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In early 1913, Will Von Tilzer sold out his interest in the Harry Von Tilzer Music Co., publishing on his own account. The company he started was Broadway Music Corporation, started with a capital stock of $500. The initial directors were brother H. Harold Gumm and investor William V. Goldies.

Albert Von Tilzer merged York Music with Broadway in 1914 and endorsed keeping Will at the helm. Some of the output at that time consisted of reprints of York Music stock, but new pieces soon started flowing forth from Albert and other composers who were recruited for the new label. One of these songs was soon brought to hit status by singer Al Jolson, who kept Down Where the Swanee River Flow in his repertoire for many years.

Harry Von Tilzer's firm went into receivership for a while in 1922, but he would emerge over the next few years in fairly good shape. Broadway Music similarly suffered a bankruptcy in late 1922, but was discharged from it in early 1923 offering a 25% settlement with creditors based on the promised of a successful reorganization. In this way, Will kept Broadway Music going at a brisk pace into the mid-1920s and the reorganized company kept its promise, coming out of the predicament even stronger.

As of 1942, Will was still shown heading Broadway Music in New York. He died of a heart attack in May 1952.

Important Acquisitions

  • York Music (1914)


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  • Broadway Music Corporation


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  • 145 West 45th Street (1913-ca.1922)
  • 723 7th Avenue
  • 1619 Broadway

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  • VIAF (Broadway Music Corp., corporate)