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Irving and Alexander Broude founded the firm in 1929. Much of what the company issues is reprint, but it also publishes Monuments of Music and Music Literature in Facsimile, which is full of important source material. Babbitt, Bloch, and Messiaen are represented by them. The firm is currently operated by Ronald Broude, the son of Irving. In 1954, Alexander split off from the firm to found his own company; Ruth Crawford and Dallapiccola are represented.

In 2016 Broude Brothers announced that they were withdrawing from the reprint business:

"Orchestra reprints were among Broude Brothers’ first publishing ventures, way back in the 1940s. And there was a need for them then: the only editions of orchestra music that had been published were German editions, and they were no longer accessible. But during the past 75 years, lots of new and respectable editions of works in the standard orchestra repertoire have been published. At Broude Brothers, we have published editorially sophisticated new editions of works in various genres, but we never seriously considered preparing and publishing new editions of standard orchestra works ourselves. What purpose would it serve, we wondered, to compete with offprints from Baerenreiter’s new Mozart or Schubert editions. And now, we think, our reprints have served their purpose, and it’s time to withdraw them."

Quoted from, March 4, 2016.

According to the 2017 website announcement, the actual operation of the retail business was transferred to the California retailer, Theordore Front Musical Literature, while the rental and wholesale side of the operation was taken over by C.F. Peters of New York. The Broude Trust for the Publication of Musicological Editions continues in operation under the management of the Broude family.


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Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
B.B.47 Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker (ballet), Op.71 1951
B.B.52 Leoncavallo Pagliacci 1951
B.B.59 Tchaikovsky Swan Lake (ballet), Op.20 1951
B.B.97 Scriabin Piano Concerto, Op.20
B.B.123 Haydn Cello Concerto, Hob.VIIb:2, D Major
B.B.533 Ponchielli La Gioconda (1930?)
B.B.953 Costeley D’ou vient que ce beau tems 1963
B.B.953 Costeley Elle craint l’esperon 1963
B.B.953 Costeley Allez mes premieres amours 1963
B.B.953 Costeley Mignonne, allon voir si la roze 1963
B.B.953 Costeley Chassons ennuy et toute desplaisance 1963
B.B.953 Costeley L’ennuy, le dueil, la peine et le martyre 1963
B.B.953 Costeley Noblesse gist au coeur du vertueux 1963
B.B.953 Costeley Perrette, disoit Jehan 1963
B.B.2004 Bloch Suite No.2 for Solo Cello, B.92 1957
B.B.2025 Bloch Suite No.3 for Solo Cello, B.95 1958
B.B.2037 Bloch Suite No.1 for Solo Violin, B.97 1959
B.B.2038 Bloch Suite No.2 for Solo Violin, B.98 1959

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