ah! Once when I was a very little maid / Thomas Attwood
  14. The whip club / William Reeve
  15. Fair Rosalie / Charles Dignum
  16. The spinning-wheel
  17. Tho' Chloe's out of fashion / Wm. Boyce
  18. What's sweeter than the new-blown rose? / James Newton
  19. When Phoebus beings just to peep
  20. The lass that loves a sailor / Charles Dibdin
  21. Young Lubin was a shepherd boy / Thomas Linley
  22. Sweet Robin
  23. My daddy was gone to the market
  24. Let gay ones and great / Joseph Baildon
  25. Phillis, talk no more of passion / George Monro
  26. The captain with the smart cockade / James Hook
  27. Come, come, my good shepherds / Michael Arne
  28. While Phillis refuses my love to requite
  29. The army and navy of Britain
  30. Happy hours, all hours excelling / Henry Holcombe
  31. The flitch of bacon
  32. Dilly dally, shilly shally
  33. The lass of Richmond Hill / James Hook
  34. The Arethusa
  35. Lack-a-day, o! / James Hook
  36. How little do the landsmen know
  37. Labour in vain
  38. Never till now knew I love's smart
  39. Sure Sally is the loveliest lass
  40. Guy Fawkes, or It might have been
  41. The marriage day / James Sanderson
  42. Sweet Poll of Plymouth / Michael Arne
  43. Tom Starboard / J. Mazzinghi
  44. Free from the bustle, care, and strife / John Collett
  45. I'd wed if I were not too young / George Wicks
  46. Sweet Patty / James Hook
  47. How stands the glass around?
  48. I'm a jolly roving tar / William Reeve
  49. A smile from the girl of my heart / Wm. Shield
  50. The fife and drum sound merrily / Thomas Linley
  51. Why tarries my love?
  52. Ground ivy / J. Moulds
  53. All ye who would wish to succeed with a lass / T. A. Arne
  54. Peaceful slumb'ring on the ocean / Stephen Storace
  55. All who of Britons bear the name / Charles Dibdin
  56. Water parted from the sea / T. A. Arne
  57. Our country is our ship / Stephen Storace
  58. The girl I left behind me
  59. Peggy Wynne
  60. Nobody coming to marry me
  61. Tom Steady
  62. O good ale, thou art my darling
  63. Ah, well-a-day, my poor heart! / William Shield
  64. January / James Hook
  65. Kitty Fell
  66. Old England's a lion / William Shield
  67. Once, twice, thrice / James Hook
  68. While high the foaming surges rise
  69. The convivials / F. Remy
  70. Well-a-day! Lack-a-day! / Stephen Storace
  71. Three rosy-faced topers / Popely
  72. Was ever nymph like Rosamond? / T. A. Arne
  73. We soldiers drink, we soldiers sing
  74. Come, who'll buy primroses? / John Moulds
  75. Great Britain is the noblest land / Shield
  76. Be quick, for I'm in haste
  77. Timothy
  78. I am a brisk and sprightly lad
  79. All will hail the joyous day / Stephen Storace
  80. Nan fo Gloster Green
  81. The cuckoo / Margaret Casson
  82. The lass of Humberside / Jonas Blewitt
  83. Ramchoondra / William Reeve
  84. The gipsy hat / James Hook
  85. Cheerly, my hearts of courage true
  86. My Betsy is the blithest maid / George Kirshaw
  87. The lad with the carroty poll / E. Knight
  88. Ned that died at sea / Charles Dibdin
  89. Pleasant old age / John Wynne
  90. Homeward bound / Michael Arne
  91. Lashed to the helm / James Hook
  92. The post captain / William Shield
  93. When the heart is at ease / T. A. Arne
  94. My Phillida, adieu! love / Miss Mellish
  95. Let's seek the bower of Robin Hood / Wm. Shield
  96. 'Twas near a thicket's calm retreat / John Moulds
  97. Flora's holiday
  98. Sweet passion of love / Michael Arne
  99. Sweet Willy, o / Charles Dibdin
  100. Young Jockey he courted sweet Moggy
  101. On the banks of Allan Water
  102. The ploughman's ditty
  103. Never say no when you wish to say yes / James Hook
  104. Darby Kelly / John Whitaker
