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This is an individual page list all the publication(s) in the Elite-Edition co-issued by Simrock and Rahter - both their names should be discovered on cover pages of your printed scores. Since both Simrock and Rahter were acquired by Anton J. Benjamin in 1929, this edition is published by Benjamin since. For further info, please check these firms using links from Publishers section.






Ed. № Composer Work Title Editor(s) Year of Publ. Remarks
1215 Weber Perpetuum moblie aus Op.24 Johannes Brahms
Pyotr Tchaikovsky
3204 Abendroth Op.30 Kleine Sonate
1005 Bortkiewicz Op.14 Aus meiner Kindheit
1010 Bortkiewicz Op.21 Der kleine Wanderer
0618 Brahms 2 Rhapsodies, Op.79
0632 Brahms 4 Klavierstücke, Op.119
3053 Drăgoi Kleine Volkstanzsuite
3049 Drăgoi Miniaturen
1681/82 Dvořák Op.46 u. 72 Slavische Tänze
0597 Dvořák Waltzes, Op.54
3051 Görner Op.21 Sonata Ballata
1144 Haas Lose Blätter, Op.16
1145 Haas Frohe Launen, Op.18
0261 Knorr Sonatine in A
3091/98 Korn Op.11 Bagatellen
3076 Krol Op.19 Evoluzioni
1107 Prokofiev Op.4 No.4 Teuflische Einflüsterung
1109 Prokofiev Sarcasms, Op.17
1110 Prokofiev Visions fugitives, Op.22
1146 Reiter 2 Sonatinen
0381 Schroeder 2 Sonatinen
3014 Scriabin Vers la Flamme, Op.72
3015/18 Stravinsky 4 Etudes, Op.7
0917 Suk Moods, Op.10
0266 Tchaikovsky Grand Sonata, Op.37
0017 Tchaikovsky Children's Album, Op.39
3086 Wellesz Op.83 Klavierstücke (5)