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The firm was founded by Carl Friedrich Meusel in 1837 in Weissenfels (Sachsen-Anhalt). Meusel sold the company to Carl Wilelm Merseburger (1816-85) in 1849 and the firm was relocated to Leipzig. Otto Merseburger, Carl's brother took over in 1888, then on his death in 1898 two cousins Georg and Max were in charge. Max retired in 1918, leaving Georg as the director. A dispute in 1936-38 led to two firms continuing: Carl Merseburger led by Feilix Meinem and Georg Merseburger led by Georg.
The large catalog (HMB lists over 1000 works between 1840 and 1900) included solo and male voice chorus songs, but was mainly of short domestic works: for piano by Chwatal, Klauwell, Kohler and Oesten, flute- Schwedler, Goepfart, Tillmetz, viola- Ritter, violin- R. Hofmann, cello- Radecki and harp- Schuëcker, Snoer and Nadermann.

During World War II the company's plant, equipment, and archives were destroyed. After the war the firm was reborn in Berlin as Edition Merseburger focusing on music for the church. In 1955 Adolf Strube acquired the company. In 1972 Wolfgang Matthei took over control of the firm and moved the company to Kassel in 1974. The company has published educational music, Protestant church music, and periodicals (Euterpe 1851-1894, Der Kirchenmusiker 1950-).


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Carl Merseburger
  • Merseburger Verlag
  • Edition Merseburger (post-1945; uses plate prefix of E.M.)


  • Leipzig (1849-1945)
  • Berlin (post 1945-1974)
  • Kassel (1974- )

Plate Numbers

Merseburger's plate numbers are in the format of C.M. #### (or C. #### M.) although some imprints below 1000 do appear without the prefix. Dates in italics are estimated. The failure for plate numbers to adhere to a proper chronology appears to result from Merseburger's use of two different engravers (Benicke and Brandstetter).

Plate Composer Work Year
00002 Dietrich Vom Pagen und der Königstochter, Op.5 1852
00274 Schubert Kleine theoretisch-praktische Clarinettenschule 1865
00350 Baumfelder Albumblätter, Op.174 1869
00573 Weissenborn 6 Pieces for 3 Bassoons, Op.4 (parts) 1883
00616 Ritter Orchestral Excerpts for Viola (vol.1) 1888
00642 Ritter Orchestral Excerpts for Viola (vol.2) 1888
00658 Kupfer 21 Übungsstücke (score) 1890
00670 Hofmann 15 Etüden, Op.87 1893
00705 Ritter Orchestral Excerpts for Viola (vol.3) 1889
00877 Ritter Orchestral Excerpts for Viola (vol.4) 1889
01032 Schreck Bassoon Sonata, Op.9 (score and part) 1887
01069 Goepfart 2 Charakterstücke, Op.27
01087 Naderman Etüden und Präludien (book 2) 1891
01155 Spielter Gavotte, Op.55 1899
01157 Thiessen Stimmungen, Op.22 1899
01207 Karg-Elert Trio for Oboe, Clarinet and English Horn, Op.49 No.1 (parts) 1905
01208 Karg-Elert Etüden-Schule für Oboe, Op.41 1905
01217 Schuëcker Marcia fantastica, Op.43 1909
01218 Schuëcker Traumerei, Op.44 1909
01228 Robert-Hansen 3 Pieces for Flute and Piano, Op.12 1910
01280 Mille 15 Etüden für Oboe 1926
01362 Ploner, J.E. Blumenleben, Op.18 1933?
01383 Ferling 144 Preludes and Etudes for Oboe (Stock-ed. collection) 1930
01385 Geier, O. Suite for solo viola, Op.15/1 1930

Authority Control

  • VIAF (Verlag Carl Merseburger (Leipzig))

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