  105. Nancy Gay
  106. The heaving of the lead / Wm. Shield
  107. When forced from dear Hebe to go / T. A. Arne
  108. On every tree, in every plain / Thomas Linley, Junr.
  109. How happy a state does the miller possess
  110. False Phillis
  111. To heal the wound a bee had made / Thomas Linley, Junr.
  112. Sweet Tally-Ho
  113. Two bunches a penny primroses / James Hook
  114. The token / Charles Dibdin
  115. Myrtilla / Howard
  116. Weel may the keel row
  117. Hark! When the trumpet now calls you to arms
  118. Amo, amas, I love a lass
  119. Ah, well-a-day!
  120. 'Tis love that makes all nature gay / John Wynne
  121. Sweet lilies of the valley / James Hook
  122. Oh! Dear, what can the matter be?
  123. The modern beau / Henry Carey
  124. The fairy : a midnight madrigal
  125. Ye fair, pssest of ev'ry charm / Thomas A. Arne
  126. The little waste / James Hook
  127. Ben Block the veteran / Collins
  128. How blest are we seamen
  129. Yo, heave ho! / Charles Dibdin
  130. When the morning peeps forth / James Hook
  131. The smuggler / John Davy
  132. Sweet Mog the brunette
  133. Betty Brown
  134. The willow / James Hook
  135. Ah! Could you possibly know / Thomas Linley
  136. He piped so sweet / James Hook
  137. Sweet bird, whose heav'nly native strain / Worgan
  138. If you would, so would not I
  139. The billet-doux / William Shield
  140. Care flies from the lad that is merry / Michael Arne
  141. Lotharia / T. A. Arne
  142. The hounds are all out
  143. The thorn / William Shield
  144. The beggar girl
  145. She lives in the valley below / James Hook
  146. The earth is clothed in cheerful green
  147. Hunting the hare
  148. The contented fellow
  149. The disabled seaman / Charles Dignum
  150. Down in a valley
  151. The disconsolate sailor / James Hook
  152. The fight off Camperdown / Charles Dignum
  153. The blackbird / James Hook
  154. My heart with love is beating
  155. When I was a young one / T. A. Arne
  156. Sweet Robinette / James Hook
  157. With a cheerful old friend
  158. Blow, blow, thou winter wind / T. A. Arne
  159. Little Mary of the Dee / John Parry
  160. The old commodore / W. Reeve
  161. The north country lass / Charles Dibdin
  162. Absence / James Hook
  163. Humming all the trade is / W. Reeve
  164. Jessie
  165. Gaffer Gray
  166. Colin's success
  167. Britannia's sons / William Reeve
  168. The girl of the seasons / J. Sanderson
  169. Little Sally's wooden ware / Dr. Samuel Arnold
  170. Tom Bowling / Charles Dibdin
  171. The bee
  172. Then farewell! My trim-built wherry / Charles Dibdin
  173. The silent lover / William Boyce
  174. The bonny sailor / James Hook
  175. Little Bess the ballad-singer
  176. Once tired of life / J. Mazzinghi
  177. The echoing horn / T. A. Arne
  178. I'll be the squire's bride / James Hook
  179. Love's Bacchanal / John Wynne
  180. The slighted swain
  181. The retort / T. A. Arne
  182. Rural life
  183. My banks they are furnished with bees / T. A. Arne
  184. Mounseer Nong Tong Paw
  185. Young Lobski's fishing tale / J. Mazzinghi
  186. Amanda's fair, by all confessed
  187. I must try another / James Hook
  188. I've sailed round the world / Charles Dibdin
  189. True happiness
  190. Little thinks the townsman's wife / Samuel Arnold
  191. Sing hey ho, ne'er say no!
  192. Let's drink and sing, my brother soldiers bold
  193. Let my fair one
  194. The Bay of Biscay / J. Davy
  195. By and by / James Hook
  196. The mid-watch / Thomas Linley
  197. Nanny of the hill / John Worgan
  198. The gentry to "The King's Head" go / Anthony Young
  199. From aloft the sailor looks around / Storace
  200. The live-long day forlorn I go / Thomas Linley.