Category:Swaralipi notation

For any music set in Indian/Bengali Swaralipi notations. There are a number of different notations under this heading:

Dandamatrik devised in 1868 by Kshetramohan Goswami.
Kasimatrik by Dwijendranath Tagore in 1880.
Rekhamatrik by Pratibha Devi in 1885.
Sangkhyamatrik and Akarmatrik by Jyotirindranath Tagore in 1885.
Bhatkande invented by Pundit Bishnunarayan Bhatkhande (1860-1936)

Pundit Bishnudigambar Paluskar also devised another notation.

Of the various systems, Akarmatrik and Bhatkhande notations are still widely used; in Bangladesh, predominantly Akarmatrik.

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This list is not complete, and will continue to grow as works are added to IMSLP.